Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Penultimate San Franscisco 2011 Post

This was our hotel:


It was a little out of our price range, and I doubt that we'll ever fork over the money to stay there again*,  but it was absolutely wonderful to be situated in San Francisco, not at the top of a hill.  Seriously, being able to get off the bus or trolley and have a level walk home after a long day of sight-seeing each night was a new luxury for me.  Heaven.

(The concierge service was nice as well.  Seriously, for a girl who gets lost as often as I do, having my own personal guide to streets and bus routes and everything else was a lifesaver.)

Our first night there, mom wanted to stay in and get some conference material reading done.  So, Eric and I decided to take in a movie. (We saw Source Code--remember?) While we were killing time before the show started, we walked around the Yerba Buena Gardens, where I made Eric do weird poses while I took pictures of him.  (He took some pictures of me too, but they are not blog-worthy.  Contrary to what you might think based on what you see here, I do have some pride.)  The funny thing is, while he was striking this pose, and I was trying to get my camera into position, another tourist snapped him as well.  So, somewhere, some salt-and-pepper-haired lady has a picture of my Eric among the memories of her own San Francisco trip.  Fun, and a little weird to think about.

Someday I think I'll take the time to actually count how many pictures like this I have.
The old  "pose of powerful awesomeness" is vintage Eric.  

Oh--and I reached my goal of seeing the Pier 39 Sea Lions.


And that wraps up all but one post I think.  Coming up:  My very first limo ride**.  Stay tuned.

*We didn't fork over the money this time.  It was the conference hotel, and since my mom was a member of the Utah School Boards Association presidency, she was pretty much obligated to stay there, and so we were pretty much obligated to mooch there.

**Yes, I went to prom.  No, I didn't go in a limo.  Is there even a limo in Cedar City?  Was there in 1988?  How about 1989?  The old classic car from the Town and Country Inn doesn't count as a limo, does it?  Probably not.  Pretty cool though.  Definitely as cool as any spanking new limo, that's for sure.  

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