Friday, March 18, 2011

Fabulous Forty--the beginning hours . . .

So, I turned forty last week.  It was fabulous. 

Heather and I were in Cedar City (sans Eric) for a few days, and looking back, I think we can safely say that I was totally spoiled.  Awesome.

These next few posts are going to have some pictures of some of my favorite moments of the auspicious occasion.  After all, I'm only going to turn 40 once.  If it's too boring for you (and it would probably be too boring for me, truth be told), feel free to skip or skim for the next little while.

Now, onto the day!

It all started out with Robert (my brother) and Ty (his son) dropping by with some fresh baked orange sweet rolls on a fancy schmancy golden platter.  The rolls were absolutely delicious.  It's a little known fact that Robert is one of the best cooks in my family.  Actually, I would probably consider him the best cook in the family, if I didn't think it might get me into trouble with a few other cooks in the family.


We devoured them.





Bamamoma said...

LOVE that last picture. She looks so old and her hair is getting so long!

Melissa @ Happy Quilting said...

It's been a while since i saw Jane. She looks just like her sister.

JJ said...

Happy late birthday, and welcome to the 40s! Best decade yet, if you don't count the sags and wrinkles and such. :) The cinnamon rolls look divine!

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