Friday, March 04, 2011

see the lighning part the skies

quirky 3-11


The Final Day/Lighning Round of Midwinter Musical Madness 2011 will be held from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. on 

Monday, March 7, 2011

See y'all then!
(well, and see y'all in the comments here today)

5 points for the song
2 points for the musical
other points awarded by whim

photo compliments of snowpeak


ShaLiece said...

Yes. I'm the first one here!!!and I have no idea what the musical is.
But...I'm the first one here!!:)

Also, did you mean to say "lightning" rather than "lighning"? Or is this part of the musical? I assumed it was "lightning", but then started to wonder if maybe it was someone with an English accent:
"See the lighning pawt the sky". And so with that said, I still have no idea. But I love the picture!!!

So, going for a whim point or two with a story...
While in Denver, we took our youth on a "Fourteener" hike in the Rocky Mtns. (14,000 ft) Rain and "lightning" are very prevalent in the afternoons on the very top, and they warned us to get down quickly if we saw "lightning", (as we would be past the tree line and be the tallest thing around, and an excellent target for "lightning").
So, of course it began to "lightning" just as we were reaching the top. The leaders made everyone turn around, except that one group of kids had gone up ahead, without and adult. So, two of us decided to hike up quickly and find them and bring them down. however, they had hiked faster and farther than I thought!
As it grew darker, and the "lightning" continued, it began to rain, and I started sprinting. i ran (or tried to) up this mountain until I reached the top. It was the hardest run I had had in quite awhile! (You can't breathe too great up that high least I could not.)
Luckily, I found them and we hurried down as quick as we could, The rain stayed light, although the "lightning" stressed me out the entire way down, at least until we were low enough.

So, there's my longest comment thus far.

AND... I mentioned the word "Lightning" 8 times in that fabulous story. (Unless you count "lighning" and then it would be about 10. Just a side note:)

Jeri said...

I also didn't know it. but I'm with ShaLiece, there's something fun abotu being FIRST - even when you have no clue.

I have never seen this one either, nor listened to the sound track, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE the book! It is one of my favorites, I have had the book since I was young and I still love to pull it out and read it. I can't wait for Katrina to be old enough for me to share it with her.

I've got some other whimsical ideas, but will wait until the song/musical are named, since i seem to been the queen of giving things away. (i figured I was safe with the book thing - since TONS of musicals come from books... right???

And that IS a really cool picture

Carol said...

Wow - this isn't bringing up anything in my little head this afternoon. Aghh.. The first chance I've had to try and be the ONE this year!

I can say that I tried to take some pictures of a spectacular storm when I was in Branson, MO last fall. They didn't turn out at all. But maybe a whim point for trying?!

Also, Branson was not my choice spot to go. I went there for my Dad's Navy reunion. I think I get many bonus points for attending every year - especially since he passed away 4 years ago. (Yes, my family and I are crazy!)

I can claim that I was almost hit by lightning once. Fortunately, I was in my car and I fared very well. But my hair stood on end and the tree that I was driving past did not fare as well. Needless to say, I almost needed the lightning back to get my heart started!

I've also been in a snow storm with lightning. That happened in Logan when we were setting up a Christmas light festival at the Cache County Fairgrounds. Of course, I was holding a metal ladder for S.W. who was on the ladder hanging lights. Again, needless to say, that section went without lights for the night.

Looking forward to Monday!!

amy greenway said...

Didn't you use this song last year?

Hold On from Secret Garden. Which I've seen, own the soundtrack to, read the book several times and many movie renditions!

amy greenway said...

Forgive the terrible grammar. I'm so excited that I knew it! Oh and the book is by Frances Hodgson Burnett!

Robert said...

As the brother of the girl who grew up with an open window from her bedroom to her own semi-secrete greenhouse garden, I think I should get a point or two.

Charlotte said...

1 point for being the first one to comment! Congratulations!
1 more point for catching my typo. Last year I wrote "lightening" and Jacob called me out on it. So, this year I was so concerned about not having that extra "e" that I left the "t" out. Maybe next year I'll get it right.
1 point for dumb luck, because the character that sings this does happen to have an english/yorkshire accent.
3 points for an amazing lightning/lighning story.

total points: 6

1 point for loving this book. Me too.

1 point for trying to capture lightning on film
1 random point for the reason you were in Branson while trying to capture the lightning
1 point for surviving a near-miss with lightning.
1 point for seeing lightning and snow at the same time.

total points:4

Charlotte said...


Yes! 7 points for song and Musical
1 point for remembering that I used the same song (but different lyrics) last year.
1 point for owning the soundtrack
1 point for knowing the author of the book

total points: 10

2 points for that amazing tie-in with the fabulous secret greenhouse outside my window.

Harmony said...

Thanks to Jeri's helpful hint, I was going to guess Secret Garden, but I was too slow. It's been too long, but I did enjoy the community production I saw a few summers ago.

I did, however, add the book to my Goodreads list. AND, I just downloaded it to my Kindle for free. Yippee! I love all the book ideas I've gotten from MMM this year!

Barbara C said...

Once again I saw this show at the Utah Festival Opera. Michael Ballard was Uncle Archie. Mary Lennox is the orphan girl. Colin is the sick cousin and Dickon is the friend who helps bring the garden back to life. I first saw this at SUU but I needed to see it at UFO to really get the feel for the great music. (I'm not shamelessly plugging UFO, it's just that the singers are so great! It's amazing how much more you can enjoy something when you aren't trying to overlook flaws in the singing, the acting, etc.)
Last summer when we were planting the garden at the White house, Kaylee kept calling the backyard her Secret Garden. It was overgrown, lots of interesting trees and really cool. Now Dad has cut down the unproductive trees, mowed the weeds and made the place much more workable. We should have a much better vegetable garden this year but it won't be near as picturesque.

Barbara C said...

I don't expect points but I looked up information about Secret Garden. It's original title was Mistress Mary, from the nursery rhyme Mary, Mary Quite Contrary. (my knowledge- the song runs as an undertone thru the 1st number of the musical).Great Maytham Hall Garden Kent, England was the inspiration for the garden. Frances Hodgson Burnett kept an extensive garden including a rose garden.
The Secret Garden was originally published monthly in the "American Magazine" starting August 1910. It was not one of her more popular books, she also wrote Little Lord Fauntleroy and The Little Princess.
There have been a number of adaptations of the book for the stage and TV, including one by Hallmark where Colin Firth appeared as the adult Colin Craven.
The musical, Secret Garden, music by Lucy Simon, book and lyrics by Marsha Norman, opened on Broadway in 1991. It was nominated for 7 Tony awards.

I really like the Secret Garden music. It soars. The duets, Lilly and Uncle Archie, Mary and Uncle Archie, Uncle Archie and Dr. Craven are magnificent. You have to listen many times to get all they are each saying. And then the chorus joins in backup, its like opera!

Carol said...

Now that I see the name of the song - I could scream! I knew I knew it, but just couldn't think. I was thinking it was the Secret Garden, but I just couldn't pull it together.

I haven't listened to the music from this for a long time and after hearing your Mom's description - it is making me almost thirst to hear it again. I can't wait to listen again on my way to work tomorrow.

Looking forward to trying to hang in on this with everyone tomorrow!

(Boy I referred a lot to tomorrow here - maybe I'm thinking of all the songs with tomorrow in it in preparation! ;-) )

Jeri said...

wow - the low number of comments in this thread must mean everyone else was a crazy busy as me this weekend!

I love gardens! I love to go to thanksgiving point and meander through the gardens. (especially in the spring.) one of their many themed gardens is "the secret garden," surrounded by a brick wall... I LOVED LOVED LOVED it the first time I saw it!

Someday I would love to have greenhouse - but I don't necessarily need to climb out my window to get to it.

All the characters have already been rehashed, but I'm thinking there may be a point for mentioning that Mary grows to love the lonesome moor that is often covered with HEATHER.

I have also read Little Princess, and Aaron recently memorized a poem for a scout requirement (the showman badge I tink it was.) One fo the lines was
"Mighty glad I ain't a girl--- I'd ruther be a boy,
Without them sashes, curls, an' things that's worn by Fauntleroy!"

I've planted my earliest spring veggies in my garden... the first planting of lettuce, spinach, and peas.

My house is so full of animals I almost feel like Dicken lives here :)

my Katrina and Aaron both love to jump rope (but aren't as practiced as Mary...)

I am really stretch for anything semi- related... I am so tired I can't even think straight. I wish this was a Thoroughly Modern Millie post, cause I have some FUNNY point get'ters for that one! Maybe tomorrow in between all my running around, I'll share them with you.

Charlotte said...

one point for committing to read the Secret Garden, to the point of downloading it for Kindle.

2 points for general Secret Garden info
1 point for having your own Secret Garden, if only for a little while.
I'll give you another point for going through all the work to write all that data down, even though you didn't pull it out of your head.

Total points: 4

1 point for actually being in a secret garden.
1 point for working a (beloved) Heather reference in there
1 point for starting your own garden,
1 more point for living among the animals

Total points: 4

Harmony said...

I also have Charlotte Corry's "Be Still My Soul" downloaded to my Kindle so I can listen while I read!

Charlotte said...

Well, I'd say that's worth a point!

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