Wednesday, June 08, 2011

one more click

I generally keep the stuff on this blog separate from the stuff on the crochet blog.  That's because I know many of you readers over here aren't all that interested in the fabulousness that is yarnworks. 

However, I recently posted a little goodie over at the crochet blog that is much more about me, my grandmother, and an unexpected blessing than it is about yarn or hooks or stitches.

If you're interested, you can read it here

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Mom C said...

I too have a crochet story about Grandma Willis. Before I got married, Grandma's sister, Aunt Irene crocheted afghans for every engaged niece and nephew. By the time I got engaged, Aunt Irene had had several strokes and no longer crocheted. Grandma Willis knew I really wanted one of those afghans so she made me one. It wasn't the same pattern, and it was the biggest project she had made in a long time and I even think it was broomstick crochet but I got a crochet afghan for my wedding.
I think the afghan you finished was the pattern Aunt Irene made for all my older cousins. The counting and remembering when to dip into the previous row made Grandma crazy!

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