Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Tomorrow Heather & I are going on a little mom/kid date to parts south.

We have a family baptism in Springville on Saturday, and are going to have some fun family time on Friday, but Thursday is all for us.

(We're both pretty excited.)

We're going to go check out Grandma Corry's temple, so named because it's where Grandma Corry got married.  Everytime we see a picture of this temple (which is often), Heather practically shrieks in excitement, "That's Grandma Corry's temple!!!"

We're going to ride this train.

And, at some point along the way, we are going to stop at one of the (six) Sweet Tooth Fairy Cupcake Shops that are located between Layton and Springville.

Don't even think about trying to rob our home---Eric's gonna be home guarding it.


UPDATE:  It was a great day!  Heather loved the temple, but was most impressed by the escalators (we called them "magic stairs") in the visitors center.  We rode the train three glorious times.  We put our hands in five different fountains/reflecting pools (that City Creek Development project is shaping up nicely if you ask me).  We walked as far as some nearly three-year-old legs could go, and after taking not one or two but four wrong turns, we finally found the original Provo Sweet Tooth Fairy Shop (a word to the wise, take the Provo Towne Center Exit), which was adorable inside, but re-affirmed to me that if I'm gong to pay $2-3 for a dessert, it needs to be pie, or an actual slice of cake, or a doughnut, or a chocolate shake with peanut butter cups mixed in, or a peanut butter (or mint) brownie.  The fact is, I just need to accept the fact that I am not now, nor probably will I ever be, a cupcake kind of girl.  (Heather on the other hand, loves a good cupcake--until she has licked off all the frosting, that is.)

Oh--and I finished listening to Freakonomics on CD.  Intriguing things there.  (Next up on the docket:  John Adams by David McCullough)

Seriously, a GREAT day.  Pictures might follow, but I didn't take all that many, 'cuz I was too busy having a glorious day.  (Remember?)

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Teresa said...

That sounds absolutely delightful! Want to adopt me? :)

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