Monday, April 25, 2011

Our Weekend in Pictures

Friday night we loaded up Heather and went to Donna & Steve's where we had the final fortieth birthday celebration.  (Yes, over a month after the fortieth birthday.  You got a problem with that?)

Camille made this gorgeous and delicious cake, which you can read all about here
quirky 4-11

quirky 4-11
Amazing.  Simply, deliciously amazing.  In between cake and treats, we managed to play a few rounds of hand & foot, while Heather played with the Koberstein kids downstairs.

Saturday morning, Eric and I were able to attend the Logan temple.  It was a good session, and around the middle of it, I realized that attending the temple was probably about as good a way to spend Easter Eve as you could get.  Nice.

On the way in, Eric pointed out this sign just outside the basement doors:
I cracked up.  Sometimes I get a little frustrated, feeling like we Mormons take ourselves just a little bit too seriously much of the time.  Seeing something like this right on the temple grounds gave me a little more faith in our collective senses of humor.   

Later that afternoon, I poured a gallon of 2% milk into my stock pot and started the process of making homemade yogurt.  I had made some on Thursday using this crock-pot method, and it had gone well.  Well enough in fact that I decided to try again, this time using the oven method (thereby freeing me from the constraints of my crockpot, which can only hold 1/2 gallon of milk).

The verdict?  A+++++! Also, really really super easy.  Essentially all you have to do is dump milk in a pot, bring it to the point of boiling, let it cool to 100 degrees (I used a candy thermometer, cost me $3.89 at Macey's), add some runny yogurt (for the cultures), wrap the pot in an old towel (for insulation), and sit it in the oven (no heat, just the light on) for 16 hours.

(I wrote a little note to myself and stuck it on the oven knob, since if I had forgotten what I was doing and turned the oven on, it could have started the towel on fire and burned our house down.)

I wanted Greek Yogurt, so before we went to church the next morning, I dumped the whole pot into my cheesecloth-lined colander.  

quirky 4-11 

Heather and I sampled some of the unstrained stuff (sweetened with a spoonful of homemade strawberry jam) and pronounced it mmm-mmm deeeelicious.


Then we whipped off Heathers painters smock (which was protecting the Easter Dress), took a few Easter Dress pictures, (thanks Aunt Donna & Uncle Steve!) put on our shoes, and zoomed to church. 



Lest you think that Heather is always this smiley, she was originally quite uncooperative about this shoot.  I told her if she'd give me a few smiles I'd reward her with a (single) jelly bean.  You see the results of this bribe. 

Church was great.  The former conductor of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir is in our ward and he and his wife were unfortunate enough to sit in the pew behind us.  Heather spent the hour of sacrament meeting trying to engage them in conversation, and when that failed, she moved on to the "I drop the crayon to the floor by your feet and you pick it up and return it to me one thousand times in a row" game.  They were very gracious about it all, but I won't be surprised if it's awhile before the Jessops venture back to our side of the chapel. 

In Senior Primary I had my work cut out for me as we were discussing some of the trials that Jesus endured while living on earth, one of them being the many miles he had to walk in the dust (which was occasioned by our singing the second verse of this song).  That led one boy to ask why Jesus didn't just teleport everywhere instead of walking around in the dust.  I try to take questions like this seriously, because I still remember some of my own church questions from my primary days, so I gave my opinion on the matter, which is that either He had had His teleporting powers taken away from him while He was on earth, or that He had chosen not to use them so he could do the more important work of fully experiencing what it was like to be mortal and human.  That led another boy to question why He didn't wait until there wasn't anyone around and then teleport himself (thus proving that he hadn't understood a word I had said).  At that point I gave up and admitted that I didn't know.

After church we raced home so I could cut fruit and arrange them on a platter in a manner that (somewhat) resembled this,

quirky 4-11
which we took out to Eric's parents house as part of our Easter feast.  It was well received, to say the least. (My favorite moment of the whole dinner was when some of the kids found out that I had hidden mangoes under the orange slices, and the resulting bolt back to the serving table for seconds)

Afterwards there were naps (for some) and backyard chasing of nieces and nephews and daughters (for me), and chatting and dishwashing (for others), and the kind of casual Sunday afternoon activities that are thoroughly restful and enjoyable. 

And now it's on to the week!  

cake image courtesy of camille's cakes
fruit rainbow image courtesy of


Donna said...

Isn't today really the final 40th birthday celebration?

Charlotte said...

Good point. Today IS the final 40th birthday celebration!

Harmony said...

Thank you for the note-on-the-oven-knob tip. I hope my 41-yr-old brain will remember it until next Easter so that I--I mean the Easter Bunny--won't hide another plastic egg filled with Tootsie Rolls in the oven and then turn it on to pre-heat for Easter dinner baking. Result: not a burned down house, thank goodness, but an unrecognizable puddle of melted plastic bubbling and smoking on the bottom of the oven, and an intact, warm, soft Tootsie Roll that I didn't dare eat...

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