Sunday, May 29, 2011

on considering second thoughts

quirky 5-11

"The way I tell, is I think about where I was when I made the decision.  If I find myself questioning my decision, I ask myself if I am closer to The Spirit now than I was when I made the decision.  If I am, then I'm probably right to re-think my choice.  If I'm not, then I should stick with what I decided when I was closer to The Spirit."

--Stellar advice that both my dad and my mom have given me (individually) at times when I've second guessed myself, particularly when I wasn't sure if the path I was choosing was the right one for me.  I've never gone wrong following this particular counsel.

--photo by aronki


Jeri said...

that is EXCELLENT counsel... I'll have to try to remember and use it.

Heather Albee-Scott said...

I use something sort of like this, because I second guess EVERYTHING! Are you second guessing something right now, Charlotte?

Charlotte said...

No--not right now. I was just wanting to share some of the good advice that I've gotten over the years, and I decided that this was a pretty good one.

You never know though, with the way things go, I could be second guessing something as soon as this afternoon!

JJ said...

That IS stellar advice! I will be returning to that again and again, I think.

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