Saturday, September 10, 2011

random musings of "a theatre person" at the end of a gloriously fabulous day

We just returned home from a little jaunt to Salt Lake City where we saw the touring production of Mary Poppins, accompanied by my parents and brother and sister-in-law.

I loved it.  

Several of us were worried when we saw one of those dreaded slips in our programs--the slip that told us that our actress that was playing Mary Poppins wasn't the regular actress.  We needn't have feared though.  She was marvelous.

There was a little girl, (not much older than Heather) sitting in front of us, and while she seemed to enjoy the show, I kind of marveled at the thought that someone would shell out Broadway Musical bucks for a girl to see a show that would probably have about the same impact on her as would a community theatre production, or even a movie.  (To each their own though.)

As Eric and I were leaving the theatre, he remarked that it was "a little over the top" for him, and "a theatre person's dream".  He hastened to say he enjoyed it though, (once I gave him a quizzical look).

I don't really think of myself as "a theatre person", but I suppose according to Eric's definition, I am.  I absolutely loved it.  There's even tap dancing!  How often do you get to see tap dancing anymore?

Heck, there was upside down tap dancing!

I could gush a little more, and give all the details of what everyone else said, and elaborate on how the man that played Mr. Banks reminded me of a guy I used to work with, and how after the show Eric lugged a box full of nine bottles of pears for three blocks because my mom brought them for us (at my request) but we weren't parked in the same place, and how disappointed I am that my favorite Capitol Theatre parking lot is now only available in the afternoons, because in the evening it is used for valet parking for Ruth's Chris Steakhouse . . .

But really, I think I've said enough for today.

(Thanks Becca, for the excellent recommendation)



indonesiatooverseas said...

You have a great time, Mary poppins must be interesting.


Kala said...

My oldest got to see it and said that the upside down tapping was amazing. And that he sang while doing it. Can't ask for much more than that.

JJ said...

I'm jealous! There is absolutely nothing like live theatre. And I do miss the Capitol Theatre. Ah, such good memories!

Kaylee C said...

so, I guess the play was practically perfect? my mom told me about the tap dancing, and that sounds pree~eety cool.

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