Wednesday, February 09, 2011

some of the highlights of my life right now (a shallow post)

I'm one disk away from having listened to The Help on CD.  I've really enjoyed it.  The past two days, I've spent pretty much every free moment listening, because on Monday I realized that it was due back to the library on Wednesday (yes, today), but that I was on disk 7 (of 15).  I wouldn't recommend listening to it that quickly, but I have really enjoyed the book.

(Before you ask, I tried to renew the book, but it's on hold for another patron.  Considering the fact that I didn't get it for two whole months once I put it on hold, I'm guessing it's on hold for about thirty other patrons.)

Shortly before Christmas, my trusty Magic Chef food dehydrator that Robert and ShaLiece gave me for Christmas back in the 1990s finally gave up the ghost.  Due to our dedication to the Bountiful Basket experience, we've found that we get apples and bananas nearly every two weeks.  That combined with Eric and Heather's distaste for said fruits when fresh, but absolute adoration for their dried counterparts had pressed it into super-human (super-machine?) service, and I guess it just couldn't take it anymore.  (Follow all that?)

This is where it got to be bonus time for me.  I mentioned to Eric (who still hadn't decided exactly what he was going to get me for Christmas), that this would be a great gift, but he said that a food dehydrator wasn't anything he could get excited about buying as a present.  As I remember, I think his exact words were, "But that's no fun." 

So, because it would be no fun for Eric to buy me a new dehydrator for Christmas, we agreed that I could trade in $45 of our Discover Cash Back Bonus Money for a $50 gift card to Bed Bath and Beyond, where I could purchase a $60 Nesco Food Dehydrator.

Then Eric went out and bought me a big ole beautiful European riverfront view painting (which is now hanging in our living room lending peace and class to our home and reminding me of all the fun travel adventures in my past), and a back massager for my actual Christmas gifts. 

(Lest you think us overly extravagant, Eric got both gifts at Ross Dress For Less, and for around $40-$50 each.)

I've been loving all three of those little niceties.

('Member when I said Eric had qualities that compensated for his inability to remember his script?   Oh yeah baby, here's one right here.)

And finally, I found a naan recipe that I love even more than the one I wrote about previously.  This one uses less oil, AND the naan comes out softer and a little more substantial.  It requires more raising time, but I think it's SO worth it.  You can find the recipe here.

(I don't brush the butter on beforehand, I just cook them on my teflon pan with no added oil at all.  Also, I only use 3 1/2 cups of flour.  Using 4 1/2 cups is waaaaay too much.)

Oh--and I'm thinking that Midwinter Musical Madness will probably start sometime next week.  So, be watching for that.

(What do you want for prizes?  Obviously bragging rights, silly poetry, and crochet gift certificates, but is there anything else you'd like?  I could probably spring for a $5 Subway or McDonalds gift card.  The sky's the limit!  Well no, I guess $5 is the limit!) 


Harmony said...

How about a dinner and game night with Eric and Charlotte as a prize? I'd compete for that. I'd probably lose, but I'd compete. :-)

Charlotte said...

Now, that sounds fun! Hmmm . . .

Carol said...

I'm reading The Help right now. I am thoroughly enjoying it as well. I love that it is on my new Kindle (Christmas present from Mom and Sis)! I have a hard time putting it down, which is a good thing because our Book Club is reviewing it this Thursday! So, like you I am under a deadline - will it never end?! Happy Valentine's Day!

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