Saturday, May 07, 2011

Me, a movie star? Well, okay, if you insist

quirky 5-11
Millennium Park on a beautiful spring morning--April 2010

So, do you remember when I was in Chicago last year, and I mentioned that in my wanderings I stayed in the area of Millennium Park, even after being warned that by doing so I was giving my consent for use of my voice and/or image in a Motion Picture?

quirky 5-11


(Check here.)

Now that you're back, I have another question for you.  Have you seen the move Source Code?  Eric and I saw it in San Francisco on our first night there.  We both enjoyed it.


Turns out that it was Source Code that was filming on that very day back in April 2010.  I didn't realize it at the time I was watching the movie of course, but now that I know, you'd better believe that I'll be renting that fine DVD as soon as it comes out and poring over the footage, trying to catch a glimpse of my very familiar face.

Eric's gonna love it. 


Scott and Amy said...

Loved the Source Code!

Bamamoma said...

Haven't seen it but it looks intriguing and now that I know that my CPF may be in it ... well!

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