Monday, July 04, 2011

A few thoughts for the 4th of July

A bit ago, a documentary/mini-series/HBO film offering on John Adams popped up on our Netflix recommendations.  (This is almost surely because Eric is a documentary aficionado.  The other day he was going on and on about this program on (of all things) origami that had absolutely fascinated him.  As I was gently teasing him about it, he indignantly (and with absolute seriousness) scolded me, pointing out that everyone was interested in origami.  But I digress.)

I added the first disc to our queue, and as luck would have it, it arrived a little over a week ago.  We watched it and loved it.  We're watching the second disc right now, as I type this.  Based (I understand somewhat loosely) on David McCullough's book, this series has given me new appreciation for the sacrifice, skills, and unselfishness that our founding fathers exhibited, as well as the sheer miracle that it was that a United States of America ever came to be.  So very fitting for this time of year.


Changing the subject, to something semi-related, but much less pensive,

Like Christmas, summer, and pretty much everything else, I've discovered that Independence Day with a child is waaaaay more fun than without.





I think Heidi would agree.

On Friday, Heather and I (accompanied by Heidi, Eden, and Aunt Donna) had a girls night and went to the Freedom Fire show at the USU Stadium.  Diamond Rio headlined the event, and as much as I'm not exactly a fan of country music, I had an absolutely glorious time.  The atmosphere was full of fun and celebration, the patriotic moments got me all teary, the little girls had a ball throughout the whole thing, and the fireworks were spectacular.  Thanks to the generosity of a good friend, we had killer seats that made it so we didn't even have to swelter in the heat.  All in all, it was an absolutely delightful night.

(And, they played Neil Diamonds "America" twice.  What could be better?)

Heather enjoyed it so much that it has featured in the "We thank Thee for . . . " portion of all our family prayers and mealtime blessings since then.  What can I say?  We're obviously bringing her up right.


Bamamoma said...


Thanks for the invite. It was totally worth the hour in traffic to get home and the too-tired Eden since.

A fabulous birthday party indeed!

Grandpa P said...

If you dont like country music in Logan, you should try living in Nashville and not like country music.

deutschlehrer said...

Was it called "Between the Folds"? Because that is an awesome show. I can't believe what those guys can do with paper. Origami rocks!

Harmony said...

I thought the origami show was fascinating too. :-) But the John Adams sounds interesting too. Thanks for the recommendation.

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