Monday, March 07, 2011

The Wrap-Up

Midwinter Musical Madness 2011 was the best to date, as far as I'm concerned.

We had Stump the Chump and point finagling and poetry, and a whole lot of sports talk, and  random tangents at every turn.

We had more people play than ever before.

I personally had more laugh-out-loud (a/k/a LOL) moments than I have ever had before.

We had the comments flying so quickly in the lightning round that my Norton Antivirus stopped letting me onto MY OWN BLOG because it was convinced that I was under a phishing attack.

(I had to get creative to get around that one, believe you me!)

We had our own theme song, which I just have to share here, because it is WAAAAAY too good to be hidden away in the comments.

My Favorite Things
(modified to fit MMM 2011 by Harmony Packer)

Black beans and chicken and baseball and shortstops,
Good books and movies and whim points and rooftops,
Memories with Charlotte and actors that sing,
These are a few of my favorite things.

Pushups and Crossfit, stone lions and gardens,
Roofers and bakers and doctors and cousins,
Good friends who crochet and run around swings,
These are a few of my favorite things.

When the snow falls, when the kids whine,
When I’m feeling sad,
I simply log on to charlottelaughs,
and then I don’t feel so bad!

Bale and Ballam and Adams and Andrews,
Lightning and scriptures and heroes and skate shoes,
Broadway and birthdays and chocolate cake flings,
These are a few of my favorite things.

Jimmer and Jacob and fun puns and bloggers,
Salzburg and mountains and Newsies and Dodgers,
Beanies and game nights and kites on their strings,
These are a few of my favorite things.

When the snow falls, when the kids whine,
When I’m feeling sad,
I simply log on to charlottelaughs,
and then I don’t feel so bad!

As has been the case from the beginning, I feel like the real winner of Midwinter Musical Madness this year is Charlotte Cantwell.  Not in a "I'm sooo much better than you at this" kind of way, but in a "I'm so lucky that you will join/humor me in my silliness, and turn the dull dreary gray month of February into a month of daily laughter and quirky joy"  kind of way.

Thank you. 

Thank you.

Thank you. 

And now, for the moment you've all been waiting for, our real winners:

In a tie for fifth place, we have my dear friend Carol, who has the happy distinction of taking her "aunt-hood" responsibilities more seriously than anyone I know, and my dear brother Robert.  Incidentally, Robert is now the highest-placing male we've ever had in MMM history, AND the only person who's ever had three generations of his direct line playing (mother, himself & his wife, and his daughter and son). 

In fourth place, we have another dear friend, treasured former roommate, and the reason I bought a whole bag of mini M&M's to use as potty reward treats for Heather (so far she's earned them exactly 3 times), Jeri

In third place, we have Harmony, the author of that little gem of a song above.  Really, what more can I say than that?  Amazing.  Absolutely amazing. 

In second place, we have a girl who didn't really even show up to play for the first half of MMM 2011, and still managed to give our winner a run for her money.  What a musical pro.  Congratulations, Melissa.

And in first place, unseating the seemingly undefeatable Melissa for the first time in Musical Madness History, not to mention getting over 100 more points than anyone in her age category has ever received, we have none other than my mother,

Barbara W. Corry

quirky 3-11
This is my mom at age 8, in the most musical picture I could find of her in my archives.  Isn't she just adorable?

Now, I know what you're all thinking.

"Great, but what about the prizes, Charlotte?  What does this mean for yours truly?"

Well, I'll tell you.

  • Bragging Rights, Sidebar Picture and Personal Poetry Prize will go to Barbara.
  • $50 gift certificate to or will go to Harmony, since both Barbara and Melissa basically have a standing $infinity gift certificate to both shops. (If Harmony would like to split this prize with Jeri, she is very welcome to do so.)
  • As for the CD, I think everyone in the top 5 already has a copy (you have one, right Jeri?) so if you want one, leave a comment, and I'll see that you get one.  Next year I'll probably remove that from the prize package because really, how many copies of one CD does anyone need?  I'd say one is plenty.
  • Evening of games is up in the air, pending discussion with Barbara, then Melissa, then Harmony, then Jeri, then Carol &/or Robert.
Thanks again for a stupendous Midwinter Musical Madness of joy, rejoicing, warmth, silliness, and a whole lot of laughs.

See you all next year.

(And hopefully next week, or tomorrow, or the day after that, or the day after that, when we (which is really just me--this blog is definitely not a Cantwell family group effort) will resume our regular mode around here.)


Melissa @ Happy Quilting said...

Congratulations to Barbara!!!!

And also congrats to Harmony (love the song, sheer brilliance), Jeri, Carol and Robert.

And I completly agree with Charlotte, we are all winners because we got through the dreary month of February. Thanks for everyone who played for making me laugh!

And a huge Thanks to Charlotte for hosting MMM for a third year running. You are the true Threepeat Champion!!

Harmony said...

I was laying in bed late last night and realized my song might need a little editing. I may have made an unforgivable error. I know there is a difference between knitting and crocheting. I don't know exactly what it is, but I know there's a difference. Shall we change the lyrics to "Good friends who sing" instead of "Good friends who knit?" Crochet doesn't quite fit in the meter, and I wouldn't want to offend Tasha any further. :-)

Harmony said...

Or it could be: "Good friends who crochet and run around swings." That works too.

Jeri said...

Congrats to Barbara on a masterfully played game!

Thanks to ALL who played and made me laugh harder this year than ever.

Harmony - your song was worth AT LEAST 50! points. It was FANTASTIC! (and I like the change to "good friends who crochet and run around swings" )

Thanks thanks thanks to Charlotte for another great game! already looking forward to NEXT YEAR!

Jeri said...

PS - I love the picture of your mom - she looks the VERY same! (well, not the VERY VERY same - but close!!!)

Harmony said...

I would like to split my prize with Jeri. She totally deserves it!

ShaLiece said...

Thanks to all and Congrats to Barbara!!
I don't usually allow myself the time to play with others...than my children! And it was greatly good for me...most of the time! Spring is now definitely on it's way and feels much closer.

You people are some fun people, and it has been a pleasure joining in with y'all. I now realize how many musicals I have never seen or heard of. Congratulations to me!

See you soon Char and Becca! Travel safely and we shall eat...chocolate!!!!

Charlotte said...

You are forgiven Harmony. I only wish I had the patience to be a knitter as well as a crocheter.

I've made the change, and I'll be waiting for you and Jeri to use your $25 at your leisure.

Gosh I love you guys.

Barbara C said...

I am of two minds here. One, I really hope no one minded that the older generation horned in on the younger generation's game. I really did not intend to get into it but as with Melissa, I got sucked in and absolutely had to answer the parallels.
Two, At least I won something this year! This assuages my deeply hidden and unknown to myself anguish over being found lacking by the people of cedar city.
And it was so much fun.
Thanks, thanks, thanks and I'm amazed you have that picture. Proof that I actually learned to play the piano, once in the long ago, past recall, past.
Serendipitous, the choice of songs this year.
And I don't think Dad is looking forward to the game night so I'm willing to pass that on. I'll just bask in the bragging rights glory, wait breathlessly for the poem and pick up the mundane threads of daily life again.
Thanks, again Charlotte, it was so much fun.

Charlotte said...

Mother dearest,

Midwinter Musical Madness knows no age boundaries. I'd like nothing more than to get a whole contingent of "seniors and nearly-seniors" here mixing it up, and I'm 98% sure that everyone else here feels the same.

(Melissa-you want that game night? Sometime after June perhaps?)

Melissa @ Happy Quilting said...

Mom you were such a fun addition to MMM this year!!! I am so glad you joined in and won!!! I completely agree with Charlotte that MMM knows no age boundaries :)

As for the game night you are totally on!!!! We are so sad to be losing our gaming friends here and are hoping to find some new people to play with in Cedar. (Yes Robert and ShaLiece and Mom and Dad, we mean you :) We will play games whenever you are in town :)

I have put to much money into games over the last few years for Christmas to let them sit and gather dust. Didn't you say earlier that you and Eric like Acquire. Jacob and I love that game :) Can't wait - June it is :)

Oh and game night here usually includes a seven layer dip, or spinach dip, or cheesecake, or something along those lines, I am happy to do some baking for the festive night :)

Jeri said...

Mom - Corry (it just feels a little weird to call you Barbara) You have set the bar high and you MUST come back every year now. Although it really makes it tough for the rest of us - if sure is FUN!

Next year I will have to dig down deeper and hope that the lightning round isn't on my worst run-around day of the week. (but lets be honest, even if it had been another day - I don't think I could have pulled it off. I'm going to have to train harder for next year!

Carol said...

Charlotte and everyone -

Thank you so much for a wonderful MMM!! I had a great time this year. I can't wait until next year.

I hated missing lightening round Monday - but as Charlotte knows, Aunthood for me trumps all - even MMM lightening rounds. I do have to say that I did lurk in once, but had to quickly turn back to work so i could be prepared for another day of math tutoring today.

I love reading all the comments - what a perfect bit of silliness to have!! Leave it to Creative Charlotta and her musical whimsies to bring this all together!

I am honored to be in the top 5 with this group - I think I'll create a certificate and have Charlotte sign when I am in Utah later this month (you guessed it - another VERY enjoyable Aunt task).

Keep up all the good work and looking forward to MMM next year!

Harmony said...

I paid my homage to our champion when I saw her last night at the King's Singers concert. It was fun to bow before her and see her smile. :-)

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