Thursday, April 14, 2011



Four years ago today I married my Enrique.  

This morning I got reminiscing about my wedding day.  

How the weather was absolutely beautiful.  

How my brother and sister-in-law packed up a two-week-old baby and three other kids and drove for 7 hours so they could attend the festivities.  

How Eric and I had all our siblings there, most of whom also drove or flew long hours with small children.

How undeniably right it felt to drive out of town with Eric that afternoon, our honeymoon-ette and our marriage ahead of us.  

It was an amazingly glorious day.  

(Not unlike many that followed.)

Photo taken by me earlier this week in San Francisco.  
There's more where that came from.
(A whole lot more.)


Bamamoma said...

A hug congrats!

Bamamoma said...

that should say huge but I'll send a hug too.

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