Monday, March 07, 2011

Is there a Doctor in the House?

Lightning Round!

2 points for the name of the song
2 more points for the name of the musical

(other points awarded by whim, as always)


Barbara C said...

No he's at work, but you can reach him on his cell phone.

Harmony said...

I saw that last comment coming!

Melissa @ Happy Quilting said...

I don't know this one either, Ah Shucks :(

Jacob did play doctor in our house over the weekend. A friend slipped down her stairs and sliced her finger open on the banister. He stitched it up on our kitchen table. I got to be nurse as the table had to be disinfected first since I had been painting for most of the day :)

Harmony said...

I have a doctor in the house, but not the same kind of doctor as some of you Corrys have in your houses.

Still, my doctor says he would not be a doctor without me, according to this acknowledgement published with his doctoral dissertation:

"This work would not have been possible without the constant help and support of my wife,
Harmony Packer. She has been advisor, proofreader, cheerleader, and office manager all in one.
Most of all she has been my best friend, providing patient support through long years of schooling
and deserves as much credit for the completion of this work as I."

Sweet, isn't he? Oh, and my brother is a doctor too, of the MD and the PhD kind.

Melissa @ Happy Quilting said...

There are 10 doctors in our ward, I think that is some kind of a record for doctors in one ward :)

I mean, sure there are a lot more doctors that are lds in high concentration residency areas, like that city down south, but they are in at least 7 different wards as every other block in the town is a different ward :)

Melissa @ Happy Quilting said...

I used to like watching the medical drama House. After a season or 2 I got tired of Jacob saying it was all stupid and they would have ran that test the second they came in to the hospital. It just took the fun out of it :)

Robert said...

Not in my house but I just noticed that Dad is in the paper again today. (funny how he doesn't even tell us these things) He is in the Life section of the Daily News in an article about fitness.

Charlotte, as you and I are the only ones in our family who can't answer yes to this question I think you should give me a commiseration point.

One note on the previous post I posted a comment just after you awarded points. Does that make me too late?

Jeri said...

There are lots of docs in the corry's - they rock(s)! Any points for knowing you have lots of docs? AND rhyming???? NO? OH well, it was worth a "SHOT!" You know me, I gotta "nurse" along my score...

I tried googling this one, with no success. I'll have to wait and see what it is before I can grovel any more.

Barbara C said...

I'm glad I got it in first.
Melissa, congrats and welcome to the world of house calls. Only the patient comes to you. I don't know how many family and friends have had stitches in our house. None, so far, on the new bar however.
What a tribute, Harmony. I'm sure it is absolutely true.
I know lots of plays where someone shouts out, "Is there a doctor etc. maybe the song will come to me.

Tasha said...

I grew up with a father who said the only people who became doctors were those who weren't smart enough to be contractors.

Gee, where did I ever get my sarcasm from?

Also, I have profound gratitude to Charlotte's dad as the doctor when my grandparents were ailing - truly improved a very difficult several years and I'm certain has many people building his mansion in heaven.

Barbara C said...

Want to hear a story? At the Blue and Gold Banquet I was talking to Margaret Clark. I said I understood why she was again called to be in YW because the Stake was doing another Trek and she would be able to do. She and Art chaired our ward's trek to Martin's Cove. I think I mentioned this awhile ago. Anyway she said she was not planning on going this time (age, injuries, age)and she thought they probably had the medical people all arranged for. Sooooo last night Dad and I attended MaKell, Dallen and Kaylee's piano recital and one of the Dotson's, those son also performed, asked Dad if he would be the doctor on the trek. When we got home we tried to think of any other doctor who lives in Cedar West Stake and couldn't think of a one. So enjoy your surfeit of doctors, Melissa, or come back early and you and Jacob can be the trek physician.

Barbara C said...

What about a doctor whose 2nd favorite thing to do is build?
Do you give more clues for the ones we never guess at the end of the lightning round, Charlotte?

Bamamoma said...

Damn Yankees. You knew you could draw me out of oblivion with this one, didn't you. Shoeless Joe is the song. Sung by the reporter (played by Sarah Krick in my HS version but I can't remember the character name right now) and cast. Gloria, maybe?

I played Doris (one of the crazy, old lady fans) in our HS production.

This was the last musical I was ever in. sigh.

Barbara C said...

Shoeless Joe. There really is a book about him. Being the baseball fanatic that I am, I first learned about Shoeless Joe from Field of Dreams.

Barbara C said...

Tab Hunter, definitely the teenage heart throb, played the ballplayer who sold his soul, in the movie. Oh yeah, one of my heart's desires.

Becca was in Damn Yankee's at CHS. I sewed baseball knickers for her.

Gwen Vernon was Lola.

Charlotte said...

Points to me for getting Heidi back involved! (I guess that means I can go delete that "Working" post.)(Only teasing. There is no "Working" post.)

Now, back to business:

1 point for the hilarious first comment.
1 point for agreeing to be the trek doctor-again!

What does a doctor whose second favorite think to build have to do with anything? I don't see the connection.

I haven't decided what I'll do about the ones you don't get. I guess we'll just have to see. At any rate, someone (who hasn't looked it up on google) is welcome to try their hand at it anytime until 7:30 or 8:00 or even later, probably.

2 points for the name of the musical. Sadly, the name of the song is not Shoeless Joe. (At least, not that I can remember or prove. If you can prove me wrong, I'll give you the points)
1 point for knowing the name of the reporter (though she doesn't sing this song)
1 point for being a member of the cast.

1 point for knowing that the hilarious first comment would be made.
1 point for having a doctor in your house
1 more point for deserving a doctorate as much as your husband.
(That is an impressive dedication, by the way. It makes me think even more of both of you, which is kind of a big deal, since I already think you both walk on water.)

1 point for having a doctor actually doctor-ing in your house this week.
1 point for being an LDS doctor family in a sea of LDS doctor
1 point for making me smile at your "House" watching descriptions.

1 point for noticing that dad's in the paper. Will you save me a copy? I can't access it on the Specturm Website since I'm not a paying subscriber.
1 commiseration point because you and I are the only Bob Corrys who are living without a Doctor in the home.

(I went back and gave you your points on the last post--I got a little behind is all)

1 point for awesome poetry
1 point for awesome puns

1 point because your dad cracks me up.
1 point for nice comments about my dad.

Melissa @ Happy Quilting said...

I worked for USF in the box office when they did Damn Yankees. It was so fun to listen to people order tickets. No one wanted to say Damn when ordering their tickets so they would ask for tickets to the following (We kept a list of them on the back of the box office door :)

The Devil and the Baseball Player

The Yankees Baseball One

The Darn Yankees

The Baseball Player that Gets Young

The Whore that tempts the Baseball Player (One of my all time favorites, as if that is any better)

We affectionly stated calling it Yamn Dankees. Good Times :)

I only got to see it once but really enjoyed it. Melinda Phfstein was also in this production (referring back to Tash's reference.) The played Gloria, the newspaper reporter.

Melissa @ Happy Quilting said...

If you build it . . he will come

Tasha said...

Ahem - Charlotte - if you want to read an article in the paper, just copy the full title of the article, do a google search and open the article from your google search. Will give you full access - don't know why it will that way, but I'm totally cheap and a news junkie and this works for me. :)

Charlotte said...


I forgot to give you a point for having people sewn up on your bar through the years, I also forgot to give you a point for the Shoeless Joe reference.

1 point for Tab
1 point for Gwen
1 point for sewing Baseball Knickers for Becca

Total points: 5

That listing of alternate names is worth three big ones. Hilarious!
1 point for knowing cast members in the USF production
1 point for further linking Damn Yankees to Field of Dreams.

Total points: 5

Charlotte said...

1 point to Tasha for a VERY helpful hint!

Harmony said...

Tasha beat me to it. Every time my mom calls to tell me about an article in the Spectrum (or about someone else in Cedar who has died), I try to look it up and remember I don't have access, then remember I can just google it and get to it that way. Usually a few key words will do--not necessary to have the full title.

Barbara C said...

Hey, I linked Shoeless Joe to Field of Dreams! Tasha commented about her Dad being a contractor. I was just answering her.

Charlotte said...

Another point to Harmony--that advice is helpful enough I can use it twice.

Mom-Okay-1 more point for field of dreams. And, now that I understand the builder reference, I'll give you a pont as well.

Bamamoma said...

Lola is the vamp. Truly, an awesome character. "Whatever Lola wants, Lola gets, and little man, little Lola wants YOU!" I could go on.

Perhaps it is she that sings this doctor song rather than Gloria.

For extra whim points, I kissed the devil. Well, my then-boyfriend, Howard Bickle portrayed the devil in this show so we were backstage kissing (not on stage, that was the previous show). I got to wear a tutu and a Mickey Mouse sweatshirt as my costume (if that isn't whim worthy, I don't know what is).

Charlotte said...

1 point for painting Lola in her true colors

1 point for knowing that Lola sings this song.

1 point for kissing the devil

5 points for bringing the infamous HOWARD BICKLE into MMM.

1 point for awesome costumes.

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