Monday, July 11, 2011


Things are gonna get kind of scrapbook-y around here for a little while.

As in, even more scrapbook-y than they've already become.

The thing is, we've been having a fun summer.  We've gone to Bear Lake, and camped in Idaho, and made fruitsicles, and camped with all (and I do mean all) the Corrys in Southern Utah (and that activity alone has provided enough pictures for at least six blog posts), and celebrated Providence, and enjoyed the splash park, and made cookies, and played with Cantwell cousins, and done one million other things, all while trying to keep the funds moving through the busy-ness of opera season and the tomato/strawberry patio garden alive.

And as if that wasn't enough, there's even more fun to come.

I want to remember it all, and this isn't a scrapbooking time of life for me, and so if I'm going to get it down  within the next five or ten years, this blog is probably my best chance.

So, if pictures are your thing, hang out here for awhile, 'cuz there's going to be a ton.  If not, maybe you'll check back in September or so?

Here's a teaser of things to come:

Heather on Cedar Mountain--July 2011


Bamamoma said...

Awesome! I LOVE picture blogs!

JJ said...

Well, not quite ALL of the Corrys. There were a couple of notable exceptions on the extended side of things. :)

Charlotte said...

Juliana-you're right of course. I was just thinking about Jay Liddle coming from Washington DC and Jason Corry coming from Samoa and made a sweeping generalization. But, there were SEVERAL notable exceptions on the extended side of things.

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