Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I have total respect for that re-assembly group

Oh do I have a treat for you today.  

Check out these lions, sent to us by our German lion correspondent, Jeff Packer

According to Jeff, all of these were collected by a German (of course) Archeologist in Tell Halaf, Syria from about 1911-1927.  The statues themselves date to the early part of the 1 millennium BC, making them pretty old stone lions. 

Interestingly (and tragically), the museum where these were housed was firebombed during the second world war.  Due to the high heat and the exposure to rain and ice afterward, they shattered into many small pieces.  Such a shame, when you think about how long they survived before that. 

A group has been painstakingly reassembling them since 2001.  Along with his collection of photos of the actual lions, Jeff also included a picture of a model that shows some of them in context, for an extra bit of fun. 


This (below) is the model that shows the lions in context.




Jeff has assured me (and given me proof of that assurance) that there are more lions in store for all of us. 



loveland9 said...

Thank you Charlotte for the blog info!! My brother responded just before you did and reminded me that what I publish is sent out to my sibings in an email. He emailed it back to me.

That was weird.

Okay, about these lions? I haven't followed you long enough to know what the lion thing is about. I have a couple in a neighbor's yard that I'd like to take a sledgehammer too though! :)

Hope you're doing well. I loved your newsboy hat. Too cute.

Harmony said...

He warned me about these and many more. :-)

Charlotte said...

Aww man! While blogger was going through its issues yesterday and today, it lost Jeff's comment on this post. Who knew that three words would make my "top ten comments of 2011 so far" list?


The stone lion thing is basically a little game that I've convinced a fair amount of people to play with me.

If you go to this post:

it will give you the back-story, and links to more details of the back-story, if you want them.

And, if rather than taking a sledgehammer to your neighbor's lions, you take a camera to them, then you too can be a member of USoSL!

(United Seekers of Stone Lions)

C'mon, you know you want to!

Scott said...

Watch for Brentwood/Nashville lions in the future. They are everywhere. I only needn to find time to take their photos.

deutschlehrer said...

Best. Post. Ever.

Charlotte said...

It's back! (Jeff-thanks for humoring me.)

Scott--You're committed now. Be sure to take time from all that soul saving to get a few frivolous shots for me, won't you?

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