Friday, June 17, 2011

He absolutely meant it as a compliment

Eric quote of the week:

We were shooting the bull as I was loading ziploc bags full of cooked chicken, beef, onions, and chicken stock into the deep freeze.  I remarked how good it felt to have so much prepared, and then, mid-gloat I switched gears and started wondering aloud if maybe it wasn't such a good idea to have things so well organized.  I speculated that perhaps having everything set aside and ready to eat was tempting fate and maybe I was just asking for something bad to happen that would cause us to actually need all these organized meals.  (yes, I realize this is semi-neurotic).  I brought my point home by saying something to the effect that if something happened to me and I was bedridden for awhile, my mom could come up and easily feed our family for a month or two just from our freezer.

At that point, Eric snorted and said,

"A month?  Are you kidding me?  Your mom could feed a 

family for a year with one chicken!"

He's right of course.

p.s.  It occurs to me as I re-read this that I haven't given Eric enough credit.  The fact is, if I were bedridden for awhile and we had a freezer full of meals, Eric could feed our family for a month or two with or without my mom's help.  He's pretty handy with the microwave & stovetop, that guy.)

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