Monday, March 07, 2011

Thank you all, Now it's back to the showers,

Lightning Round!

2 points for the name of the song
2 more points for the name of the musical

(other points awarded by whim, as always)


Harmony said...

It's showering at my house and has been ALL DAY!

Melissa @ Happy Quilting said...

I haven't been able to put my foot down in the shower for the last 2 days. It stings like the "dickens" if I do :)

Tasha said...

Thankfully I now teach Jrs who understand the importance, nay, even the value of a shower and realize that just putting on more cologne does not in fact work the same way.

I feel like the reference to Dickens should mean something and since Oliver! has already been shown, I'm going to try Great Expectations?

Melissa @ Happy Quilting said...

I am so Thankful that my older children can now take showers on their own. It sure saves time on Sunday Morning :)

Barbara C said...

When Daxton (3 yr old) saw our new shower and bathroom he exclaimed, "this looks like a hotel bathroom."

Enoch remodeled our shower (and bathroom). The drain is off centered, something major to do with the plumbing to center it. Enoch wanted to do whatever it took to fix it, I was and still am OK with it as it is.
Thanks, Enoch, I love it all.

Melissa @ Happy Quilting said...

I have to finish recaulking my shower before the 18th to show the house :) I just have to scrap off the old stuff around the taps and replace it with some new and nice clear stuff :)

Robert said...

I built the shower in our bedroom including "the wall".

Barbara C said...

Dad squeegees the shower every morning. I'm so impressed.

Since the mirror over the sink reflects right into the shower I like to get the room steamed up before I turn around. Then all I can see is a vague shape.

Ty told me that when Grandpa and I weren't here, they came up and used the big tub with the blowers. Luckily, ShaLiece had already confessed.

We've had the cabin for nearly 30 years and I've never used the shower.

But I've used the shower in the trailer at North Fork lots of times.

Raezel gave us a BACK scratcher for Christmas.Dad loves it, he wakes up in the night and scratches his back.

I really don't know when you boys discovered that you need to wash, not just rinse in the shower.

Charlotte said...

Wow--it's a whim fest!

(The song is about marriage, I think it's called Getting Married Today, and it's from the Musical "Company" by Stephen Sondheim.)

My history with this musical is kind of funny, because I saw a remade production of it about 4 1/2 years ago in New York. The show talks a lot about dating, love, commitment, and marriage, and doesn't always portray marriage in the most ideal light. In fact, this particular song is all about the bride getting cold feet on her wedding day.

In a kind of ironic twist, the day after I saw this show in NYC, I flew to Paris for a week, then flew back to Utah, and Eric and I decided to go ring shopping. Guess the message didn't really sink in with me.

Now--onto the whims!

Charlotte said...

Harmony-1 point for showers

Melissa-1 point for shower pain. 1 more point for having self-showering children. 1 more point for being a re-caulking genius.

Tasha-1 point for the nostril pain that comes with teaching.

Mom--1 point for the cute Daxton quote, but if I recall, the exact words were, "Did Grandma get this bathroom from a hotel?" 1 more point for hiring a real quality guy to do your bathroom remodel. 1 point for successful training of dad. 1 point for having a bathtub that people will drive across town to use when you're out of town. 1 point for tying in "back" scratching.

Robert--1 point for the shower, 1 point for "the wall".

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