Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Something Familiar, Something Peculiar, Something for Everyone!

quirky 2-11

Okay, so here's how Midwinter Musical Madness is going to go this year:

Pretty much the same as last year, and the year before that.

I'll write a post, scan my brain (and my Broadway lyrics books, and the world wide web) to come up with a lyric from a musical that goes along with it, title the post with said lyric, and hit the orange "publish post" button.

You will then read the post, and compete with one another to see who can name the musical, the song, whatever else you want, using only what you store in your brain.  i.e., you cannot google the lyrics and then post your answer, nor can you call someone and get the answer from them.  You are welcome to use Google or pick anyone else's brain for general study at any point in the competition however.

(I know--it's not fair.  I get to use the internet and you don't.  You can deal with that though.  You're all remarkably resilient and remarkably talented.)

At some point, we'll decide when we're going to end the game and tally up the points.  Probably March-ish.  We'll have a lightning round on the last day of competition, where there will be a post every hour or so. 

The winner will get a fabulous showcase showdown including:

  • Bragging rights
  • Your picture on the sidebar of this blog until I decide it's time to move you off.  (at said point, your picture will be moved to the bottom of the blog, along with the winners of the 1st and 2nd annual Midwinter Musical Madness Competition)
  • A poem written all about you by yours truly
  • A $50 gift certificate to or
  • An autographed copy of Be Still My Soul by Charlotte Corry
  • An evening of games and dinner hosted by Eric and Charlotte Cantwell (or, if you live along the I-15 corridor, and don't mind having a precocious sometimes moody two-year old along, we will come to you.)(If said prize does not appeal to you, you don't have to redeem it.)

A few additional details . . .

In the (highly unlikely) event that a former winner wins again, she will receive bragging rights and the picture on the sidebar, as well as the dinner and game night (if desired).  All other prizes however, will be distributed to the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place finishers.

Also, just FYI-I'll be writing posts and scheduling them so they come up at all times of the day, so as not to favor any particular time zone.  (So, if you work for the Utah Festival Opera, and you happen to notice that a post comes up when you know that I should be working, rest assured that I wrote it on my own time, okay?)

NEW ADDITION SINCE ORIGINAL POST: The whims have dictated that married couples aged 60 and over may compete as teams if they like.  (The rest of you are on your own.)

Sound good?  Okay!  Ready, Set, GO!

5 points for the name of the song
2 points for the name of the musical
2 points for the name of the character who sings the song
other points awarded by whim

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Robert said...

I don't have any idea on the song, musical or character. I'm just writing hoping that I can get a bonus point or two for being the first to comment. Unless someone else posts while I'm typing this.

Charlotte said...

Two points to you Robert! You're in the lead!

Lindsey said...

I didn't know, so I googled it. (Not cheating! I won't even post what I found!!) But I did notice that your blog appeared on the first page of results. Wahoo!!

Jeri said...

you used all the musicals I knew in the first year... so I'm pretty much a WHIM-only point getter... I also googled it - and figured Ihave a chance on whim points because I first heard of/saw this done while I was living in CEDAR CITY!

Charlotte said...

One point to Lindsey for flattery, and one point to Jeri for seeing this marvelous show in Cedar City. An additional point, because I think we attended it together, if I'm not mistaken (am I mistaken?)

Jeri said...

I don't think you are mistaken. I was thinking the same thing but thought if I was wrong - it might blow my chance at that whim point... and let's face it - I 'll need EVERY point I can get! It's hared to even imagine a whole night of fun and games hosted by the Cantwells - sounds like a great time to me!

Jake said...

I think I should get 3 points because I have seen Les Mis, I own the movie rent and I was read the Wizard of Oz books when we were younger.

If the title is from any of those plays I should get points too because I mentioned them in this post. If any future posts pertain to the three plays mentioned I should get points for them because I was the first to put their titles in a comment.

Charlotte said...

Nice try Jake. One point for the connection to all the movies in the picture, and one more point for being the most shameless point scrounger so far. No future points reserved.

Melissa @ Happy Quilting said...

I have no idea, so I am just going to take a wild stab of a musicals I don't know so well. How about "The Producer's" It sounds like it could fit :) I am excited for another season of MMM :)

Jeri said...

Hey - if Jake gets points for talking about the PICTURE... I want in on that - I first saw Les Mis WITH none other than Charlotte the great, I have actually SEEN the wizard of OZ and could probably even recognize the songs... and um... how about this - we own some apartments that we RENT out?????

I can't believe Melissa the amazing MMM queen actually didn't know one - maybe there is hope yet. (if I capitalize on the whole whim thing.)

PS - And I really don't need the whim point for the picture things. I just LOVE the comment threads on these MMM posts. They are my favorite part of winter - (after Christmas, of course)

Charlotte said...

Sorry Melissa, it is not the producers. Something tells me I need to get my mom to read this post. I think she'd know it. (I hope!) I'll give you a point for trying.

AND, even though you say you don't need it, Jeri gets a point for being the reason I was able to see Les Mis on Broadway, in good seats, when I was a mere twenty years old. One of my favorite memories! (nothing for being a landlord or seeing wizard of oz though. The whims are not THAT easily persuaded.)

Charlotte said...

(Jeri-The point finagling is my favorite post-Christmas part of winter too.)

Barbara Corry said...

OK, I'll try again. This blogging really disconbobolates me. Its "Comedy tonight" from A Funny Thing happened on the Way to the Forum. I don't know who sings that particular line because everyone in the whole play comes on and off stage during the number and they all have very strange names like septemus or such. Fred Adams was a servant in the Shakespeare production but I first saw this at SUU. I love Zero Mostel in the movie. Is that the right name?

Barbara Corry said...

Probably the only song I'll know. I should get points for everyone who sings both the opening and the closing. That's the slave, owner, wife, other slave, beautiful girl slave, son of the owner, slave seller, general, all the slave trader's girls (6-8), soldiers (6-8). Unfortunately, as I said, I don't have a clue to their names, but I know there are a lot of them. And they all sing it twice. Wow, I should really rake it in, right?

Charlotte said...

Finally! We have a winner!

5 points for knowing the song
2 points for knowing the musical
1 point for knowing the cast, but not two, because you couldn't remember the character's name (neither can I, but I think it starts with a "P", and it's the part that Fred Adams played)
2 point for being able to basically name the entire cast, all of whom sing this song,
1 point for remembering that this was one of Zero Mostel's big roles.

Total points: ELEVEN! Mom cleans up!

Camille said...

Oh, man!!! So, of course I will lose this year, because I told you that I really want to play everytime I see it. Mostly I just want to win the game night. Oh, and I am super curious about the Be Still My Soul...

Charlotte said...

Camille--Be Still My Soul is a CD of inspirational music that I recorded back in 2000. Even if you don't manage to win, I'll be sure you get a copy. We have 83 of them in our attic. I think we can spare an extra one or two.

(And you know I'll trade you a game night for a chocolate cake any day of the week. Pretend I didn't say that though--'cuz I like having you playing the game with us.)

One newcomer point to Camille for joining in on the fun!

Bamamoma said...

ah man! you're playing just as I'll be computer-less for a week. Oh well. Have fun y'all!

Charlotte said...

Aw, that's right! Sorry about that.

One point for the comment, and another two for the fact that you won't be around for the beginning of the fun. I expect that we'll be playing for 2 1/2 to 3 weeks though, so there will still be time for you to join in the silliness later, if you're up for it.

Harmony said...

I also saw "A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum" in the SUU Auditorium in Cedar, starring Fred Adams. I don't expect any points for that, but it was a riot! I worry what will come of theater in Cedar when Fred is putting on plays in heaven...

Nate said...

Ok, time to quit lurking. While reading the comments and trying to think of the title, I had the tune going through my head. I was thinking it was The Producers, but wasn't sure. Sadly, the most common image I could come up with was Fozzie Bear (along with a lot of other muppets) singing the song. Then I got the title(comedy tonight), then I read your mom's post. :(
On another de-lurker note I'm officially calling out my parents to participate, since their lurking time is limited. They just got their mission call to Nashville, TN. Hey maybe they should get points for heading out to the Grand Ole Opree. Plus they'll get to learn to enjoy both types of music they have there - Country and Western! (Note reference to one of the greatest "musicals" of all time, The Blues Brothers. I think I like point grubbing, I certainly won't get any under regulation play.)
{re-posted due to significant typos}

Charlotte said...

It's a Packer Point Party!

1 point to Harmony Packer for seeing the musical in Cedar City (sometimes our expectations are exceeded).

3 points to Nate Packer, one newcomer point, one for the Blues Brothers Reference, and one for extraordinary proofreading dedication and skill. (i.e.-taking the time to write the long-ish comment twice.)

1 point to Marilyn and Scott Packer for getting a mission call to a HIGHLY musical place.

Note that the rules have been edited to allow married couples aged 60 and over to compete as teams.

Carol said...

I can't believe I missed the first day!! Of course, it wasn't a song I knew any way. Maybe I can squeak out a pity point from dear Charlotta! Here we go...Wahoo!

Barbara Corry said...

I think I need to try for a few more points. If Harmony gets a point I should get 2 points because I saw the Shakespeare production twice!And I listen to the CD while I travel to and from SL,at least its one in the rotation when I get tired of listening to books. And wasn't Ellen Wheeler, your classmate I might add, the beautiful slave girl who the owner's son fell in love with in the SUU production? Before she went on to become the great soap opera star that she was?
And congratulations Scott and Marilyn, how exciting and wonderful. And I didn't make any hats for that production but I did make hats for SUU's Annie and Hello Dolly. And Brian Vaughn didn't appear in the SUU production but he was in the USF one and he was hilarous and he is acting and directing this summer. And I'm also a little concerned about changes to USF when Fred really and truly lets go. But I can always attend the Utah Festival Opera and know that I won't be embarrassed or uncomfortable by anything I see or hear. And I get to hear the very best singers I will ever hear.
Any whim points for shamelessness?

Jeri said...

Charlotte - I totally think your mom gets a point simply for saying "it's one in the rotation." the apple didn't fall too from the tree I guess. And here I thought your "rotations" were you're own "quirky" personality... who know it was genetic????

Fred is an amazing man! so talented and FORGIVING. I'll never forget the day I I cleaning in the founder room of the Randall Jones theatre and I broke a who know how expensive piece of art/sculpture thingy. I felt SICK! (kinda like when I scratched the BRAND NEW truck of a certain FORGIVING Dr. I know down in Cedar...) He was so kind and understanding. (side note - I never felt comfortable cleaning in that particular room again...)

Charlotte said...

All this time, I thought the ultra-competitiveness that my brothers exhibit in pretty much everything they do came from the Corry side of the family. Come to find out, it's MY MOM who's responsible for it all. I mean! Who starts point finagling when they are head and tales above all the competition? Who knew?

Okay--so here's the point awarding:

1 "pity" point for Carol

4 points for Barbara--1 for seeing the Shakespeare production, 1 for listening to the recording on a regular basis. No points for the whole Wheeler connection, because it was DANNI Wheeler, not ELLEN Wheeler that is my age. It was DANNI who was the beautiful slave girl in the SUU production, but it was ELLEN who was the great soap opera star. As a girl who has spent her life alternating between being called Becca and Barbara, I just can't in good conscience let that slip by. One point for remembering that Brian Vaughn played Danni's love interest. I'll also give you one point for shameless promoting of the Utah Festival Opera, soon to be known as the Utah Festival Opera and Musical Theatre Company (we're getting a new streamlined logo and everything.)(If I were awarding points to myself, I'd give myself a point for knowing that--but that would be totally unfair, so it's a good thing I can't give points to myself.)

2 points to Jeri--one for catching the whole "rotation" thing, and one for reminding me of those two stories of break-ability in Cedar City, and in so doing, making me feel better about the time I ran the RAV4 through the bakery window four years ago.

Harmony said...

I am so far out of my league here, but still havin' fun. :-)

Charlotte said...

Honestly Harmony--if it wasn't my party, I'd be out of my league too.


Scott said...

When we got our mission call to Nashville, Marilyn said, "Does that mean I have to learn to like country music."?
We are going to the Utah Sym. this evening and see Fred Adams narrate "Mid Summers Night Dream". Do we get points for that?

Charlotte said...

Do you ever! One point coming right up!

Alison Moore Smith said...

I should get points because:

(1) I just found this blog today so this was the soonest I could respond.
(2) I know the song: Comedy Tonight
(3) I have SUNG the song, in PUBLIC
(4) I know the show: A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum
(5) My third daughter was just informed that she was accepted into BYU's MDT program for her freshman year so OBVIOUSLY she was well-raised by a musical theater freak.

The End.

Charlotte said...

Welcome to the fun, Alison!

1 newcomer point
1 point for thorough-ness (is that even a word?)
1 point for having sung the song in public (how cool is that?)
and 2 points for being the kind of mom who would raise a daughter to be such a musician.

The whims were kind to you. You're on the board!

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