Saturday, February 26, 2011

only goes to shoah, anyone from anywhere can make it if they get a lucky break

What follows is some random helpful information I've gleaned from the comments around here lately. 
(along with some pictoral evidence of said information)

#1  It is quite possible, and not even that difficult to link Musical Theatre (my love) with Baseball and thus Sports (the love of every Corry man I know.)

quirky 2-11

#2.  As soon as I set a goal to do something heroic, someone will immediately come up with a device that makes it ultra-heroic, and thus, discouraging. 
Witness, the perfect pushup.
(Don't worry--I'm still undaunted in my quest.)
quirky 2-11

#3.  Belle's Beast and Bella's Jacob Black are really the same person.  (Person?)

#4.  And finally, get this:  

I've been nominated for Best LDS Female Solo Blogger of 2010.  

Amazing.  Absolutely amazing.

Apparently right now the competition is in the nomination phase, but once the voting starts, you'd better believe I'm going to have you all head over there and vote for me.  I'm up against some big hitters in the blogernacle, so I have absolutely no illusions about winning.  All the same, I'd really like to get enough votes so that I'm not completely embarrassed, you know?

So, stay tuned for that, will ya?  

5 points for the name of the song
2 points for the name of the Musical
other points awarded by whim


Tasha said...

I have no idea, but since I have yet to post before the comments hit the double digits, I'm very happy to be first. However, that also means that, of all the people playing, I'm the only one up this early on a Saturday. Why you ask? Because after spending all week getting up at 5 am, this is the latest I can sleep in.

In light of the pictures, some attempts at whim points. One - do you really want arms like the man in the perfect pushup photo? I feel it my responsibility to share with you a fact - girls don't look good when their arms are like that.

Two - when I see someone who can do something amazing that I know I will never be able to do, I find it beneficial to find ways to elevate myself above them in petty ways - so, you have better hair (than both men featured here...), you can make amazing things (yea warm scarves and hats!!!), you have people flocking to your blog, and I'm not sure the shirt off picture perfect push-up pose is your thing. Feel better?

Three - your nomination. That is amazing. I know for a fact there have been many times when I have felt better about my life because of what you have written. It's clear your inspiration, while maybe not matching the "Wizard of Oz" in audience, has been felt by many. Congratulations and much luck in the future.

Four - I'm pretty sure that I'm the only one following this game who just hit the 100th book review on their blog (post coming) - that's got to count for something - right?

Plus being first? Maybe?

Doug said...

So I'm not sure but is this Joseph and the amazing technicolored dreamcoat. And is this sung by Joseph, who was played by Donnie Osmond. I think this song is sung by the narrator, but this part is sung by Joseph. The name of the song I don't know, but lets guess "Narrators epilogue."

Melissa @ Happy Quilting said...

The "only goes to shoa" is sung by the female chorus then Donny jumps in with the Anyone from Anywhere . . . There are quite a few characters that sing the whole song including Joseph, The Pharaoh, The Narrator, and the Chours. I cant remember if this is in Stone the Crows or Go Go Joseph so I submit both, they kind of blend together anyways. How is that for covering my basis. This is written by Andrew Lloyd Webber.

Melissa @ Happy Quilting said...

Oh, and I think, but am not absolutely sure, that Tim Rice helped with the writing as well. And a bit about Donny, he was in the original Canadian cast. I had the cassette tape in my teens. (ya, I started listening to musicals when my peers were listening to U2).

Now, onto some whim points, I saw the USF production of this the year before I started working for USF. The next year I learned that Joseph performed with a badly hurt foot for half of the production because one night his foot was between the bars when they lowered the cage and it did some major damage to his foot.

When I started working for the USF I got to play in the big Go Go Cages they used for the "GO GO Joseph" song. Good times.

When I was teaching the 10th article of Faith a few weeks ago one of the kids asked me what the Tribes of Iseral were. The broadway saved my bacon as I started singing in my mind, Benjamin and Judah which leaves only one . . .

That is awesome that you have been nominated for Best LDS Female Solo blogger. I have always loved reading your blog!!!

Robert said...

I'm impressed Doug! I would be impressed by Melissa too. But, based on past years experience I've come to expect that type of in depth information from her.

This is great timing for this play because I have not ONE but TWO daughters preparing to participate in a production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.

It's kind of a big production with kids playing all the rolls. They had to try out and everything. Kaylee is a Potipher's Girl and MaKell is a dreamer. They started the first of February and perform it the end of March in the Randall Jones Theater. Practices are every day from 4 to 6. So It's kind of consuming a lot of our time right now but the girls seem to be enjoying it.

This is one of the first musicals I remember seeing. I think it must have been a High School production that I saw when I was a kid because I don't think Mom and Dad would have taken us to a "big time" production, but I could be wrong. Maybe you can help jog my memory Charlotte, because I probably saw it with you.

Kaylee said...

I must inform you all that "only goes to shoa" is in the song stone the crows. (good job aunt Mellisa) I actually sing it with about 10 other girls in very preppy nasaly voices. I also dance and sing in almost every other song, including Potiphar, poor poor pharoh, and Jacob and sons.

Jake said...

My name is Jacob and I have sons!

Camille said...

Oh, man! I have been sitting here racking my brain, knowing I've heard this and being completely confused since I was thinking it was from Wicked but knowing deep down that that was wrong. It's funny because even when I asked Louis his response was Wicked! Ha ha! So, for whim points... My senior year in high school they performed this musical and since many of my friends were leads in the cast, I went at LEAST five times. And I've seen at least two other productions and love it. One night the boy playing Pharoah gave me a kiss, and his scarf. Or is it an ascot? And WOW for you! I will vote for you. And.... we should play Funny Business with you sometime because it sounded hilarious, and then you can play my new game RAGE!

Camille said...

and just to clarify my previous comment, the musical we performed was Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. Yeah my communications skills often lag.

Robert said...

When Kaylee got on to post her comment she looked at the picture of the man doing push-ups and said. Dad is that you? and she was serious. Even when I told her it wasn't she didn't believe me at first.

I don't know if that earns any whim points but I'll tell you what, that sure earned Kaylee some "Dad points". :)

Jake said...

When did Kaylee last see her eye doctor?

Doug said...

I have only seen a handful of musicals (not including productions that my siblings were in during high school) and three of them were written by Andrew Lloyd Webber: Joseph, The Phantom of the Opera, and the first I ever saw....Starlight Express. Also I wish I would of commented this on the Wizard of Oz post so I don't expect points. As mentioned Ozzie Smith was elected into the Hall of Fame after a stellar career at shortstop. If you were to ask your father to name some hall of fame shortstops the first one he would probably say would be Pee Wee Reese (which is a pretty cool name by the way). Pee Wee Reese played for the Brooklyn Dodgers in the 1940s and the 1950s and was on the dodgers first ever world series team in 1955. It is during this time period that our father began his love for the Dodgers which has been passed down to his children, (and grandchildren at least in this house). Anyway there you go. I will try to refrain from more sports comments.

Jeri said...

well - I was awake when this post went up, but I was busy doing my weekly bountiful baskets thing... so since I KNOW Charlotte loves her BB - I'd like a point for doing such a great job running our site down here:)

It wouldn't have mattered if I HAD been home - I had NO CLUE! My guess was going to be "Damn Yankees." just cause I thought it sounded like it could fit and it certainly fit the first pictures the baseball "wizard of Ozzie."

I've never actually ever seen Joseph or listen to the soundtrack. Deprived, I know... I do LOVE my Donny Osmond though. When I was serving my mission in Canada he was in Edmonton (I think for the Joseph production, but I don't remember for sure). WE heard he was staying at the famous Hotel Macdonald (which was in my area). We decided to drop off an invite for him to attend our ward and left the times. How THRILLED we were when he and his brother Tom came to our meeting the next Sunday. They were invited to come up and share their testimonies during and it was fun.

I'm a little confused about your Belle's beast and Bella's Jacob being the same. Did I miss a funny comment thread at some point in there. (wouldn't be hard to do with all the crazy directions these whims take us...) I've never read any of the twilight books or seen any of the movies. that makes me somewhat unique eh? unique enough for a point maybe???

Last thing I have to say... I serious laughed out loud - belly laugh type of laugh, and I'm still chuckling over Jacob's last comment. You Corry's are the best!

Robert said...


When did you last see me?

Charlotte said...

Yowsa! A little late to the party, aren't I?

1 point for being up at the crack of dawn on a Saturday and being the first to comment
1 point for such complimentary flattery about me and the blog
1 point for tying that flattery to a musical
1 point for hitting 100 book reviews. Wow.

Total: 4

I'm impressed. I gotta say it, I'm VERY impressed.

2 points for getting the name of the musical
1 point for knowing that it's Joseph, played by Donny Osmond
1 more point for knowing that it was sung by the narrator as well
1 point for inventiveness on the name of the title. Seriously, you cracked me up.

Total: 5 points

5 points for the name of the song (Stone the Crows)
1 point for knowing other things about the make-up of the song, people in it, etc.
1 more point for the composer
1 point for interesting tidbits on the USF production.
1 point for playing with Joseph scenery
1 point for applying what you learned in your musical life to what you had to do in your church life. Nice.

Total: 10 points

2 points for 2 daughter currently rehearsing this show!
1 point for having this show be among the first that you saw. To jog your memory--I think it was done by SUU. I think I got to see it twice because they let the school kids come for free during the day one time, and then I think mom and dad heard so much good about it, they took us too. (I could be wrong about that.) I DO remember that instead of having Pharoah be Elvis, he was Michael Jackson. (this was in the 80s) When I saw "Joseph" the next time, it was quite a surprise to me to see Elvis there instead of Michael.

Total points: 3

One newcomer point!
2 points for being our youngest contestant so far
1 point for being the only niece/nephew I have who is playing so far
2 points for being in the show
1 point for knowing a whole bunch of other songs in the show

Total points: 7 You cleaned up!

I'm afraid the computer is going to go out and I'm going to lose all I've written here, so I'll close this comment and award more points on the next one.

Charlotte said...

2 points for being our version of "Jacob and Sons"

1 point for seeing the show 5 times in high school
1 point for KISSING Pharoah! Did you faint afteward?

Funny Business was a crack-up. I assume Steve told you about his killer name, huh? He was dying. None of the rest of us thought it was all that funny, but he was dying of laughter.

2 points

1 point to each you and Kaylee for such a heartwarming story. Lucky for Mark, Doug, and Jacob that you've sworn off beating up your younger brothers.

I'm ignoring Jake's comment. He's obviously jealous.

Back for more eh?
1 more point for andrew lloyd weber references.
2 more points because when you mentioned "Starlight Express", I got the memory of you yelling "Starlight
Express!" and it made me smile.

minus 1 point because as soon as I remembered that, I ALSO remembered that you saw Starlight Express when I was on my mission, which was when the family went a little crazy with vacations and splurges and I didn't get to participate in any of it. Boo.

Oh well. At least I got mom to go with me to Spain, Rome, Thailand, England, France, and Canada.

I'll give you the Dodgers point. You can always comment on any post and get whim points regardless, up until the end of the game.

Total points:3

definitely one point for Bountiful Baskets.
1 point for a good guess on Damn Yankees. (I was going to use that, but this one fit the post better, I thought)
2 points for being a Donny Osmond lover and getting him to come to your ward.
While I'm at it, 1 point because anytime I hear ANY country song by Marie Osmond, I think of you and College Ave Apartments

If you go back to the Beauty and the Beast post, Jacob (Corry) says something about a guy with his same name is really the Beast from Beauty and the Beast. Then he ties himself further by mentioning that Jacob (Corry) lived for a time in the Northwest, just like Jacob (Black). It's a little convoluted, but if you're a twilight reader, it was follow-able.

1 point for not succumbing to the Twilight hype.

Total points: 6

Lovin' it! Lovin' it!

Charlotte said...

As always, feel free to check my math and follow up on me. I just found that I almost cheated Tasha and Doug out of all the points I gave them in the first comment I wrote today. Scary!

Jake said...

I saw the USF production in person and at the time I was dissapointed that they changed the word of Joseph's song. The USF guys decided it would be cooler if the song went "shimer faded into darkness" instead of "color faded into darkness". I don't mind it anymore especially now that I can write "Jimmer faded into darkness as my facebook status next month".

As we all know Donny Osmond was the lead on broadway up in America Junior. Donny was also on Dancing with the stars. Jason Taylor was on Dancing with the stars. Jason Taylor was a star linebacker with the Dolpins until he left to join the Jets. Joe Namath played for the Jets and was named Broadway Joe. Boom broadway to broadway that should be worth 2000 whim points! game set match.

Also this play is about the 12 sons of Jacob who became the 12 tribes. The Tribe is a nickname for the Cleveland Indians. Mitch Talbot plays for the Inddians and is from Cedar City. I'm from Cedar City and my name is Jacob. See how this circular thing works, I could go all day!

Melissa @ Happy Quilting said...

Only one point for two composers, man I feel like Michelle Kwan in the Olympics. Maybe I have to be more specific, Andrew Lloyd Webber wrote the music and I believe Tim Rice wrote the lyrics.

Also, I believe the Narrator's name is Janet something. I don't remember her last name. Do I get 1/2 point for a first name.

And interesting that you put the Beast in this post again. As both musicals share a common part - A Baker. As in "there goes the baker with his tray like always" and the baker from Joseph that sings "there I was standing with baskets of bread"

We'll I will have to come back for some more whim points as I have been called to go play a game of settlers with my husband and son where I can choose to be the tribe of Naphtali, the Tribe of Asher, the tribe of Issachar, or the Tribe of Zebulun. Personally, I like Asher, I seem to win when I play with that card :)

Doug said...

Okay I just figured out that USF stands for Utah Shakespearean Festival, as opposed to United States Football. Jacob not only went from Broadway to Broadway put used the same name to do so, Joesph. Whether you get points or not I am impressed.

Barbara C said...

Wow, I knew I'd miss a lot by doing my school board duty. I intended to log on when I got to the USBA office in SLC but the wireless connection wasn't up until it was too late to play. Can I have a point for taking Friday and Saturday, driving up and back in a snowstorm, being a good school board member even though I am not any longer an elected official!
I was taking a hat class from Stig, SUU costume designer when she was designing the costumes the Joseph. She held a district wide contest to design Joseph's coat of many colors with the winning student getting free tickets to the production and maybe, a mention in the program. Stig wasn't real happy about the winning design but it definitely had all the colors. I think I'm also mentioned in the program because I helped sew some of the costumes. That wasn't part of the class but I offered to help. I didn't do any fittings, mostly sewed seams. I also didn't work on any of the headgear, there isn't much. When Tuacahn put on Joseph they had a live camel on stage. Canyon View put on Joseph last year and borrowed the set from USF. They did a great job! They have a wonderful choir teacher named Adriane Tawa who sang with you in college. I sang with her in a community choir and then under her when she conducted rehearsels for the Messiah. Aren't you glad I named you Jacob, Jacob? Think of all the points you cleaned up on. When we were in Georgia our pediatrician was Jewish and he really liked that we would name our child a Jewish name. This was before it became the most popular boy's name for years and years. I didn't have the missionary zeal to tell him it was from the Book of Mormon. Don't take away a point for that lapse.

Barbara C said...

Looking at the picture of the push up hunk, it's Robert's hair color, cut and nose for sure. It may also be his legs. The torso I haven't seen for awhile.
Webber wrote Joseph as a college class assignment. It was intended to be 45 minutes long. All the songs were padded, stretched and filler dances, etc were added to make it long enough to be marketable. Even so, it's one of the shortest musicals you'll find.
Just tell me where to vote and I'll vote often and consistently.

Robert said...

Jacob's Broadway to Broadway connection is quite impressive. However, his work today just shows how little thought he put into his pathetic the Pujols-Dodgers connection from a few days ago

As for a certain former MMM winner complaining for not receiving more than 10 POINTS, all I can say is it's a good thing for her that the whim point giver is much more generous than me. :)

Carol said...

Hmm - I too was up early and I'm going to have to work hard for whim points here.

1. I'm hoping for bonus points as I am already thinking of the people I can make sure to vote for you as the best LDS blogger. I assure you that I have thought of my entire Colorado ward plus my Aunt's ward and not to mention family and friends who don't attend either one! That should add at least 10 votes - ;-) (Hoping for much, much more but don't want to seem boastful!)

2. I didn't get a chance to check until now as my nephew spends Saturdays with me working on his math. Why would a teenage boy do this you ask? Because he needs to finish high school before he leaves on his mission at the end of March! He has 5 math modules to complete. We have finished 2.7 of them. It has been a lot of work and taxed (note the accounting term) my poor little algebraic memory to the limits. That ought to qualify for some whim points with this topic!

3. I don't like floor push ups so much, but I do wall push ups all the time. Especially when I need a break at work or from sewing! It really helps release the neck tension. If I want to be extra energetic, I do a clap when I push myself up off the wall. It has led to the person in the office next to me to come over to see what I am doing clapping in my office!! She thought I was losing my grant writing mind - (not too far off from the truth).

4. Baseball - I love the game. In fact, it is the only professional sports game I do tend to follow. If you and Eric ever are in Colorado during the late spring or summer - I will treat you to tickets to a game. I will also provide the best babysitter in the world (well my world - you have some great ones there!). There is nothing finer, in my mind, than a summer evening at the ball park with great friends. Yes, this is a bribe for points!

Carol said...

One more thing - I'm hoping that I don't have to share this blog with my friends and family until AFTER MWMM! I don't want any more competition this is fierce!

Charlotte said...

Oh brother.
(get it? "oh BROTHER"? Pretty good, don't you think?)

Really? You noticed the difference from "color faded" instead of "shimmer faded"? 1 point regardless.

2 points for the broadway to broadway. Nice. I've got to hand it to you, that was pretty good.

1 more point for the circular Jacob 12 tribes bit.

Total points: 4

Okay--1 more point for Tim Rice (to be honest, I didn't know and I was too lazy to look it up, so I just didn't give you the point. Shame on you Charlotte!)

No 1/2 points this time around.

1 point for the Baker in both musicals. If we do "Into the Woods" though, just remember that you've already got your baker point!

1 more point for you and your settlers game, complete with 12 tribes.

Total points:3

Heather's calling from me from the tub, so I must go now. Back later.

Charlotte said...

1 point for all the school board stuff.
1 point for working on costumes for SUU's production.
1 point for reminding me about dear dear Adriane Tawa and mentioning the camel at Tuacahn.
1 point for trivia about how the musical came to be. Kind of funny, it's one of my favorite's of A.L. Webber, and yet, apparently it was the one that took the least work.

Total points: 4

On Robert's comment: I couldn't agree more. Squeaky wheels, squeaky wheels.

2 points for being so willing to make sure I'm not embarrassed when the voting starts.
1 point for having to know algebra SO LONG after leaving school. I watched an algebra class on public television once a few years ago, and was totally lost within a few short minutes. No lie.
1 point for the visual that I have of your doing wall pushups, complete with claps. So fun!
1 point for an out and out bribe. Hey, we all know I'm not above it.

Total points: 5

Scott and Amy said...

So this is just for whims, since I don't know much about musicals.

So, the last algebra class I saw on public tv was SLCC and the professor did the problem wrong. That's my math brain for you - I caught the error. I so wanted to call SLCC and tell them, but I held back.

Okay, so I've been doing those wall pushups for a month - none of the clapping stuff yet. Though I was doing them at a gym on Wednesday and the lady next to me started doing the clapping variety.

This goes back to your asthma comment - I have had asthma my entire life and have not been a runner. You have been a runner and now have asthma. I am now training for the Ogden 1/2 marathon (to walk it this year). Also signed up for the Biggest Loser Resort 5K in March. New territory for me.

Harmony said...

Jake, don't diss the Jimmer dude!!! Charlotte, you may not know or care who Jimmer is, but my Cougars AND your Aggies are going to the Big Dance next month, and for once I am really looking forward to March Madness almost--but not quite--as much as Midwinter Musical Madness. Go Aggies! Go Cougars!

Let's see. Joseph was sent by his father, Jacob, from Hebron to find his brothers who were supposed to be with the sheep near Shechem. He finally found them in Dothan, where they proceeded to throw him in a pit and then sell him into Egypt (Genesis 37). I have been to Hebron and the modern town of Nablus, which is near ancient Shechem. I was not a slave at the time, but I have also been to Egypt.

I once taught the Old Testament Sunday School class to 14- to 18-year-olds. We covered Jacob, Joseph, and all the other tribes of Israel--in German. I don't think I will ever be scared of any other calling as much as I was of that one. But I lived to tell about it. Barely.

Harmony said...

I listen to Donny Osmond on B98.7 almost daily while picking up my kids from school.

One of my favorite childhood memories was my mom surprising me with The Osmonds Christmas Album when I was six or seven years old. I know all the words of both records by heart. I have listened to them every Christmas since, and I have gotten my children hooked on them too, despite the fact that my husband can't stand them. :-) I used to daydream about some gorgeous guy asking me, "What are you doing New Year's Eve?" just like Donny sang on the album.

Congrats on your nomination! Who needs Cocoa or NieNie when we've got Charlotte is the best?! You've got my vote!

Melissa @ Happy Quilting said...

No shame on you, I know you were probably super busy with the trade day yesterday. I hope you were able to get some great stuff. Can't wait to see the haul you got. Speaking of your shop . . . Maybe you should try crocheting a Coat Of Many Colors with all the bits of extra yarn, I wonder if it would sell well :) (tee hee hee)

Jeri said...

maybe you could get 20 pieces of silver for said crocheted coat of many colors???

barbara c said...

You already make a afghan of many colors, all you need to add are sleeves.

Charlotte said...

1 point for catching an algebra error ON TELEVISION! Wow!
1 point for being a wall pushup-er
1 point for running in the face of asthma. Nice.

3 points total

Just FYI, if you were facebook friends with Jacob, you would know that he has an almost embarrassing man-crush on Jimmer. Perhaps that's why he wants him to fade into darkness--Jimmer has single-handedly caused Jacob's Ute-loving heart more conflict than a man should have to enture.

1 point because you brought to my attention that both our favorite schools are going to the Big Dance.

2 points for having been to Hebron, Shechem Environs AND Egypt

1 point for teaching all about Joseph and his brothers and tribes all in German. Wow. Herr would be (and probably is) bursting with pride.

1 point for being a die hard and long time Donny fan

1 point because I like to think of you daydreaming about some gorgeous guy asking about your New Year's Plans.

6 points total

One point for giving me an idea to crochet a coat of many colors.
(as it turned out, I only made two trades yesterday. My stuff is kind of out of season now, and I've been too busy crocheting mustaches to get any hairbands or dishcloths done.)

1 point total

1 point for an excellent Old Testament Reference.

One point for remembering my afghan of many colors

Ryan Esplin said...

I have been following from the beginning, so I think it is high time to get my name on the scoreboard.

Back to Fiddler on the Roof. My very talented daughter, Marian is Shprintze In Fiddler on the Roof Jr. This off Broadway production will debut this coming Friday at One of the Local High Schools here in town. That same High School just got done putting on Wizard of Oz but we (meaning Marian and I,) did not see it because Ryan and I went to the Temple instead. My Favorite Rainbow song is Rainbow Connection (Kermet the Frog) when I was little I would swing on our wooden swing set and sing it at the top of my lungs. Another song I would belt out was "Believe it or not I'm lighter than air" from the show "Greatest American Hero" which by the way I never knew was a show until this year when Ryan and I watched an episode on Hulu. Watch one and you will see why it fits "Classic Ryan". Ryan, Marian and I saw USF's Fiddler on the Roof and my most memorable part is when the tenor sang a beautiful note that was high and clear and put chills down my back and I thought to myself "this is how I would feel about this whole play if I were watching a version put on my the master singers at UFOC.
Now back to Rainbows/Coat of many colors. At CHS Graduation in 1996 the Acapella sang "Any dream will Do." At least it wasn't "Colors of the Wind" from Pocahontas which is another song that we sang in choir that year.
And Last, I will be eating Cosco Chocolate Cake with my favorite sister on her 40th birthday.

Ryan Esplin said...

Ryan Esplin is actually Becca in case you did not guess that.

Harmony said...

Thanks for the Jimmer explanation. I have more charitable feelings towards Jacob now that I understand his predicament. :-)

My six-year-old saw the Beanie of Many Camouflaged Colors in your Etsy sidebar widget yesterday. He wants one. Without the flower. Can you do a boy version? I'd like to get him one for his birthday in three weeks.

ShaLiece said...

Ok, so I'm going for a couple points.
1. (It is from the previous question and may not be allowed at this point)... I attended "Fiddlers" Elementary, and was the first class to actually attend this brand new school.
2. Robert beat me to it and received the points for our children and their affiliation with "Joseph'. Then, as I was about to head to the computer and let you all know that Kaylee actually sings this song, she decides to join the game?!?
So, I'd just like to whine a bit and say...what about the stage crew mother? Everyone knows that behind the scenes there are mothers everywhere working for mere table scraps(Or shall we say...whim points?)

Melissa @ Happy Quilting said...

I couldn't wait to see what you got so I checked your feedback on your shop. I love the little dress!!! So Adorable!!! Heather will be a little ray of sunshine dressed in that. She can wear it and go around singing "Sure as Bananas need the Sun." (Okay, so there are like a billion better sunshine songs she could sing but this is the only line from Joseph I remember that mentions a sun :)

Jeri said...

you are crocheting MUSTACHES???? What in the world????

Thanks to Ryan/Becca for some great memories. I used to do the SAME thing - Swing on my swing and sing Rainbow connection. Hate to break it to you, but I think the real words are "believe it not I'm WALKING on air." (I obviously used to sing that one too.) The wrong word brought back a college memory of Charlotte singing along to "sail away" (by Enya maybe)- in which she sang the wrong words. Her version was "Save a whale, save a whale, save a whale..." I still laugh about it anytime I hear that song.

Jeri said...

oops - in my haste a correcting the lyrics, I left out the OR "believe it OR not, I'm walking on air... I never thought I could feel so free- --ee --ee. Flying away on a wing and prayer, who could it be... believe it or not it's just me."

Barbara C said...

I have a hat of many colors story. It may take awhile. Several years ago Dad was called to be the doctor on our YM/YW martin's Cove trek. I was asked to help with the service project. The service project finally boiled down to.......quilts (what else!.)We asked for donations of fabric, batting and yarn and actually got enough to tie 18 quilts. One sister dropped off a box 2 ft high, 18 in square, stuffed with brown yarn, all different shades and textures. We had 2 big days of tying and after we were done, no one could remember who left the brown yarn. It fell to me by default (I'm the ward Humanitarianist) and since there really aren't that many quilts you'd want tied with brown I decided to take it as a personal challenge to use it all up in crochet hats. So for the past 4 years almost every hat I've made has brown. I was down to my last 10 skeins when I learned that the church has enough hats to last for quite a little while. I quit the hats, disappointed that I couldn't get rid of the rest of the brown until last winter when I learned that local charities are still wanting and needing hats so I started back in business. Now the many colors part comes in. It doesn't take a lot of other color yarn to change the look of brown so my colored skeins go a long way. When I get close to the end of a color I just tie it to another short color until I have a fair size ball and then the next few hats I make I use that many colored ball of yarn as my offset to the brown. They turn out really fun. That one box has made hundreds of hats. I think I have 5 skeins left. I like to think of it as another little miracle from our trek, ongoing so it keeps reminding me.

I'm glad Bec chimed in. I was going to say something about our budding actress, Marian but I forgot they were doing Fiddler.

Harmony, I looked and looked for a hat of many colors on the etsy shop. Then I reread your comment and figured out the camouflage part. Very tricky, very good.

During our flight to Washington DC earlier this month I crocheted a neck scarf. I figured I needed one for the cold weather in DC. Got on the plane with a skein of varigated green, got off with a nice scarf around my neck. Yes, I had a brown skein which I used on the return trip, made 3 hats during that trip. Mark spent the later part of the flight participating in an in flight Jeopardy type game. We had a large group of high school students, coming to play at the Kennedy Center. It was quite competetive. Mark was high scorer.

Charlotte said...

Becca! I'm so glad you came to play!

1 Newcomer point
1 point for being the mother of little Shprintze
1 point for choosing the temple over a musical performance.
1 point for classic rainbow stories, and helping me remember the old swingset.

Speaking of the old swingset, I used to sit on it and twist it around and around and around, and then let go and fly in circles. I loved it when I was little, but the last time I tried it (10+ years ago) a nearly threw up. Another memory--one summer I decided I was going to run around that swingset twenty-thousand times. I did it for a few days, and got up to a thousand or more, but by then I had worn a path in the grass around the swingset and dad asked me to stop for the sake of our lawn.

I'll check out Greatest American Hero. Lately we've been getting old Quantum Leap DVDs from the library. Love it!

1 point for UFOC flattery
1 point for singing any dream will do at graduation
3 points for being the primary reason that I get to eat costco chocolate cake with a whole lot of family on my 40th birthday

Total points:9

Let me check around town today and make sure I can find the camouflaged yarn, since I'm out. If I can, it will be no problem to do a boy version before his birthday.

1 point for tying camouflage to a coat of many colors. Pretty inventive.

I'll allow the fiddler comment. 1 point for going to Fiddlers Elementary
1 point for each of your daughters being in the show. Robert definitely shouldn't be the only one to get points for that!

total points:3

1 point for cracking me up with the 'sure as bananas need the sun' comment. Nice.

Regarding mustaches, In November or so, a girl I know here asked me if I wanted to do some contract crochet work for her. She makes original bearded beanies from her own pattern (here's the website:, and her orders had taken off so much that that she wasn't able to keep up with them. So, I started helping her out by making the crochet mustaches for the beards. I wrote more about it here:
It's a pretty good gig, actually.

1 point for reminding me of the "save a whale" moment. I'd totally forgotten about that.

1 more point for our shared swingset memories.

Total points:2

1 point for the hat of many colors/brown story
1 more point for crocheting a scarf on the way to DC. Why you should be getting a point for crocheting when this is a musical contest is a little beyond me, but at this point at least, you do.

Good old Mark. Competitive all the time. We're all lucky he hasn't decided to play. I have a feeling the finagling would come to an ENTIRELY different level if we had him and Jacob going head to head.

Total points:2

Melissa @ Happy Quilting said...

So Char, remember a while back when you suggested that I open an etsy shop and helped me along the way of getting it all set up? Well it only goes to shoah, anyone from anywhere can make it if they get a lucky break!! And boy did I get lucky, not only am I lucky enough to design for Moda but I am also lucky that they tend to fly off the shelves of my etsy shop. I sold 2 quilts today!! Yippee Skippee!!! Thanks Char!!! It all started with you!!!

Barbara C said...

Melissa, not the one you just finished!!! Your price is way too low for all the work you put in. Poor Jessi, it looks so adorable in her bedroom.
I think Jacob would call this a hijack, into the etsy, out of the sports.

Charlotte said...

1 point to Melissa for tying etsy success to Joseph!

BTW, I'm so glad that you're having such success with your quilts and Moda Baking.

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