Sunday, April 24, 2011

This month's roundup

Here's another random collection of links to things that I might want to try someday:

Cheri Hat from Peachy Knits (it's crocheted though--not knitted)

300 Clothing Labels for $20 from See Kate Sew

The Scarf with No Ends from Nifty Thrifty Things

Chicken Lombardy Recipe from Cozy Home Scenes

PlayDough at Kitchen Counter Chronicles

Soft Pretzels at While He Was Napping

Yarn Egg Wreath at The Sweet Survival

And a few helpful hints gained from recent reading of Reader's Digest: 

If you're tired of trying to find the end of the duct tape or packing tape roll, stick a paperclip where you left off, and it will be a piece of cake the next time.  

    This Vacu Vin Pineapple Slicer ($8.57 at comes highly recommended.  Apparently it completely separates the fruit from the peel/shell and slices it all into rings, just by twisting.

    For salads, the suggests skipping the garlic in your vinaigrette and instead rubbing the bowl with a peeled clove of garlic.  It provides a pleasant background note of garlic throughout the salad.  (I wonder if it matters whether you use a metal, glass, or wood bowl.)

    I'm not currently job hunting, but if I were to update my resume, I would do well to eliminate the words Extensive experience, Innovative, Motivated, Results-oriented, Dynamic, Proven track record, Fast-paced, Problem solver, and Entrepreneurial.  These nine words/phrases are the the most used (and therefore over-used) resume phrases according to LinkedIn.  

    You can find a wealth of college courses and lectures that can be listened to online for free.  Here's a link that gives more information.  Additionally, some good places to go for free classes include: iTunes U, Academic Earth (, YouTubeEDU (, The Einztein Knowledge Network (, Khan Academy (, and Open Culture ( 

    And there you have it.  Talk about a Random Sampler!


      Camille said...

      My mom has that pineapple thinger. She loves it. I like to use it also. My only complaint is that the pineapple becomes one long spiral, which really isn't too big of an issue, except when we try to grill it and then it's just easier to have thicker full round slices.

      Jake said...

      You and I are so different, though I'm pretty sure Melissa would like all that stuff.

      Charlotte said...

      Jacob--You should do a round-up. I'd be interested to see what makes it there. (Though, let's be honest, I WON'T be interested in the actual links.)

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