Monday, March 07, 2011

I have sought thee, sung thee, dreamed thee

Lightning Round!

2 points for the name of the song
2 more points for the name of the musical

(other points awarded by whim, as always)


Melissa @ Happy Quilting said...

The Impossible Dream for Man of La Mancha

Melissa @ Happy Quilting said...

I absolutely love this song in the play and it makes me cry every time the horrible guys turn it into a taunt.

I saw this at UFO (yippee skippee) and didn't Michael play Don Quoite.

Melissa @ Happy Quilting said...

And I just realized I wrote the wrong title. It is Dulcenia.

I also saw this when SUU put it on and randomly enough Melinda Pfunstien was playing the part of Aldonza. popular girl

Melissa @ Happy Quilting said...

Seriously, I get all shaky at about 3 minutes to the top of each hour. Sometimes I get typing so fast I lose my train of thought.

Harmony said...

I also saw this at SUU. I always thought this song was a little corny and over the top until I saw the show. Now I love it.

Charlotte said...

4 points for name of the song.
1 point because this is a song that I absolutely love as well.
1 point for seeing it at UFO, and remembering that Michael indeed did play Don Quixote (I think it's my favorite thing I've ever seen him do.)
1 point for Melinda Pfunstein trivia.
(also because I get a kick out of thinking that when someone is googling her one day, they might find a whole bunch of of my blog. Poor unprepared Googler!)

Total: 7

Charlotte said...

1 more point for Melissa for making MMM such a big part of her life today.

1 point for Harmony for seeing this show
1 more point because we had a very similar change of heart about the show.

Robert said...

Mom, I think your toast.

Looks like we're going to have a threepeat.

Not sure how I feel about that.

Maybe Michael, I mean, Melissa will retire for a couple of years before she comes back and completes another threepeat.

Melissa @ Happy Quilting said...

Jacob just called to say he is on his way home from work. Now he will purposely try to keep me from the computer as a tease :) Although he did say he was glad I was having a good time today, and boy oh boy, I sure am.

And it is so nice knowing when the posts are coming. I still have managed to get my daily Monday Routine done so I don't feel the least bit guilty :)

And I totally busted up thinking of people goggling Melinda as well. She is going to think we are a bunch of stalkers.

And while we are on the subject of Melinda here is another fun tidbit that is stalker worthy - She married Brian Vaughn, possibly the biggest male star of USF, and they have one child :)

Melissa @ Happy Quilting said...

Now your really putting the pressure on. This is getting intense!

I started this years MMM thinking I will just have some fun with it but not worry to much. (Side Note - I really have had a goal to cut down my internet time as my quilting blog seems to have exploded the time I spend in front of the computer.) I was just going to write when I knew the answer but not worry to much about the whim points. (notice how I didn't have hardly any points on the first few posts)

And then gosh, I got sucked in!! "Jacob came home one day and said, saw all your comments, you got sucked back in didn't you?" I just can't help it, I love MMM!!!

(And honestly, we all know I am a pretty competitive person, not as bad as I once was, but still, it's there :)

Charlotte said...

Robert--I think we both know that's highly unlikely.

(which is a good thing.)

Melissa-I didn't know Brian Vaughn married Melinda! Fun. Did you know that Brian and I are the same age and attended SUU at the same time, and ran for SUU senator in the same election? (I think he won, I know I didn't)
1 point.

Barbara C said...

How can you love the play and still make fun of my wall hanging of Don Quixote?

We got it in Mexico.
We saw the artist making another work.
I read Don Quixote for a World Lit. class in college. Dad read it in Spanish.

The term "tilt at windmills" comes from Don Quixote as does the word quixotic.

Robert Peterson was Don Quixote in the USF production. It may have been his last performance of this musical as he died the next year.

Michael Ballam and Robert Peterson were friends. I have this from Michael's lips.

Book by Cervantes

Cervantes is in prison because of the Spanish Inquisition. Catholics ruled and any one suspected of heresy was tortured and killed. At the end when Don Quixote again becomes Cervantes he is climbing out of prison to meet his fate as a writer of heretical literature.
Kinda sounds like the Salem witch trials in America.

Tasha said...

Oh, oh, Melinda trivia. She is currently pregnant and expecting TWINS!!! So exciting. She and her husband did a show recently that I wanted to go to but it didn't top the priority list.

Also as a side noted with these two, they were both in Henry V last year (my top 5 Shakespeare for sure) and Brian was Henry and Melinda was playing the chambermaid to the French princess he was trying to woo and I was amazed that she DIDN'T give dirty looks to the actress when she totally kisses her husband. All I know is it is a good thing that Enoch and I aren't actors because I totally would fall out of character and give the look of death to anyone who kissed my husband.

Robert said...

Isn't it about time for FHE out there in Indiana?

Barbara C said...

Robert, I never expected to win but that game night! Dad is sooo excited! He hasn't liked games since he lost at Risk in Medical School. He says 3 of us ganged up on him and he's never liked playing since. And I love board games, just not the cutthroat atmosphere that seems to emerge. I'm almost out of Spencer's league already. He beat me at checkers but I held my own in Strategy. Of course, he plays against his parents!

It must be the computer, and the fact that I know of most of these songs. Good year for nostalgia.

I have a movie version where Sophia Loren plays Dulcinea.

Charlotte said...

All right--one point for having a Don quixote metal art hanging gracing your walls. One more point for the story behind it.

1 point for word origins related to Don Quixote
1 point for trivia on men who have played the role
1 point for author
1 point for an interesting history lesson
1 point for owning this movie

7 points total

tell dad that he need not worry--we all know I'm not competitive. Maybe we can find an old "operation" game and he can school us all.

1 point for more Melinda Trivia
1 point 'cuz I've often though about how I'd deal with having my husband kiss other women on stage. Then I remember that I'm married to Eric and I move on to things that are worth worrying about.

1 point for the funniest line of THIS post

Melissa @ Happy Quilting said...

I didn't know that you and Brian went to school together, that is cool!! I also didn't know that Melinda is expecting twins, double cool. (I am still secretly hoping that when I go to my doctor's appt. tomorrow they will tell me I am measuring big and find out I am expecting twins, but I am more just hoping that everything goes well. Say a little prayer for us :)

I am sorry Mom for not liking your Don Quote Art Work. Jacob will forever be in trouble for repeating that. Although, I will say, It is growing on me over the years.

Mom, we would love to play games with you when we get back. Seriously, I know we come off cut-throat but we have learned to play games just to have fun (most of the time :) Playing with our friends till 2 in the morning has really instilled a love of just playing to play :)

Barbara C said...

Aldonza is the name of the female lead before Don Quixote renames her Dulcinea.

The President of the Utah School Board before me called herself a Brian Vaughn groupie. She was a retired English teacher and principal of Clearfield HS. She loved to attend USF and until about 3 years ago, saw everything Brian was in.

It is amazing to me how many school board members and superintendents make it a regular practice to attend the USF.
That was a regular item of conversation when I first went on the USBA Board of Directors.

Melissa @ Happy Quilting said...

Oh and to answer your question Robert, Dinner is ready and it will be served at 6:05. FHE will be held from 6:45 - 7:15 with an intermission so the kids can get their wiggles out :)

Charlotte said...

1 more point to mom for Aldonza.

Harmony said...

Okay, the whole conversation about Brian Vaughn and Melinda Pfundstein and their soon-to-be twins reminds me of the scene from The Incredibles when Syndrome says, "Mr. Incredible married Elastigirl?! And got busy!"

Charlotte said...

Classic Harmony! One point!

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