Tuesday, July 19, 2011

As fun as it was to be newlywedded, I'm kind of liking the peace that a little time brings

We interrupt this scrapbook blog session to give you a glimpse into the marriage that is Charlotte & Eric's.

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When it comes to politics, Eric likes to debate.

I, on the other hand, like to give my (mostly uneducated) opinion, and have the other person (Eric) say, "Gee, I never thought about it that way.  You're absolutely right."

Before I discovered this little fact, Eric and I had several conversations that were fulfilling and enjoyable for him and frustrating and anger-inducing for me.

We've come a long way though.  We recently spent some post-Heather-bedtime time (a/k/a the golden hours of the day) talking about President Obama.  Eric thinks he's doing a decent job, in a hard spot, and accomplishing as much as we can reasonably expect, given the limitations of his power under our constitution.

I think he made a lot of promises that he's finding he can't keep, and sold us all on the audacity of hope, while not delivering a whole lot of hope.  I'm frustrated that he hasn't done enough of what he said he'd do.

(Of course, I'm not actually all that clear on what he said he'd do, but still--is my life a rose garden?  Has my income increased to accommodate the increase in costs for for food and fuel over the past four years?  Do I have absolutely everything my little heart can desire?  No.  I blame the President.)

Eric tells me that it's not the President's fault, that it's Congress that has the real power to make changes.  I tell Eric that the President is possibly the single most powerful man in the world, and having served in the Senate, he should have known what his limitations as President were going to be, and should have structured his campaign promises accordingly.

Eric tells me that I'm being unrealistic.  I secretly agree with him, but won't back down.

We go around and around, with Eric enjoying himself, and me not enjoying myself so much, but still being willing to provide Eric a counter opinion for his beloved debate.

Until we get to the point where I'm starting to get mad.  At that point I say,

"I guess we will just have to agree to disagree."  

Eric (through painful past experience) knows that those are the words that must end the conversation if he doesn't want it to spiral out of control and turn into an inventory of all that's wrong with our marriage, our family, and our life, and how if he would just listen to me more and see things the right (i.e. my) way, all our problems would be solved.

So, the conversation ends, we say our evening prayers, have our good night kiss, and we end the day happily.

Indeed, we've definitely come a long way.

It's wonderful.

President Obama Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons


Anonymous said...

That Eric is such a zen maestro of truth and political wisdom. You are a lucky gal to be able to listen and learn from him.

Grandpa P said...

The President has killed the space program (along with a little help from the do nothing congress). I will never for give him. But, it's just an opinion from a "wondering man".

Melissa @ Happy Quilting said...

Did Eric post that first comment anonymously??

Charlotte said...

Melissa--he doesn't admit it, but I am highly suspicious. "zen master" and "lucky gal" are words I've heard in his vocabulary before.

JJ said...

At the risk of angering all of my relatives (except my radical parents)...Go Eric! :)

Melissa @ Happy Quilting said...

He hasn't fixed the BCS like he promised either. - not Melissa

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