Monday, March 07, 2011

How I felt as I fell I just can't recall

Lightning Round!

2 points for the name of the song
2 more points for the name of the musical

(other points awarded by whim, as always)


Melissa @ Happy Quilting said...

Oh, This one sounds vaguely familiar (meaning I probably heard it on my spinner some time but don't own the cd) and it is driving me nuts. It is like the newsies post all over again.

Barbara C said...

I guess we're all having FHE or maybe it's dinner. Carol, Amy or Jeri, where are you?

Melissa @ Happy Quilting said...

Our's are all in bed now and we have the sweet sound of silence :) I don't recall having any silence all day until now :)

Jake said...

I remember MJ and Mia Hamm in this production

Barbara C said...

You get to a certain stage of life and you really just can't recall. Like I can't recall where I put the nutcrackers when we remodeled the kitchen. I finally broke down and bought Dad some new ones for Valentine's. He said he'd have to start on the walnuts and that reminded me.

When you kids were little we didn't have recalls. Like the cribs. We just wired the crib sides up so they couldn't fall down and used it for the next 3 kids.

I remember very well how I felt the last time I fell down. Stupid and I hoped no one was watching. Unfortunately it was outside the Scout Store and someones were watching.
Then there was the time I came in late to Sunday School, sat down next to Dad and the chair kept going down. I just hoped I looked graceful as I sank to the ground. Kinda disrupted class for a little while.

I have a box of felt in my fabric cupboards. Got it out at Christmas, put it back.

Got a hat order today from SUU Bookstore for this summer. I hope I can recall what a high Robin Hood looks like.

Liz and Gary just got back from Hawaii. The first night, Gary asked if Liz recalled packing his shirts or socks. Next day they found a WalMart.

The trip to Washington I recalled packing a baggy with Almond Joys and hard candy. When I went to share it out at the hotel I couldn't recall where I'd packed it. When I got home I still couldn't recall it. I decided that someone had removed it when I checked my luggage. Then I recalled that I hadn't checked my luggage until the return trip. After several days of recall lessness, I asked Dad and he recalled that it had been in his bag. And he'd been enjoying the Almond Joys ever since.

Harmony said...

Do you think Charlotte is enjoying her own personal game of Stump the Chumps with a few of these more obscure ones? :-)

Charlotte said...

I Got Lost in His Arms, from Annie Get Your Gun

Stump the Chumps indeed!

1 more point for playing through the noise.

1 point for classic Jake. (Remind me to tell you about a classic conversation Eric and I had a few nights ago in which you ended up being the star.)

You are AMAZING.
1 point for not recalling where the Nutcrackers are.
1 point for living in a pre-recall era. There's NO WAY that high chair would have passed any quality control check.
2 points--one for each fall
1 point for another recall worry
1 point for a classic Liz and Gary recall moment.
1 point for giving dad a bag full of Almond Joys. That sneak!

Harmony: One point for being right on the money.

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