Sunday, August 21, 2011


This weekend I spent a few hours with some of the Cantwell cousins at the Aquatic Center. (Fun!)

This weekend we got into pj's at 7:00 p.m. and popped popcorn and watched Pinocchio on our (new) couch.

This weekend Eric and I went to the temple, where the skin on my legs got feeling kind of itchy and uncomfortable and red, and I couldn't figure out what was going on until I remembered the Aquatic Center the day before.  (Hello Sunburn!)

This weekend I realized that there are many things that you only get to do once, and so it behooves us all (but especially me) to take the time to experience those things fully.

This weekend I was inaugurated as a new co-captain of the Etsy Trade-a-holics team.  (You'd better believe I boasted about that to Eric.  He's been pretty full of himself since he was nominated to be an administrator over at Robot Japan.  It felt good to be as prominent in my hobby as he is in his.)(As geeky as both our hobbies are.)

This weekend I had a glorious lunch with an old friend.

This weekend I tried a new recipe for Devil's Food Cake, which ended up spilling out of the pans and onto the oven floor, which ended up filling our kitchen and living room with smoke and sending us all outside to breathe the clean fresh air.

This weekend I cleaned the oven.

This weekend Heather woke me up at six-freaking-thirty in the morning by climbing onto our bed, cupping my face in her hands, putting her face right up to mine and saying, "Mom!  I'm awake!  Is it morning now?"  (Honestly, as much as I love my sleep, if you have to wake up, that's about the best alarm clock there is.)

This weekend I spilled half a bottle of metallic purple fingernail polish in a never-ending thin stream over 1/5th of our bathroom floor, my legs, my arms, and the blue bathroom mat.  Fortunately, I missed the gorgeously adorable dress that Heather got for her last birthday, as well as the walls.

This weekend the teacher of the six year olds in our ward told me that the kids had dubbed me "The Singing Queen" in their class today.

This weekend I picked and ate the first ripe tomatoes from our garden.  (Delicious Bruchetta!)

This weekend was a slice of life.  Some ups and some downs, some bits of mess and some bits of perfection.

I loved this weekend.  


JJ said...

This weekend sounds marvelous. Thanks for sharing!

Mom C said...

My, you were busy! And you cleaned the oven! On top of everything else. Yesterday I picked up the 1/4 quarter beef we get for letting the cows graze at Northfork but decided I had to defrost the freezer before I tried to fit the meat in. 3 hours later I closed the door on a pristine, frost free, orderly stacked, see at a glance freezer. I won't have to repeat for at least a year.

Kaylee C said...

That....sounds like an AWESOME weekend. I love reading your blog. :)

Charlotte said...

Mom--I thought about putting that part in bold, just to be sure you would see it. I didn't really have any choice you know. Scads of burned Devil's Food Cake batter on the floor of the oven pretty much made it unusable.

(Kaylee--I love having you read my blog!)

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