Saturday, May 21, 2011

a real beaut

If I'm not  mistaken, this is our first stone mountain lion in the collection. 


My brother Robert saw this guy at the entrance to a home/mansion just up Parowan Canyon (in Southern Utah), and snapped it for our viewing pleasure.  

quirky 5-11

I'm lovin' it.


Jeri said...

that is really cool! I want one! (might look slightly out of place in front of my house though...)

Harmony said...

Nice one Robert! It may be the first stone mountain lion, but I'm fairly sure it's not the first mountain lion. If I'm not mistaken, mountain lion is just another name for COUGAR. I believe I sent you photos of some cougars last fall, although they were technically bronze, not stone. This one is much more impressive!

Charlotte said...

Oh--you're right Harmony. (I count bronze lions as stone lions as well, because really, isn't bronze or gold or brass just treated (super treated) stone?)

Thanks for keeping me honest.

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