Saturday, June 04, 2011

I'm lovin' all the blue on that second and third shot

More goodies from our foreign lion correspondent: (a/k/a Jeff, a/k/a the great deutschlander)

These guys come from Babylon.  They went through an assembly similar to this one, but over a much longer period of time.  These particular lions are part of the Ishtar Gate and are attributed to Nebuchadnezzar.

(Now housed in the Pergamon Museum, Berlin)



There are some Assyrian lions thrown in this time as well, just for a bit of fun. 



Jeff tells me that there are still more to come.  Yippee!

(Note to my mother, the lover of ancient ruins:  Have you ever contemplated a trip back to Berlin?  From the looks of all of this, I bet you'd love it.)

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Deutschlehrer said...

I have been known to give free tours of Berlin and surrounding areas, offer translation/interpretation help and even carry bags for anyone who will fly me over there. What do you say, Barbara? Of course, you might have to get Harmony a ticket too. she is real helpful too. :-)

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