Wednesday, March 02, 2011

by dawn's early light [I] can finish the fight [I] began

quirky 2-11

I'm not a gym kind of person.  There are a few reasons for this.

First of all, I don't like exercising inside.  I like to be able to look around and have the scenery change on me with each new step.  Secondly, I don't like the feel of the gym.  I'm sure this is much more about me and my own insecurities than anything else, but to me gyms have a feel to them that is part middle school cafeteria, part Mormon version of a singles bar. In other words, when I'm in a gym, I feel like I'm being checked out.  Not my favorite feeling for a multitude of reasons. 

Finally, I'm cheap/frugal/careful with money, whatever you want to call it.  Basically, I have a really hard time paying to exercise in a gym when I can exercise for free by walking around my neighborhood, climbing up and down my staircase, or moving along with a yoga DVD in my own living room. 

And yet . . .

Since the middle of January, I, Charlotte Julien Corry Cantwell have been attending the gym at (gasp!) six-freaking-o-clock in the morning, and liking it

Well, kind of liking it anyway.

Here's how it happened:  My neighbor, former visiting teachee, and current crocheting buddy wanted to take this crossfit class at a gym that is about a quarter mile away ($2 per class, no membership required).  She wanted me to join her for added motivation and asked me about it three times.  I told her no two times.  The last time she asked, I said I'd try it twice, but if I didn't like it, I wouldn't go more than that.

I've been seven times.  

The first day we did arms.  Getting up at 5:40 a.m. was agony.  Actually going through the work-out was rough rough rough.  The worst part though, trying to get the comforter off of me the next morning.  Seriously.  I woke up, moved my arms a milimeter and thought, How am I going to get out from underneath these blankets?   It was that bad.

Three days later, it was legs.  My arms still hadn't quite recovered from the shock, so I was grateful for the change.  Getting up at the crack of dawn was slightly less painful, but the work-out was even more difficult than the previous one had been.  And the next day?  I don't even want to talk abut it.  Okay, who am I kidding?  I absolutely want to talk about it.  My legs were so stiff that anytime I went to go downstairs, I would instinctively reach for the banister to take the pressure off my useless legs.  Considering that my arms were still recovering, you can imagine how well that went over.

But, now I've been a few more times, and both my body and mind are getting more used to it all, and I'm actually kind of enjoying it.  Best of all, a week or so ago, Eric, that man of all men, that prince of all princes, said the words that I love to hear above nearly all other words.  (I mean, other than the "I love you's" that we exchange at the end of every phone call and every day).

As he was lying in bed, lazily watching me get ready for the day, he rubbed his eyes, and sleepily said,  

"I think you've lost weight."

Oh joy!  Oh rapture!

As it turns out, I haven't lost weight.  I weigh exactly the same as I weighed on January 2, before I started on this craziness.  But, I feel better.  I feel stronger, I feel happier, and scale or no scale, I feel thinner.  So, I'll take it. 

5 points for the name of the song
2 points for the musical
other points awarded by whim

image courtsey of tinou bao


amy greenway said...

Once and For All in NEWSIES??????

amy greenway said...

I love this musical and Adam mocks me for it. He thinks it's cheesy. What? Musical theater, cheesy? Never.

My friends and I sang this whole sound track to and from Island Park one year. I didn't know a single song until I got in that car that day. Now I'm practically part of the cast. In the car on the way up we made up our own lyrics. They were smashing. The girls in the other car were totally jealous of our hot moves when we performed for them. Or maybe I just thought they should be and they actually saw us for the crazies we were.

Tasha said...

I have no idea, was going to make a guess of 1776 (patriotic sounding and all that).

I want to commend you on your working out. I have said many, many times that the hardest part of working out is sitting up in bed. Also, congrats on feeling better. It's nice when you get to the point where the pants you have been wearing for a while don't fit - the right way - even if the number on the scale stays the same. In fact, I have a strict rule at my house that we will NEVER have a scale at my house - many many more ways to feel good than obsess about that stupid number.

However, a warning. It's addicting. To the point where you start to go a little crazy when you CAN'T work out. Like through double foot surgery.

For what it's worth, I'm more than willing to be a goal setting buddy for you - you know, when I"m in such and such a size, or when I can do my five push-ups, I get to...fill in the blank. I have one for when I hit my goal weight that involves money I wouldn't normally spend at a place that I don't normally shop. I find, however, such goals probably shouldn't be food oriented... Let me know - I have some ideas :)

amy greenway said...

Oh, Christian Bale starred in it in the movie and I thought he was dashing.

I gotta try for points while I can!!!

Melissa @ Happy Quilting said...

Bill Pullman also sings in this song.

Carol said...

Ok - so here's my trivia.

1. This was the first movie directed by former choreographer Kenny Ortega (who went on to do Dirty Dancing (choreographer) and High School Musical (director))

2. Music composed by Alan Menken and J.A.C. Redford

3. David Moscow was also in the film

4. Almost forgot - Songs and Lyrics were written by Jack Feldman

5. As you know, the musical is based on the news paper boy strike in New York. The real one was in the summer of 1899. In the end the 2 papers - I think World and Journal agreed to buy back all unsold copies of the newspapers.

6. It did receive several Golden Raspberry nominations. I think one was for worst picture - which I also think they did not win.

Melissa @ Happy Quilting said...

So Jacob played this song on You Tube and apparently I am super emotional, because I cried all the way over to pick up the kids from school thinking about the song and the living conditions of the era. The show always got me chocked up but this was full on crying.

Jeri said...

good for you! don't worry AT all abotu the number on the scale! one of my favorite "diet books" tell you to not weigh yourself regularly. it says instead to do the "naked body test" and the "a pair of jeans that are/were too tight" test. (the whole muscle weighs more than fat thing...) I think you are doing GREAT -and if you think you're making progress, and ERIC thinks you're making progress - no one else matters!

I've never seen Newsies... but I have read a newspaper? that count for anything? my two brothers were both "paperboys" for the Tribune while in their younger years. (which really translates into my MOM was a paperboy/mom - they just got the money. (she got them up, helped fold papers, packed the paper bags, did the routes when they were sick or at scout camps or other adventures, etc...)

Sure hope people don't clean up on whim points on this one... or if they do - I hope I can jump onto their bandwagons, or I will lose my perilous lead. (get the perilous connection? it is from the star spangled banner, which also has the words by (the) dawn's early light" which is the first thing I thought of... Speaking of The Star Spangled Banner - (which is really not related in any way except for that I am desperate,) I have the 3rd verse memorized... and in the old,old, (black cover) church hymn book it actually had 4 verses, not 3

Charlotte said...

7 points for musical and song! Nice work!

This actually isn't my favorite musical, but in an odd turn of fate, my brothers (generally not in favor of cheese) are big fans.

1 point for knowing all the songs.
1 more point for choreographing your own moves to said songs.
1 point for Christian Bale knowledge. (Christian Bale is in the running for my celebrity boyfriend)

total points: 10

1 point for the no-scale rule. Sounds like a good one.
1 point for being willing to be my goal buddy. I'll have to think about that. Maybe we can talk about it over ice cream (or celery sticks) in Cedar in a couple of weeks? I'll e-mail you.

total points:2

Charlotte said...

1 point for Bill Pullman. He also plays the romantic lead in one of my all-time favorite movies, While You Were Sleeping.

1 point for pregnancy-induced emotions that are just too sweet to leave unrewarded

1 more point because I just watched the video on youtube and you're right, it's pretty touching.

6 points for 6 excellent pieces of trivia

Charlotte said...

1 point for general encouragement
1 point for having paper boy brother
1 point for using perilous/star spangled banner tangents. Pretty creative, I've got to say.
1 more point for Star spangled Banner trivia.

total: 4

Harmony said...

Yay! Crossfit points! Newsies is fun, but I love Crossfit! I've been doing it with neighbors since last May. I love the variety of it--a different workout every time. I love the way it makes me feel in shape--something I wasn't sure would ever happen again. I love that, like yoga, it can be "adapted to the capacity of the weak and the weakest." (D&C 89:3) And I love that I am not as weak as I used to be.

I have tried every one of the exercises in the photo except the ring push-ups. I just recently got brave and tried the hand-stand push-ups. I don't know if going down a centimeter counts for anything though.

A few tips for you. My neighbor/
Crossfit coach says the most important piece of equipment in weight training is your shoes. He recommends flat-soled sneakers for stability and balance rather than running shoes or cross-trainers. "Skater" type shoes or indoor soccer shoes are good options. I haven't invested in shoes yet, but I also recommend a pair of weightlifting gloves to prevent calluses.

Keep up the good work Charlotte! Kudos to you for trying it, for working out, and especially for doing it so earrrrrr-lie in the morning!

Last, but not least, I was a newsgirl myself for about three years before we moved to Cedar and before I was old enough get a fast food job. Between a paper route and babysitting, I think I did alright $-wise for a young teen. Newsboys and girls are a dying-if-not-dead breed though...

Oh, and my favorite Christian Bale movie is Batman Begins. In my opinion, it's the best superhero movie ever made.

Barbara C said...

Does Dad get a point for having a Birthday today?
Long ago in the dark ages I used to go swimming at 6 every morning. Dad used to run at noon. Then he started running with Clair and Dan at 6 and I began walking after the middle school bus got here. Once everyone was in school I started walking after everyone left for school, and when Jace Burgess left for his mission I began walking at 7. I finally convinced Beverly that 6 wasn't too early to walk and now I wake up between 5 and 5:30.
I am not an early riser, I'd do it sorta but I didn't like it. Dad is a cheerful, the day is wasting if you aren't up before the sun person. About 2 years ago I suddenly was able to wake up early and enjoy it. I've been excited to finally get up with Dad and share the early morning thrill. So what happens? He gets up at 4:30!I feel I have to draw a line somewhere and 4:30 is probably it.
Happy Birthday to a 64 year young fire builder, tree cutter, check up on the cabin,coach and friend.

Charlotte said...

1 point for being my Crossfit buddy
1 point for tying Crossfit and Yoga and the scriptures all together in one sentence. Pretty talented.
1 point for having tried 9 out of 10 exercises in the photo. (I've tried fewer than that.)
1 point for shoe tips. Eric LOVES "skater" shoes. They're by far his favorite for every-day casual wear.
1 point for being a newsgirl.
1 point for being the reason that Eric and I had a spirited discussion tonight on what the best superhero movie ever made actually was. (Eric's vote is for The Dark Knight, mine is for X-Men 2)

Total points:6

Dad will have to get on and claim his point himself. Birthday or no birthday, I have to have SOME standards.

1 point for finding time to exercise through the years while raising a bunch of kids.
1 point for waking up at 5:ish to walk now.
1 point for realizing that 4:30 is DEFINITELY a line to draw. Geesh!
1 point for being married to a birthday man.

total points: 4

Robert said...

I can't believe that you did Newsies Today! I was away from my computer all day as I traveled up to SLC and back.

My boss and I met with state officials to start the submittal process so that our client could build a facility that will take the methane out of pig poop, burn the methane to generate power and then sell the power to California. Now if that doesn't tie directly into the story of Newsies I don't know what does.

Harmony said...

I wondered what yours and Eric's favorite superhero movies were. Now I know! (I like the X-Men movies by the way. The Dark Knight, not quite as much.)

Oh, and I KNOW the soreness you were talking about. I think the only other time I've felt that sore was after skiing, the few times I've been. A warning--beware of lunges!

I've heard that the competition is practically non-existent in Women's Weightlifting at the Utah Summer Games. Care to join me? :-)

Charlotte said...

I can't see one thing in common between your activities today and Newsies, but I'll give you 2 points for the effort.

About the weightlifting competition--talk to me when I'm up to 15 regular push-ups. It may be a few years.
1 point for the offer.

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