Sunday, July 31, 2011

on God's love, and saving children from darkness

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I recently read an article in The Ensign, which is a monthly publication put out by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  The article was titled, "Defending the Family in a Troubled World", and it was adapted from an address given by Elder Bruce D. Porter, who is a member of one of the leadership quorums (the Seventy) in the Church.

I found the article helpful, and I found two portions to be of particular interest to me, one because it clarified a principle, and the other because it gave me great comfort.  I'll quote those below.

"God's love is sometimes described as unconditional.  It is true that God loves all of His children on earth no matter how often or how far they may stray.  But while God's love is all-encompassing, His blessings are highly conditional, including the very blessing of being able to feel and experience His love.  The further human beings stray from the path of righteousness, the less they will be capable of feeling diving love, because it is conveyed into our hearts by the Holy Spirit.  This does not mean that God loves us less when we stray, only that we, by our choices and actions, have distanced ourselves from His love.  How wondrous, then, is the gift of repentance, by which we can be brought back into accord with His will and feel again of His love."
(emphasis in original)

* * *

"Regardless of what the future may hold, God has ordained that in the dispensation of the fullness of times, the parents of the Church will be given power to help save their children from the darkness around them.  As the hearts of fathers and mothers turn to their children, and the hearts of the children to their parents, we eventually will witness the rise of a generation refined and prepared to meet the Savior at His coming.  The triumph of God's kingdom in the latter days will be a triumph not only of the Church as an organization but of tens of thousands of individual families who by faith have overcome the world."
(emphasis my own)

The article in its entirety can be read here.  

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Scott and Amy said...

Thanks for sharing those quotes! They are great!

Charlotte said...

My pleasure! I'm glad you like them!

Harmony said...

Your first quote reminded me of an awesome talk about Christ's grace that I heard the other day. I was going to quote part of it, but it's just too long. Read it here if you're interested:

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