Friday, October 28, 2011

random photo-gardens and eden edition

So, back earlier in the year, when we still had tomatoes growing in our backyard, Eden came to visit one day.  After she and Heather had spent most of the day wearing Eric out, I came home from work and took a shift as well.  Long story short, we were in the garden, and Heather was eating the cherry (jelly bean) tomatoes as if there was no tomorrow.  I asked Eden if she wanted some as well, and she hesitantly said something along the lines of, "Umm, okay--I'll eat some."  I'm not for sure, but it seemed as if Eden wasn't a real big tomato fan in her regular life.

Well, no one can stand up to the Jelly Bean tomatoes (seriously--soooo sweet and delicious!), and certainly not Eden.  She loved them.

She was so proud of herself for eating and liking tomatoes that she wanted to immediately share the good news with her best friend of the day, who happened to be Eric.  Unfortunately, as I mentioned before, Eric was worn out, and was taking a much deserved nap.  So, I told Eden that she would have to wait for awhile to share her happy news.

Eden was concerned that we might forget to tell Eric, so she had me draw a picture of her with her orange tomato, and then, she got me to write the words explaining the drawing.




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