Thursday, March 24, 2011

thank you bollywood

I've been re-organizing our CD collection.  Now, I realize that in an age of pandora and playlist and youtube and and i-pods and i-touches, and i-phones and i-whatever-the-next-big-apple-thing-is's, CD's are getting to be a thing of the past.  But, I'm not ready to let go yet.  Call me an old fogie if you want (I am 40 now, you know), but I'm just not ready to say goodbye to those beautiful shiny silvery spinning disks of musical delight.

However, the CD collection has been getting a little unweildy, so I bought some CD boxes at Ikea the last time I was there, and this months project has been getting the CDs into the boxes, where they look like white boxes of organized joy, rather than sprawling piles and towers and stacks of plastic cases of clutter.

One morning, in the midst of all the organizing, I happened to find my Bend it Like Beckam Movie Soundtrack.  It's one of my very favorites, and I hadn't been able to find it the last time I wanted to have a little listen.  You can imagine my joy at this happy discovery!

Such an auspicious occasion required a celebration, so Heather and I ceased from our CD-organizing task and moved to the bathroom, where we did some scrubbing and playing and primping, all the while accompanied by the peppy-est of peppy tunes.

It was heaven.

Wanna see?

The make-up brush makes a mighty fine microphone, in case you didn't know.



It also works magnificently if your cabinets need a little painting or dusting.

My favorite of the day by far.  Never underestimate the magical power of peppy tunes.


Melissa @ Happy Quilting said...


Bamamoma said...

I'm trying to figure out if she is poking her eyes out because the peppy tunes are over or if there is some other prompt. That is hilarious!

amy greenway said...

Oh, I burst out laughing at that last picture. I even snorted. She's so cute.

I bet that's a great soundtrack. I'll have to pick it up!

Harmony said...


Okay, now I'm interested in the soundtrack, but I'm also wondering if the movie is any good...

Charlotte said...

Harmony--I like the movie well enough that we own it. I have a soft spot for sports movies though.

If it matters, one of my friends once pointed out that the movie is essentially a tale that celebrates the process of a young girl rebelling against the rules of her family and coming out on top in spite of it all, so it might not be the very best message.

(But the rebellion lies in her playing soccer on the sly, against her parents' wishes, so I feel okay about it.)

The soundtrack is peppy Indian tune after peppy Indian tune.

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