Sunday, June 26, 2011

Embracing My Age--Part II

So, a few weeks ago, Heather, Eric and I were crashing a casual little BBQ that was being held in the back common area.  The invited participants were all people who live in our townhome community, but they are the southside dwellers, where we Cantwell's are northside dwellers.  In addition to living on the opposite hemisphere from us, most of the people there are in their early to mid-twenties, as opposed to Eric and I, who are (a-hem), not.

Anyway, as we were there, at one point the conversation turned to Star Wars, and specifically, wookies.  A few of the women there weren't exactly clear on what a wookie was, and so ever-helpful, I explained it.  At which point, one of the men mentioned that it's only natural that I would know all about wookies, being married to Eric and all.

Then, the same man thoughtfully stated, "You know, I bet Eric (who wasn't at the party at that precise moment) is old enough that he was able to see that movie in the theatre the first time it came around."

(Ummmm-ya think???)

Still helpful, I informed him that yes, Eric and I had both seen Star Wars in the theatre back in our younger days, a few times, actually.

They were astounded.  Not only once but a few times?  How was this possible?

I reminded them that back in the day, we didn't have VCRs or DVDs, so the only way you could see movies was in the theatre, or at a PTA-sponsored movie series, or (in the case of The Sound of Music at Easter), on television.

You would have thought I'd told those kids that I had come across the plains in a covered wagon.  

quirky 6-11

Jaws dropped, eyes widened.  I felt old, old, old.  I would have been depressed about it if I didn't think it was so funny.  (The fact that my 2-year old daughter was romping through the grass with their little kids didn't hurt either.)  The few in the group that were just a little bit older veered the conversation off so that we were soon talking about the Disney Sunday night movie, and how for many of us, it was the only television that we were allowed to watch in Sunday.

For a while after that, I ruminated on the experience, and was mildly indignant at the response I got from my neighbors.  "I'm not old!" I would think to myself.  "I'm in the prime of life!  I'm still with it!  I'm absolutely keyed in to our world, and all the good that is in it!"

And then last night, as Eric, Donna, Steve and I were hanging out playing cards while grooving to the likes of Barry Manilow, Marvin Gaye, America, George Benson, and the Carpenters-- and loving every minute of it-- I realized that I am old after all.

quirky j6-11

Truth be told, I'm totally okay with that.

(Today anyway.)

Embracing my age Part I here.
Carpenters Image from American Weekend
Covered Wagon from Wikimedia Commons


Alicia said...

I am old too Charlotte. My daughter said our church ward was newlywed or nearly dead so there were no boys her age to date.

Kala said...

Barry saw it 7 times. Thanks for the smile!

Amy Archibald said...

Okay, so I remember the 8-track player in the car I drove to high school. My parents had a reel-to-reel audio player. I watched Jack Benny and Lawrence Welk with my grandparents. I too remember the multiple trips to the theatre to see the same shows.

I also have little children - and unless I say something to my friends and neighbors that dates myself ... they all think I'm their age.

I can relate to people of all ages.

I have a neighbor who's oldest daughter is on a mission - but she is only 4 years older than me. When she talks about the olden days and I comment - she can't believe it (she thinks I'm just a few years older than her daughter).

I am old enough to be the mother of my newest freshmen employees; but since I have young children they don't think I'm the same as their parents. Which is nice...

I think it is a nice fit - to be stuck between all the different generations. It provides a nice perspective and lots of humor! It's like you know a secret about the past...since you lived it! -- Amy

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