Thursday, March 03, 2011

And whichever you pick, do it quick!

First, we have some business.

It's getting to be that time, so tell me, when do you want to have the lightning round?  We'll have it from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. on one of the following days:

-Saturday, March 5
-Monday, March 7
-Tuesday, March 8
-Thursday, March 10
I was going to have a poll, but that's too much work for me and my laziness today.  So, if you want to vote, comment with your choice and we'll go from there.

* * *

Secondly, the voting for Best Solo Female LDS Blogger has started.  I have no idea how long the voting goes, but if you want to vote for me (and you know you do, and I know that I want you to), click here:

Or, you can go to  and click it from there.

And now for a few treats:   

More Lion Pictures!

These three are from Harmony, and all taken in Pleasant Grove. 
quirky 3-11

quirky 3-11

quirky 3-11

This from Carol, taken in her home in Denver, Colorado
quirky 3-11

That's it for now folks!

5 points for the name of the song
2 points for the name of the musical
other points awarded as whims dictate


ba said...

Can't answer the song but I'm following directions (quick, get it?)
I know a lot would like Saturday but this Saturday is already busy, busy. Thursday I'll be traveling or at the capitol, its the last day of the legislature. Hooray, hooray, we can't finish too quickly, there are some crazy bills up there this year, many more than usual. So I vote for mon or tues. Great lion pictures, they look more like guard lions.

Barbara C said...

I'm so quick I can't even get my whole name in.Sorry

Barbara C said...

And I voted.

ShaLiece said...

So, Robert and I both want to guess "Alice in Wonderland" for the musical. It was just a thought he had, but didn't have time to respond, and we're not even sure it's a musical.
But there you go anyhow-must do things "QUICK!"

Also I'd like to place a vote for the lightning round for Tuesday.

Jeri said...

clueless here, checking in again!

I googled it and found that this is yet another show that I saw WITH YOU, during my wonderful cedar days! I had never seen it before and I remember laughing SO SO hard. thought it was the funniest show ever! I was flipping channels one night a few years back and it was showing on channel 11. I told Tim, - "you have to watch this, it's so funny." Either their production just wasn't as good, or I just wasn't in the right company or right frame of mind or something, cause it just wasn't as funny that time. I'll come back later with some more whim points attempts once the name has been guessed. (don't want to give it away...I seem to have a gift for giving too many hints)

The BEST day for me would be Thursday - and not just because the awesome and amazing Barbara will be gone. It's the day that I don't have other things that will be taking me away from the computer. However, that would be REALLY unfair, so any day works fine. (especially since in this years game, apparently you don't have to know the musicals, just be able to beg for points in the most creative ways, and so far I've been holding my own with the whims)

Melissa @ Happy Quilting said...

This is from Into the Woods. The song is On The Steps of the Palace. It is sung by the Character Cinderella.

Melissa @ Happy Quilting said...

I don't know who plays Cinderella but I do know a few of the other players. Burndadette Peters stars as the witch, Chip Zien is the baker, and Jackie Gleason is the bakers wife.

I know Mom knows this so I am wondering why she didn't post the answer?? I also know that this isn't one of her favorites and she wishes it ended at intermission.

Funny thing about that, I went to see a production of this ages ago and it blew me away how after intermission there was only half of the theater left. People seriously thought the play was over and went home. Too funny, doesn't anyone read playbills??

Melissa @ Happy Quilting said...

Anything but Saturday should work for me. We are meeting with our Realtor next week to take pictures of the house for listing so I really have to do some touch up work and a few leftover projects (can you say procrastination). But I am sure I can manage to squeeze in a lightning round. Or should I say, I can manage to squeeze in some painting around the lightning round :)
I voted for you as best LDS Female blogger :) Good Luck!!

Barbara C said...

Of course, we have to have an Into the Woods song. congrats Melissa. I was trying to think of funny musicals in that time period (you in college, Jeri roommate) and tried to put the words into Little Shop of Horrors. As they are feeding Seymour, surely they sing "whatever you pick, do it quick" before he eats them!
I think one of the funniest plays I've seen is "Noises Off. No singing but when the timing is right, it is absolutely hilarious. Even the movie is great.SUU did a good job and USF was even better.
The person you want to sit beside at a funny movie is Dad! He is so much fun to laugh with. Remember Cat Ballou? How many times have we seen the candle scene with Lee Marvin, and he still laughs til tears come. Then there's Kelly's Heroes. He loves Caroll O'Connor's lines about having the game on.
I'd been watching Victor Borge's CD's while sewing. Unfortunately, you have to hear what he says so I'm not getting as much sewing done as I would like. But I'm really enjoying the CD's. What a humorist. He is so funny.

Barbara C said...

I've really got to get cleaning! But this is more fun. Not only do we have a computer that move faster than molasses and doesn't lose things, we have a new keyboard where the keys are sticky any more!
Melissa, you're right, I really don't like when authors mess around with tried and true, especially when they don't come to happy conclusions. I really like happy endings.
I was so worried about Wicked I wanted to go sit in the car after intermission. Charlotte assured me it would be OK and luckily I stayed. For a most glorious, satisfying, life changing, paradigm shifting, ending I have ever experienced.
I really like theater! At least, the uplifting shows.
And NOW to the bathrooms!

Harmony said...

I voted for you!

And I prefer Thursday, Monday, Tuesday, Saturday, in that order, just because of my own schedule.

Robert said...

I vote for Saturday. and it has nothing to do with Melissa's unavailability. :) I do however reserve the right to change my vote once I find out what day is the least convenient for Mom.

As for yesterday's post I can't believe you can't make the connection from pig poop to newsies.

The pigs are obviously like the newspaper owners. They have a product that they feel is valuable (newspaper - poop) and yet they don't fully realize the importance of the people who get that product to the public. Our client obviously plays the role of the newsies and GEM Engineering is performing the role of the reporter, Denton, Assisting the newsies in their efforts.

If there are any points for voting I have done so. Even if there aren't any points available, I still voted.

Charlotte said...

Wow, 9:26 in the morning and there are 12 comments from 6 different people. That's got to be some kind of record.

Just a note--there will be no points awarded for voting for me, just because I feel feel kind of silly about doing that. But I truly appreciate your votes.

Now, onto the points:

1 point for voting quick
1 point for excellent recommendations in theatre. I remember seeing "Noises Off!" with you when I was little-ish and loving it. Greater Tuna was a good one too.
1 point for reminding me about dad crying in Cat Ballou. Classic.
1 congratulatory point for FINALLY getting a new computer. Hooray!
1 point for tearing yourself away and cleaning bathrooms.

Total points: 5

1 point for making a really quick guess, even though it was wrong.

1 point for seeing this show with me!
1 point for taking whim-ming to a whole new level this year.

Somehow I just knew that you'd get this one!
7 points for the musical and song
1 point for Cinderella
2 points for knowing so many of the other characters
1 point for random-ness about the people leaving at intermission.
1 point for having your priorities correct. (MMM trumps house touch-up! Yeah!)

Total points:12

1 point for voting (lightning round) quick!

Charlotte said...

2 points for amazingly being able to connect pig poop to newsies, making it a total of 3 points that you've received for that one. You lucky dog, you.

Tasha said...

I will be back with some sort of witty comment in a few, but I just have to comment - is it just me or does the first lion featured kindof look like he was captured in the men's room of lions? Notice the pose - kindof look like he was caught during some private time...just sayin'

Stressed out a bit...should apologize for the lack of class, but Robert talked about poop first.

Robert said...

I guess I should read all the comments before I post. Despite the fact that Thursday would be the least convenient for Mom and therefore better for the rest of us. I vote for Saturday that way I don't have to feel guilty for taking time out of work to comment on musicals which I will undoubtedly know very little about.

Jeri said...

Ok - now that the song and musical are named - I'm ready to start begging for whims. I have a whole house full of wanna be Cinderellas - they usually only find ONE shoe!.

I am totally not "lion" (as in not telling a lie) - - I love to go into the woods. I love to hike, camp, 4-wheel (though rare for me), snowmobile (done it once), snowshow, ski. all in the woods! just a calm place to be.

One of my favorite cedar memories was going "into the woods" up to your cabin for an overnighter. Love those pictures of all of us roomies, no make up, big honker glasses, hiking through the snow back down to the car. So much fun!

I went into the woods (in a manner of speaking) with you on our back east trip when we went to the sacred grove.

I just looked up online to see what people are refferign to abotu leaving at intermission... How in the world did I miss that everyone gets killed by the giants wife? HELLO! Maybe I left during intermission?

My sister in law recently posted on face book a youtube clip of Mandy Patinkin singing "children will listen." What an AMAZING voice -

Patinkin played Inigo Montoya in The Princess Bride (another of my favorite college ave memories) which he considers his favorite role, in which he delivers the iconic line, "Hello, my name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die." there was some serious "AGONY" in that movie.

One moral of "into the woods" is that you cannot escape the consequences of your actions/ choices. The consequence of me sitting at the computer all day thinking up whim points would not be a "happy ending" - so I'm signing off here, WISHING that I could stay, but recognizing that life, housework, and motherhood are calling to me!

Carol said...

So, not too quick on my part! I have to say that Saturday doesn't work at all for me. Other days are work days, so I would just have to do my best. I'm okay with that since Melissa was so nice last year and let me feel like a winner! (P.S. Charlotte's CD is in my car as I listen most Sundays on my way to/from Church.)

I have voted and am conspiring to see how many times I can vote, I will also be encouraging others to vote!

Like Barbara, Into the Woods isn't my favorite. Perhaps it is because when I hear the roaming into woods idea it makes me think of camping - and I am NOT a camper!

That being said, I'm going to try for a few trivial whim points.

1. This is based on several Brother Grimm fairy tales

2. It is thought that the baker and his wife wanting children was taken from the original Grimm Rapunzel story. (By the way - have you seen the 3-D version of Tangled? It is VERY fun!)

3. When I was 11 I spent about 3 months in the hospital with years of follow up work. One of my favorite gifts was a Little Red Riding Hood doll. It was 3 dolls in one. The top was Little Red Riding Hood. When you flipped her skirt over her head and turned her upside down, it revealed her grandmother. If then flipped grandmother's night cap over her face, it revealed the wolf. It is awesome and I still have it! (Sorry about the ramble - but I it is what came to mind for this musical!)

3. I've seen a couple of versions of the Into the Woods' album covers - my favorite is the London Cover. The wolf holding the bag is way cute!

4. This is a Stephen Sondheim musical. (By the way, I would give Stephen bonus points because he spells his Stephen the correct way -i.e., the way my nephew spells his name ;-) ).

Carol said...

Whoops - I forgot to agree with Tasha about the first lion! It not only looks like he is about his 'business' but he reminds me of my dad roaring at us from the bathroom (not that I ever saw his face - but I have a vivid imagination)! Growing up we only had 1 bathroom for 2 adults and 5 kids - my dad roared a lot at the knocks on the door.

Charlotte said...

You have a good point. I'll give you a point (Get it? You have a point and I'll give you a point? Hee, hee) for extra observational skills.

Barbara C said...

If Jeri gets camping points I want some too. Unless first wins all. I was figuring and I think I've been to at least 16 girls camps.(when I was a youth in MIA, 2 multi year callings in YW and as camp director)Not to mention 4H camp and chaperone to various groups at the cabin.
Dad and I are kindred spirits regarding cabins and mountain property. I consider North Fork and the cabin our best investments.
I am presently cleaning my oven. Baker, get it.
My mother made a Little Red Riding Hood costume that I rode for Halloween and dress up for many years. I think my sister has it now.
My favorite handsome prince is the one in Enchanted. He is so clueless, yet he's still gentlemanly. I love when he kills the bus.
I love fairy tales and myths. I just finished a Norwegian folk tale book that someone (Kaylee or Dallen) left out. At one time I knew all the Greek and Roman gods and their stories.
I loved going into the woods to get a Christmas tree. Until I bought a fake, prelit one 2 years ago.
The first time I went back east I was amazed at the woods, all that underbrush and stuff. It would be a lot harder to go into those woods than western woods.

Barbara C said...

I'm noticing a similar strain through these song choices.For example, everyone in Into the Woods goes into the woods, the Cowardly Lion lives in the woods, Belle gets lost in the woods, the village in Fiddlers is surrounded by woods ( it's Russia after all), in Carousel everyone is returning from the clambake on an island which was probably wooded, Mary Poppins takes the children to a park which probably has lots of trees. Mikado, Joseph, Newsies, not so much. Although Joseph is probably notable for the lack of forests there.
Are we headed somewhere?

Charlotte said...

1 point for living in home of Cinderellas
1 point for loving the woods, and tying that love to Lions
1 point for going into the woods with me!
1 point for that beautiful clip
I wasn't going to give you points for Mandy Patinkin, but since you tied it to another song in the musical, 1 more point.
1 more point of learning the moral of the story so well.

Total points:6

1 point for grimm brothers trivia
(I haven't seen tangled yet. I want to go!)
1 point for the Red Riding Hood Doll. I can't remember who, but one of my friends/grandparents/cousins had one of those dolls, and I LOVED it.
1 point for knowing the composer
1 point for an accurate description of the different album covers.
1 point for heroic bathroom sharing.

Total points:5

1 point for being a camper
1 point for marrying a camper
1 point for cleaning your oven (something I should do)
1 point for being Red Riding Hood
1 point for reminding me about Enchanted. My favorite part is when said prince starts singing, "I've been looking for my . . . "(or something like that), and gets run over by the bike-riders. A super close second is the whole "Tell Her that You Love Her" number.
1 point for being a myth/folk story nut. (I had a neighbor in college who was getting her degree in folklore. Maybe you should look into it. Might be fun.)
1 point for recognizing woodlands in so many of our offerings this year.

Total points: 7

As to whether or not the winner gets it all, I assume that if the winner is a member of my immediate family (and thus already owns the CD, can get crochet goods without a gift certificate, and plays games with me and Eric as much as they want to already) then they have the option of forgoing those prizes and they will then be distributed down to the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place finishers.

Harmony said...

I think Mom Corry should lose a point for giving into the fake, pre-lit Christmas tree! And not just because she's in first place. :-)

Harmony said...

My son just saw the camouflage beanie on the sidebar again and said, "Mom, I would wear that camouflage hat if it didn't have a flower on it." :-)

Kala said...

You got my VOTE!!!

Jake said...

I vote for any day but Saturday. I'm never going to get Melissa to paint anything if she's at the computer all day and if she doesn't paint then we can't sell the house and then we won't be able to move to Cedar in a few months and I will have to spend my summer going into the Indiana woods to camp which I just do not want to do.

Charlotte said...


I'm excited for your son's hat! I'm going to start it (and hopefully finish it) this weekend.

Kala-thanks for your vote. I really appreciate it.

1 point for tying voting to woods again.

Harmony said...

At the risk of helping my competitors, I just noticed that there is a 25th Anniversary Concert of Les Mis being broadcast of KUED channel 7 this Saturday and Sunday at 7 p.m.

Charlotte said...

That's worth a point Harmony.

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