Saturday, March 26, 2011

Fabulous Forty--the entertainment

When last we heard the blow-by-blow description of my special day, we had left the Corry family at the table, eating ice cream and Costco cake, reveling in the richness of the calories.  

Shortly afterwards, we all washed dishes and cleaned up the kitchen, and I made everyone gather around the computer (which resides in the kitchen as well) so I could have them all watch one of my all-time favorite youtube clips, the one where random dads sing a song to remind their kids about daylight savings.   We all laughed, which was extra nice for me. 

Shortly after that, Marian and a few other nieces and nephews not-so-casually asked me what my favorite things were.  I replied that I liked to crochet and sing and ride elephants (having done that twice--once when I was seven years old at Hogle Zoo, and once a few years ago in Thailand), and as cheesy as it sounded, I especially liked being with my nieces and nephews.  They then ran downstairs, whispering all the way.

About twenty minutes later, Marian came back upstairs and asked us all to congregate in one room so that they could put on a special impromptu birthday performance.  We all agreed.  We were then treated to a skit entitled "These are A Few of Aunt Charlotte's Favorite Things".  It started out with Evan riding a Dallen-elephant, which then morphed into Kaylee crocheting a doll, which then went to Kaylee being Aunt Charlotte being mauled by exuberant nieces and nephews, which then morphed into all of them in a chorus line singing "Turn back your clocks, it's daylight savings".  I know this is going to be a shock to everyone who knows me, but I laughed until my sides ached.  So fun. 

After we were finished with that, Becca convinced those who had performed in the piano competition the previous day to play their pieces again for those of us who didn't attend.  That was doubly fun because the songs were peppy dancing songs, the pianists were good-natured about having children dance to their music, and the other children were primed to do a little dancing.  So, we had great music AND some fabulous choreography.

I took some video footage of the entertainment, but I don't feel good about posting it here for everyone to see.  Not that there's anything that is terribly private or anything, but for some reason, I feel weird about posting a video of people who aren't my kids, while I feel just fine about posting pictures.  So, here are some stills from the piano/dance recital. 

MaKell exhibits her lineage by showing us all the Corry tongue (which actually might be a Willis trait, but it's kind of hard to tell for sure.)

This was the "Walk like an Egyptian" song.

Check out Marian's cat-eyes.  Love them!

Anyway, the whole reason I told you about the videos is to tell you that if you have access to the private Heather blog, feel free to head over there for six videos that will surely only be interesting to you if you love these kids the way I do.

And there we are.  Three birthday posts down--only one to go.  Aren't you glad you read all the way to the end of this one?


EmpireStateGreenway said...

So fun! You are a very loved aunt. No question.

I want access to the family blog! Do I have to fill out an application and complete a background check? I'm willing.

EmpireStateGreenway said...

Woops. This is Amy, not Adam. We all know HE'S not invited.

Charlotte said...

Amy--I just sent you an invitation. You should be good now!

Poor Adam. Alas. I don't know that I could let such an unsavory character have that much insight into our lives.

Jeri said...

just watched the videos. they are fun!

I'm so glad you had such a great birthday.

Nina said...

Another nice post.......thanks for sharing.

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