Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Drive Guard Lions

USoSL devotees, we have a new member.

I don't think I can improve upon the words of our newest inductee, so I'll just give it to you straight from the horses (lions?) mouth:

e-mail written to Charlotte Cantwell, dated May 29, 2011

As promised, here is the first cut at the lions in this area.  Lets call them "The Drive Guard Lions of Brentwood/Nashville".  All but the fountain were found at the head of driveways of some of the biggest houses you have ever seen.  I call them the 100 acre lawn houses.  I am hoping to start a blog (if I can figure out how to do it) and include stuff like houses, churches (a lot here) and other stuff observed while on our mission.
Time permitting.  Take care.
Elder and Sis. Packer

Here's hoping that time does permit Elder & Sister Packer to put together that blog.  If these lions are any indication, it's sure to be quite interesting.

(update:  That blog is UP!)

quirky 6-11

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