Sunday, October 09, 2011

Another Scrapbook-esque Entry - (calling a spade a spade)

Remember when I wrote about how Heather and I were going to have a mother daughter date to Salt Lake/Provo, and that we were going to see Grandma Corry's Temple, and ride the train, and eat cupcakes at the Sweet Tooth Fairy?

Remember how I wrote that I might post pictures later?

Well, today is the day that I'm doing just that.








I realize that I'm over a month behind in posting pictures, and that this might be annoying to some of you.  However, as I look over the photos to decide which ones to post, I'm reminded of the incredibly fun time that we had together, and doing so brings me peace and contentment inside, and reminds me just how happy I am with my life, just as it is right now.

So, for those of you who are still checking in in spite of the fact that the stuff that is posted here isn't exactly timely, thank you.  Your willingness to read influences my motivation to post, which adds to my joy.

Thank you.



JJ said...

Love the photos, particularly the first one. I'm looking forward to more Mother/Daughter dates myself through the years. Such fun! I'm just hoping my daughter doesn't decide she loves the mall...Ugh.

Harmony said...

Love the first photo Charlotte! What a treasure!

Jake said...

You lack of care over my own timeline almost convinces me to stop reading your blog. What I don't really understand is how you decide which pictures of your daughter belong here and which belong on you're other blog. Anyway they are cute pictures.

Charlotte said...

Thanks to all of you.

@Jake--deciding which pictures go where is a highly scientific process that involves weighing the pros and cons of each. Or, maybe I just go by whim.

Really though, I lean towards separating things by the feel of the post. If the post is more about me and my experience in being a mother, it goes here. If it's more about Heather and how she's growing and learning or whatever, it goes over there.

Sometimes, anyway.

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