Friday, June 03, 2011



Scene:  The kitchen/living room.  Charlotte is puttering around in the kitchen, and Eric is working on the computer.  Charlotte has opened an internet window and is blasting her "peppy tunes" playlist through the computer speakers.  She has forbidden Eric do any channel changing, and Eric is (as is his habit) being good natured about her bossy-ness.

CHARLOTTE jamming out in the kitchen:  Do you know who this is?
ERIC:  No.
CHARLOTTE:  It's Justin Beiber.  Do you know who that is?
ERIC:  Nope.
CHARLOTTE:  He's this kid that was the really hot thing a few months ago.  Pre-teen girls all over the world are madly in love with him.  I think Kaylee (our niece) is a big fan.

Justin Bieber's high girl-like voice comes on over the speakers.

ERIC:  Oh--so he's like today's version of that New Kids on the Block* guy.
CHARLOTTE surprised:  Yeah, I guess you're right.

The song changes from Justin Beiber's "Baby" to Eifell 65's "Blue (Da Ba De)"

ERIC who stands by the belief that the quality of popular music took an irrevocable nosedive around the time that Kurt Cobain died :  What is this?
CHARLOTTE mockingly serious:  It's called "Blue".  Can't you tell?
ERIC:  You know, this is basically the same song as that other one you like.  The one that says "Double your pleasure, double your fun."**
CHARLOTTE rocking out to the rhythm:  I know.  That's why it's so awesome!

The song changes yet again

ERIC incredulously:  This is the same song too!  All your favorite songs are basically just modifications of one song!

Charlotte, busy with her fancy footwork and swinging hips, completely ignores him.

ERIC disappointedly:  Man, music today is just crap.

Unconcerned, Charlotte jams on.  


I have one thing to say about this.  I work for an opera company.  I've taken and taught voice lessons for years.  I've given recitals and recorded CDs.  And yet, in our family, it is not me, but Eric that is the music snob.

Who would have thought?

*Don't know what we're talking about?  See here.
**And here's this one. (Forever by Chris Brown--quoted lyric around 1:38 or so)


Tasha said...

We need to get together on a double date sometime. Enoch and Eric would have hours of engaging conversation about the quality of music, what constitutes good and bad and why pre-pubescent boys should not have such a significant impact on the music industry.

You and I could laugh.

Bamamoma said...

That is because you married a SERIOUS musician, one who rocked out in all the best joints in northern Utah, you know?

Kaylee said...

Hate to break it to you Aunt Charlotte, but I think Justin Biebers voice sounds like a a helium filled girl trying to eat peanut butter after he got whammed in the face with a monkey wrench. JB fan? not quite..

Charlotte said...

So Kaylee, don't mince words or anything, tell my how you really feel!


(I'm actually a JB fan, as long as I don't think too hard about the fact that he's not a girl.)

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