Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Back Again!! The Monthly Round-up, October Edition

Okay, so turns out, I'm the girl who cried wolf.

As much as I'm enjoying Pinterest, I've found that I do still feel the need/desire to post a few fun things over here from time to time.  So, it looks like the monthly round-up will continue.  Hooray!

I'm liking this recipe from the Promise Website.  Eric loves spinach and I love white beans.  Looks like a match made in heaven.  And for Heather?  Well, her tastes aren't developed enough for her to really get a say at this point, right?  (Please note that Promise Buttery Spread did NOT request that I post this, nor are they compensating me for this generous plug of their recipe.  What's up with that?)

Is it even possible for me to put one of these round-ups together without including a wreath?  I think not.  I love this one, and it looks pretty darn easy to do.

Here's a handy list of how to store different kinds of fresh produce.  Did you know that as soon as you wash fresh fruit it strips the outer layer and quickens the ripening process?  I didn't.

Reader's Digest gives us a list of 12 little tips to save time and money here.  I like the one that says you're wealthy enough to give some money to worthy causes if you can buy all the groceries you need.  I also like the tip to avoiding lunatics on city buses. 

I love the Readers Digest Feature, "13 things a ______ won't tell you."  Recently they did one on 13 things a funeral director won't tell you.  One of my favorite tips:  You can buy caskets that are just as nice as the ones in a showroom for thousands of dollars less online from Walmart, Costco, or straight from the manufacturer. Who knew?

This garden tomato sauce looks delish, easy, and doesn't have a lot of fat-filled stuff in the recipe.  Put it over fish or chicken or whole-wheat pasta and it's an easy healthy meal.  Actually--I have some frozen roasted tomatoes as well--I wonder how well it would work with those.  Perhaps I'll try it and update you on it later.

I'm into braiding these days.  (In case you haven't noticed).  And, I think this braid looks awesome, and there's a tutorial to boot.  Yippee!

I'm thinking about doing a little redo in Heather's room this year--maybe.  If I do, it's highly likely that this free printable will be making an appearance.  Love it (and for those of you non-yellow-ites, it comes in different colors too.)

We have a big shoe box full of cables and other things that we probably don't need, but are afraid to throw away, "just in case".  I'm thinking that until we get up the gumption to just toss them, this might be a better option for storing them.  (those are just old toilet paper rolls you know?  Genius!)

Here's an easy-as-pie recipe for homemade hair detangler.  I haven't made it yet, but with Heather's hair growing longer by the day, and winter (which is generally long-hair weather for our family) around the corner, it's absolutely only a matter of time.

The other day, I ran out of Clorox Clean-up.  So, rather than going to the store, I hopped on pinterest, and typed in "Homemade Clorox Clean-up" in the search box.  I was immediately directed to this site where Katie taught me that a mixture of 1/4 cup bleach, 1 Tbs dish soap, and the rest of the container of water (in my case, my old Clorox Clean-up bottle) works just as well as the stuff you buy in the store.  I tried it out, and I have to agree.  Hello extra four dollars!

This article from Reader's Digest lists eighteen different tips that are used in various cultures and countries to combat obesity.  Some that I might try:

  • Thailand:  Thai food is among the spiciest in the world.  Hot peppers raise your metabolism, but the real benefit is that eating spicy food slows down your eating, giving your body time to signal that it's full.  
  • Brazil:  Nearly every meal in Brazil is served with a side of beans and rice.  These sides are lower in fat and higher in fiber than many of the sides that dominate traditional Western fare, and are thought to stabilize blood sugar levels.  
  • Germany:  Nearly 75% of Germans eat breakfast daily, and the meal consists of fruit and whole-grain cereals and breads.  (The percentage of Americans who eat breakfast daily is around 44%)  Recent studies indicate that if you haven't eaten breakfast, your brain's reward center will light up more vivdly when you see a high-calorie food, making you more likely to indulge.  



Mom C said...

I couldn't help but think of Timothy and his possible pithy comment as he avidly perused this post. That and Jacob's.

Teresa said...

I love your round-ups so I'm glad you keep doing them! I've also been avoiding Pintrest because I'm wary of one more on-line time-suck. I may have to give it a try. That home-made clorox clean-up looks awesome!

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