Wednesday, February 23, 2011

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 quirky 2-11

This whole post is mainly just an excuse to put another musical lyric up there and see what happens in the comment section.  I've got to say, I think I'm having more fun with MMM this year than ever before.

So, here are some random tidbits:

I've got Eric working on a USoSL button.  Doesn't that sound fun?  There will be a USoSL button for all you members to post on your blogs, if you so desire.  No pressure though.  (Really--no pressure.)  There will also be a button for me to post on the sidebar.  It will say, "Home of USoSL".  I'm kind of excited.  Eric showed me the first incarnation Monday, and I liked it, but like any client, I wanted him to make a few modifications.  They weren't big modifications, but since I also want him to fix the door to our shed (It fell apart yesterday as I was hunting through the mounds to find the one styrofoam head that we own.  I use it sometimes to take pictures of hats when I'm feeling shy and don't have any other models handy.), and the shed is the priority right now, it might be awhile.

Remember when I was all pensive about what I was going to do to celebrate my 40th birthday?  Turns out, my sister (Becca) is going to be in Cedar at the old homestead that whole week.  Since I haven't seen her since July, I've decided that Heather and I are going to head down for a few days.  Eric is saving his vacation days for our big San Fran trip the next month, and Becca's husband isn't able to get away either, so it's going to be an all girl event.  Well, all girls except for one nephew, one grandpa/dad, and the other male Cedar City Corrys. 

Interestingly enough, I'd heard just a few months ago that Costco has really good cakes, and I decided that at some point in the following year, I wanted to try one and see for myself.  Only problem is, there is no Costco in Logan, and I don't have a membership anyway.  Well, the birthday fairy was looking out for me, because there just happens to be a Costco a mere (and very warm) 45 minutes away from my folks house, and they have a membership.  So, it's Costco Birthday Cake for me!

I hope it lives up to the hype.

And finally, I've set a goal that by the end of the summer, I want to be able to do five push-ups without cheating.  I don't care if I'm on my knees or not, but I want to touch my nose to the floor and then come back up five times.  To the rest of you that probably doesn't seem like a big deal, but it is a big deal to me.  I've never been able to do push-ups.  Seriously.  For a while in High School I held the school records for the mile, 2-mile and the home cross-country course.  Yet, I couldn't do more than one push-up in the textbook fashion.  It's the tragedy of my life.

Well, tragedy might be a little strong. 

5 points for the name of the song
2 points for the musical
other points awarded by whim

image courtesy of Thomas van Ardenne


Jeri said...

Fiddler on the roof -

Anatevka? (name of song) lots of people all sing this one together I believe

WHim points - Fiddler is my hubby favorite musical

amy greenway said...

Sung by the whole cast. ???? What's that worth. .25 points?

Jeri said...

OK OK - i wanted the points so bad... but the guilt has set in and I think I might have broken a rule... I knew the musical, but didn't know the song name. I asked Tim and he told me the song - - if that allowed? If not - hurry and delete my answer and let someone else answer it...

amy greenway said...

Freakish Fact: When I was little my mom and dad would watch it but it was long and sad so they watched it when we were going to bed. For some reason I came to the conclusion that it was about ants taking over the world and making people slaves. Vivid imagination.

amy greenway said...

My personal opinion (and humble, oh Giver of All Points) is that "phone a friend" should count, as long as you're not looking it up on the internet. Cummon CHAR! Give it to her! Have a heart! :)

Robert said...

I need to comment on Harmony's last comment from the previous post. I obviously haven't used the internet to look up any musical information asI have no musical points. However, I did use it to look up information of Ozzie Smith. I didn't realize that the internet was also off limits for Whim points. So if that is the case please don't award me any whim points for the Ozzie Smith information I don't want to be accused of cheating!

Harmony said...

Let Robert keep his point for honesty. :-)

Harmony said...

"Master of the House" from Les Miserables. Sung by Thenardier and Madame Thenardier.

Harmony said...

Or, maybe not. The Les Mis lyrics are "filling up the sausages with this and that." Close though. Close enough? :-)

Harmony said...

The chaturanga pose might help with your push-ups, if you are still doing yoga. Or Crossfit! I do push-ups all the time in my Crossfit workouts. I won't tell you how many though, because while I may be able to do more push-ups than you, I could never keep up with you on the cross-country course. I do have a T-shirt to prove I was on the team with you though. :-) And we had the best Dr. Coach there ever was!

Robert said...

Sorry about the double post. Now for honest Whim points.

I saw fiddler on the roof last year (I think) at the Shakespearean Festival with ShaLiece.

On turning 40 years. Dad's 40th birthday is the first and probably only birthday of his that I specifically remember. He got a black T-shirt from Don Marchant that said "40 isn't old if you're a tree!" for the longest time I didn't get why that was funny. I thought it was just stating a fact. Hopefully you enjoy your cake more than he enjoyed that shirt.

Finally I have demolished 3 metal sheds and build 3 wooden ones so should Eric need any pointers on fixing a door I consider myself somewhat of a "shed expert". I bring this up because the last shed I built was with Jacob's and Dad's help in our back yard here in Cedar. I'm sure that Jacob and dad remember it just like I do.

As I recall, as Jacob and I were about ready to nail the final shingles down, after a long hot day of work, I stood up on the ROOF, put the hammer (aka FIDDLE) under my chin and sang:

"If I were a rich man,
ya da dedel dedle bedle dedle dedlel bedle dum.
All day long I'd dedle dedle dum
If I were a wealthy man.
Wouldn't have to build sheds
ya da dedle dedled beedle dedle deedle bedle dum.
If I were wealthy man"

Barbara C said...

I have not only been to several productions of Fiddler on the Roof but was actually in an off, off, off, Broadway production of same and I sang this song as we trugded off to our new homes. OK, off Broadway in the community production in Columbus GA when Dad was a resident. Our good friend, Brenda tended Charlotte and Bobby evenings so I could go to rehearsals. You know how the more you work with something, the better you like it? I remember telling Brenda's husband, Mike, that our Tevye was as good as Zero Mostel in the movie and our Golda was better! Ha, I've been embarrassed about that ever since. Locally, Prof.Kent Myers played Tevye at least 2 times. He is still singing with the Master Singers and still has those great low notes.
Did you know that Grandpa Willis did pushups until about a year before he passed away? Remember when he would walk around the house, when it was too cold for him outside? Then he would do a few pushups to added fitness.

Charlotte said...

Oh--how I love you all.

5 points for knowing the song. (I realize you used Tim, and that was technically against the rules, but I'm going to look the other way this time.)
2 points for the musical
1 point for being married to a man with such great taste.

8 points total

1 newcomer point. Welcome!
1 point for knowing that the whole cast sings the song.
1 point for vivid imaginations (we were destined to be sisters from the beginning)
1 point for giving me the opportunity to have yet another "when we were kids" discussion with Eric. (He thought that the reason your parents watched it after you went to bed was because it was Rated R. FIDDLER ON THE ROOF? EXCUSE ME??? A vivid imagination in a whole different direction.)
1 point for kindness to your fair opponent, Jeri

5 points total

vis the Robert/Harmony comments about honesty and using the internet for unrelated whim things: I addressed this in the previous post (after this came up over here), so you can read the comments there, or you can just know that the whim queen has determined that the internet can be used (from time to time) to research trivia for whim points, as long as such research is not directly related to the musical that relates to the post.

1 point for getting "close"
1 point for helpful push-up hints
1 point for the fact that we share such a fun past of running together on the same team.

3 points total

3 points for the Fiddler (Hammer-er) on the roof visual. I laughed and laughed.
1 point for having seen Fiddler live in Cedar City last year (or sometime in the recent past)
1 point for reminding me about that tree shirt. Good old Don.

5 points total

2 points for having been in a Fiddler Production. (I remember that--it's one of the few memories I have of Georgia)
1 point for the trivia about Kent Meyers.
1 point for more information about Grandpa Willis. I remember how he would do "laps" around the house when he was visiting, but didn't ever notice the push-ups I guess.

4 points total.

corrie said...

My husband took all four kids to see Fiddler when I came to visit Heidi in Nov. They loved it, but the two youngest fell asleep shortly after it started because it started at 8 which is their bed time. Duh.
They all listen to the soundtrack on their mp3's.
There has got to be some points in there. Exposing kids to theater?! Encouraging love for the arts?!
Come on BIG MONEY!

Jake said...

I remember working on that roof. Interesting that I don't remember my brother breaking out in song. It probably happened though as he did spend a lot of time loafing around while Dad and I did all the work. That's kind of my lot in this family I generally get stuck slaving away while others are joking it up.

Bob actually is pretty good with sheds. He designed mine and sent me the plans down the amount of lumber I needed to buy and it is a beauty.

While building said shed I had Kristian up on top helping me with the roof and he was fiddling around so much that Melissa was scared he would fall off. Unlike my brother I have pictures and witnesses who can back up my story.

And My father-in-law was in a production of Fiddler on the roof long before I married into the family.

Tasha said...

Since I clearly got my butt kicked in having any chance to answer this, here goes whim points. The key to starting with your goal of five pushups is to give yourself a way to build the muscle without the frustration. I suggest wall pushups to start building the arm muscle. Also, as a person who has recently (again) jumped on the fitness bandwagon, and since we really have many uncanny similarities in personality and motivation, here's my advice. Make yourself do a little everyday and feel the burn a bit, but don't push too hard because you may have the tendency to want to take the next day off because you hurt, but then when you take one day off, it's not hard to take two days off. See where I'm going with this one?

Also, as an ego booster to you (and maybe Harmony) I ran cross country for ONE day. I went out the first morning of July practice, per my dad's request, ran the @#$% course, had my dad tell me I looked good, realized ALL my friends had already cooled down - many had gone home already - told him I was DONE and walked home. Didn't run again until last July when I realized I could run because I wanted to and I didn't have to be the fastest - a real feat for someone as competitive as me. So if you are feeling frustrated with push-ups, swing by and I'll run with you, you can beat me and feel better about life. Hey, what are cousin's for?

Robert said...

After reading Mom's comment I have one more addition. Fiddler on the Roof is of coarse about Tevye and his concern for his children.

Well as we know now Kent Myers played Tevye at least twice. Well I happen to work for Kent Myers' child/son, Joel and when completing the final certifications for houses one of the things we have to do is verify that there are gutters on the Roof.

Scott said...

Jeff and I were in Fiddler on the Roof in a Moab performance. I was the constable and jeff was a kid in the village. My lines were so hard I had to write them on my hands.

Jake said...

"Well as we know now Kent Myers played Tevye at least twice. Well I happen to work for Kent Myers' child/son, Joel and when completing the final certifications for houses one of the things we have to do is verify that there are gutters on the Roof."

Wow. We need a new post because I can't compete with this. Gutters, amazing. Seriously I laughed out loud when I read this.

Speaking of pushups, Melissa bought me a pair of perfect pushups for my birthday last week because the week before I was doing pushups with Kristian and Kami on my back (not together of course). My ultimate goal is to beat up Mark.

ShaLiece said...

OK...I'm here! May I please have my extra 1/2 points promised for logging on? It took me a bit to figure it all out. I'm from the small town of Enoch after all.

Tasha said...

I'm officially announcing that when there is a Jake vs Mark fight, Enoch and I want to be invited. Is it going to be MMA style or regulation boxing? Either way, I'm in.

Just in case there are points for roofing, I have helped sheet and roof MANY houses, but the most memorable is the time when I was the sole helper for my dad on a job site and I had the job to lift the sheeting onto the roof. Where? New Harmony. And guess what! The wind was blowing. I swear I went airborn more than once with my giant wooden sails.

Charlotte said...


1 point for your husband taking the kids to Fiddler.
1 more point because it just happened to occur around the same time that we were sitting in Tandoori Oven, chatting away.
1 more point for the fact the kids have the soundtrack downloaded to their mp3s
1 more point just because I like you, and your first name and my maiden name are essentially the same.

4 points total

I've got to run for now, but I'll be back in an hour or two to award more points.

Carry on!

Barbara C said...

Ok I'll bite, what is a perfect pair of pushups? One of my fvorite restaurants growing up and one of jacob, Melissa, mark and Krista's when they can afford it, is The Roof at the Joseph Smith Memorial Bldg. Of course I knew it when it was Hotel Utah. And speaking of Hotel Utah, the head chef was Chef Roscoe. He was on TV and one time grandpa Willis talked the waiter into taking us on a tour of the kitchen and I met Chef Roscoe. He gave me a children's menu that was actually an animal mask.
Speaking of roofs, Dad is on our roof a minimum of twice a week, depending on the wind, tweaking the antenna. I will be sitting at the computer and hear footsteps above my head. At first I thought it was burglars but now I just hope he is careful. I don't think he has done any singing though, yelling yes, singing no. I'll send him up with the ukelele next time. Although Tevye never got on the roof, just the fiddler.
OK, tevye made his living peddling milk. Beverly wants to buy a cow. She and Jayme went to a cooking class Saturday and they learned to make cheese. So Beverly says she doesn't think she can ever buy cream cheese again.
That's in addition to the chickens, rabbits and soon to have goat and pig. And they are all down on her little space on airport road where Robert designed the BARN (including roof) for them. I think I'll stop for now.

Charlotte said...

(I know, it hasn't been a few hours yet. Oh well.)


You and me both Jacob. When it comes to workers in the family, we are DEFINITELY the ones that carry the lion's share.

1 point for building your own shed, using Robert's plans
1 point for the whole Kristian fiddling on the roof tie-in.
1 point because it's hard for me to imagine Larry in Fiddler on the Roof, but I like thinking about it.

Total: 3 points

2 points for excellent pushup advice. I'll try the wall push-up thing, starting today and go from there.
1 point for making me feel better about my push-up disability, and 1 point for offering to run with me.

(I won't take you up on that offer though, because I don't run these days. I developed exercise-induced asthma a few years ago, and so now I stick with brisk walking, yoga, occasional weight lifting, and the I-think-I-might-die class that I take at the gym two days a week. That's it's own post.)

Total points: 4

Another point for that magnificent tie-in from Kent Myers to Joel Myers to roofs. Amazing.

1 point for being a part of the "I've played in Fiddler of the Roof" Alumni. One more point point for admitting that you had to write them on your hands.

If Jeff chimes in at some point, there's a newcomer point and a Fiddler on the Roof alumni point on the table waiting for him. (Not to mention the USoSL point)

Total Points: 2, with 3 for Jeff on the table.


Dude, Don't Diss!
1 point for giving me the opportunity to use such a classic Corry boy phrase.

1 point for owning a pair of perfect push-ups. Who am I kidding, I don't even know what perfect push-ups are. Still I'll give you the point. You're not making this stuff up, right?

2 more points.

Gotta run. Back in a bit.

Harmony said...

Perfect Pushups are one of those "As Seen on TV" products, aren't they? Don't waste your money on them yet though Charlotte. Tasha's wall push-ups were a great suggestion.

If there are points out there for fiddling (with the antenna) on the roof, I want mine!

Jeri said...

Thank you thank you - oh great point giver... it won't happen again!
I was just going to be grateful for the points and sit idly by until the next post, but HELLO - even with getting the song title & musical, the whim masters are still threatening to pass me up! Oh FIDDLEsticks - those WHIMsical, competitive Corry's! (and Harmony)

Let's see -

My brother Mike is an amazing fiddler, and he's been on various roofs LOTS of time. Although I don't believe he's ever fiddled while ON the roof - but it really wouldn't surprise me to find that he has...

I have been on lots of roofs to help with shingling projects and such. This is huge feat for me since I am terrified of heights. my general rule of thumb is that I will help in the MIDDLE, but NO EDGES!

I helped Tim build the shed in our backyard, includign the roof, but our door is less than great - send Eric down when he has minute, K?...

I knew some Marchant girls while I was in Cedar; wasn't there a Paige maybe??? and a blondish one who's name started with an "s"????? Maybe not...

I went bowling in Enoch and have been to New Harmony too... (i know, I know, nothing to do with fiddling or roofing, or music - but hey, just trying to cover all my bases from things mentioned in previous comments)

My neighbor played the part of the butchers wife last year in their school production of Fiddler and she did an AMAZING job...

I can't run at all but I can do a FEW (like as in 6) push-ups! Girly ones, and probably not "perfect push-up" form but hey, better than nothing right?

If I were a rich (wo)man... I would pay someone to do my laundry and housecleaning for me, but since I am NOT - I guess I'd better just hope I can get enough "desperation/ creativity points" to hold onto my 3rd place spot for the time being and get back to work!

Melissa @ Happy Quilting said...

Jacob isn't making it up. (sadly) I got him these great little contraptions that look like a handle hooked on to a spinning disk (Clearance at Wal-mart, there is probably a reason they were on clearance) They help you do the "perfect" push-up and he has used them quite a lot since his birthday.

My dad was in Fiddler on the Roof as well when he was in high school, and he was the actual "Fiddler on the Roof". No lines, just sit up on the fake roof and pretend to play the fiddle.

And as for my attempt at a whim point, I was fast asleep when this was published. I find I can't keep my eyes open past 9:00 anymore. Can I have a first trimester sympathy point because there is no way I am getting any of the musical points posted after 9:00 here which is only 7:00 there. (Although, I do realize you are spreading out the posting times so I am not complaining in the least, just a weak attempt at a whim point :)

Oh, and is okay to say that this is one of my least favorite Musicals. Maybe that is horrible to say, but I just never got into it. Although, I haven't seen it in a very long time so maybe it is time to give fiddler on the roof another chance. What do you think, would I like it better now that I am a mother??

JJ said...

OK, I'm not even going to try to match musical wits with the Corrys, but I wanted to say "hi" anyway. Stumbled on your blog the other day. I've always loved your writing and couldn't resist the blog. Hope all is well! Best of luck with the pushups!

JJ said...

Oops, this is your cousin, Juliana, by the way. :)

Barbara C said...

What you need, Melissa, is to see a good production of the musical. I told Charlotte that Camelot was one of my least favorites but seeing it last summer at UFO, well, it moved way up the list. Good actors (and singers) really make a difference. which reminds me of how unimpressed I was with USF's Tevye. He didn't even seem to like the part. Maybe it was the day.

Charlotte said...

Back again!


2 points (the other 1/2 from the previous post). Also one newcomer point. Welcome!

3 points total

There's definitely points for roofing this time. Who knew we'd go this way?

1 point for having done some roofing.
1 point for being in the New Harmony/Cedar City area while the wind was blowing. That almost never happens, so I think such an auspicious occasion deserves a point.

(You all know I'm kidding, right? Not about the point, but about the rarity of wind in good old CC.)

I'd LOVE to see a good Mark vs. Jacob match.

Total: 2 points

1 point for the Roof restaurant tie-in
1 point for meeting Chef Roscoe (who I've never heard of, and it's a real stretch to tie him to a song sung by pessimistic Russian Jews on their way out of town, but there you go.)
1 point for dad (since you're competing on a team) for being on the roof twice a week.
1 point for random cow/milk/farm animal trivia. I'd forgotten that Tevye made his living peddling milk.
1 point for tying Robert into the Barn/Roof/Beverly/Cows link.

I've got to say, that was some pretty good finagling.

Total points:5

1 point for roof/antenna fiddling, and another point for having already blogged about it.

Total points: 2

It's cutthroat this year, I've got to say. No more can you get the musicals and sit out the whim points and expect to be at the top. What will come next? I'm almost afraid to think of it.

1 point for creative use of "fiddlesticks and whimsical"
1 point for your fiddling roof guy brother named Mike
1 roofing point
1 point for helping to build a shed
1 point total for the enoch/new harmony/Marchant connection (Paige and Stephanie are Don's daughters, BTW)
How close was this neighbor? Are we talking next-door neighbor, or dearest-friend-of-the-heart neighbor, or just random, run-of-the-mill neighbor? If it's the former, one point. If it's the latter, no points.
1 point for being better at pushups than yours truly
1 point for leaving the game and getting back to your menial chores that all us non-rich-people seem to find ourselves doing entirely too often.

Total points: 7, with one other point possibly still on the table.
(Not bad Jeri, not bad at all!)

2 points for first trimester exhaustion. If I could, I'd give you 50 points for first trimester exhaustion, because it's just so hard, but I'm afraid if I did, I'd have an uprising on my hands.
1 point for the explanation of the perfect pushup contraption.
1 point for your dad being in Fiddler. (Jacob already got this point, but I figure since he is YOUR dad, I should give it to you as well.)

I agree with mom, I think you should give it another chance. It's definitely sad, but in my opinion, when it's done well, the joy outweighs the sadness, and I think the message of the musical is one of hope and love amidst adversity. Also, I like the music, personally.

Total points: 4 (but it would be 54, if I could)


No points, since you've chosen not to compete, but I'm glad you spoke up! I've been lurking on YOUR blog for a few months now. In fact, I printed off one of your quotes and taped it to my work folder for frequent viewing. (The quote about loyal customers, and how they are those who have had successful resolution to problems with the company, and how it's the same with marriage.)

Okay--I think I'm caught up. Mom, if you want a point for stellar advice to Melissa, just say the word and I'll give it to you. Oh heck, I'll just give it to you now and save you the keystrokes.

Robert said...

Boy you can't leave this blog for a minute or you fall 10 points behind.

I have a couple more items.

First, I almost missed this one. I served my mission in Russia where Fiddler on the Roof is set.

Second, If I recall, a butcher played somewhat of a roll in the play, arranged marriage or something. I have been made fun of many times by my brothers for my retelling of my experiences with Russian butchers.

ShaLiece plays the fiddle/violin and I married her.

Tasha's Dad taught me how to shingle a roof. He wanted me to learn it so well he had me do the same roof twice (I screwed up the first time and had to tear off 3 or four rows of shingles.)

I shingled Mom and Dad's roof when I was in High School and hired Jacob as my assistant.

And finally I've beaten up both Jacob and Mark many times sometimes it's even been at the same time. And that was without the aid of the perfect push-up spinning contraptions.

Jeri said...

I cannot tell a lie... she is not a CLOSE neighbor - truth be told, their family kinda drives me nuts...

How it the world did your mom get so stinkin far ahead? she is GOOD!!!!!

Robert said...

Don't worry Jeri.

I'm going to be working on my Mom's new computer tonight and I have a feeling that I'm going to come across a problem which will require their internet connection to be down for a couple of days. :)

Jeri said...

YES! good plan Robert... give the rest of us a fighting chance to catch up... (instead of "work our way up" ... it would be "whim our way up!")

Barbara C said...

Now, now, now. This is the first time I've really played this game but I know that major points will be awarded later on and so far I've just been lucky bacause I happen to know the musicals. Once Charlotte gets down to the serious post 1970's stuff, I'm toast.
About the computer, I'm traveling to the State Capitol tomorrow, doing my duty as a good citizen and school board member to help the legislators of our fine state understand about funding education. And I'm taking my laptop with me so whatever Robert does here, I'll have acess!! So now I really will check the blog, which I try not to do so much when I'm in meetings. Evil plans, thwarted again!
Another Roof reference, I've been listening to Mary Poppins soundtrack lately( show not the movie) and Bert and his chimley sweep friends really dance and sing all over the rooftops.There's several songs that aren't in the movie and the last one has a line I really like, "if you reach for the stars, all you get are the stars.......but if you reach for the heavens you get the stars thrown in."

Barbara C said...

Oh and Motel, the oldest daughter's secret love and later husband was a tailor. We share a common love, sewing machines!and most things that have to do with sewing. I couldn't spell the daughter's name but it's phonetically zitel. And I used to sing Matchmaker, Matchmaker while I did saturday jobs as a teenager.

Charlotte said...

1 point for serving a mission in Russia.
1 more point for the tie-in to the infamous butcher stories.
1 more point for marrying a fiddler
1 more point for shingling your parents roof
No points for beating up brothers. I have to draw the line somewhere.

4 points total


Too true, too true. When it comes to musicals, my mom is AWESOME. She's right though, if we ever end up getting to the more recent stuff, she's gonna have to whim it all the way. (Of course, she's proven herself pretty adept at that too.)

1 point for the Mary Poppins Musical-not-movie reference. Becca gave me that recording for Christmas, and I LOVE it.
1 more point for the tailor connection and the Matchmaker singing

2 points total

Harmony said...

Just remembered--I'm related to a fiddler too! My cousin, Brandon Spevak, was lead fiddle of Country Fiddle my senior year at CHS.

Janet S. said...

And Harmony forgot that her little sister, Joy, was a fiddler with the last great fiddle group at CHS under June Thorley.

Hi everyone. Didn't know about MMM until Harmony told me how she found her Ozzie Smith baseball card. Way to go.

I'm getting a new roof this spring as soon as the wind stops blowing in CC so Joy can sit up there and help Enoch with the project.

Must be a point in there for someone who saw Fiddler on the Roof long before most of the bloggers on here were born.

And yes, Charlotte, both Harmony's mom and inlaws stop in here from time to time.

Robert said...

You've made me see the light Charlotte. I will no longer beat up on my brothers. Jacob, Mark and Doug can now breath a huge sigh of relief!

(for those who may not know, I am the oldest but smallest of the Corry boys and my brothers haven't been in danger of getting "beat up" by me for probably 15 years.)

ShaLiece said...

I would like to try for a point as I am the fiddler that someone married. Maybe I'll get better at finding ways to get my whim points on my own, but at this point, all those years of violin should be worth something!

Charlotte said...


How did I not know that you and Brandon Spevak were cousins? Claudine is one of my mom's best friends in all the world.

1 point for fiddling cousins
1 point for a fiddling sister (you can thank your mom for getting you that one)

total points: 2


1 newcomer point
1 point for raising a fiddler
1 point for getting two kids to put a new roof on your home.
1 point for seeing fiddler before most of us were born.
1 point just because I like you.

total points:5

1 point for finally seeing the light. Now if we can get you to stop beating up on your sisters, I'll feel like I've really accomplished something.

1 point for being the fiddler. Heck, if everyone who knows a fiddler gets a point, you should probably get at least 3, right? Okay. 3 points for being a fiddler

Total points: 3

Jake said...

I'm related to some fiddlers; ShaLiece, Krista, Ember, and Suzanne. My sister-in-law played the Fiddle when she was younger.

I helped roof the pavilion twice.

The title of this post is also a country song, but I can't remember who sings it without google's help.

My daughter (Kami) was trying to do a perfect push up this morning while I was reading through the myriad of new comments.

Carol said...

Wow - miss a day and fall many, many points behind!! Here's my attempt to win a few whim points.

1. I agree with Charlotte - this is too much fun!! Thank you for the fun with friends.

2. I wasn't online yesterday because on Thursday's my nephew is in my office at work all day working on his algebra. He's here so I can answer questions for him (isn't that a kind aunt?)! In order to keep up, I sneak a peak at his next lesson and go to the Khan Academy ( for a quick review so I don't look like a complete idiot!

3. My grandparents are from Russia. They lived in German colonies there that were established by Catherine the Great. They never spoke Russian and did not claim to be Russian. It was just a place their families lived for several generations - kind of weird.

4. When this musical first came out, I used to imagine that leaving Russia was tough like this for my family. That was far too romantic. It turns out that my grandfather's family willingly and happily left. My grandmother - not quite the same. Her younger brother was losing his eye sight and would have made it impossible for the entire family to enter the USA. So, they traveled to Germany because they were certain the German doctors could do what the Russian doctors could not. Sadly, that was not the case. My great uncle ended up running away in the night and returned to Russia so the rest of the family could come to the USA. (Immigration laws in the early 20th Century did not allow any families to enter the US if one member had a disability like blindness - a lot different from today). Not very romantic and not a good result for my uncle (a long story - but you can imagine being in Russia after WWI...)

5. I think I put this on the blog last year, but one of my all time favorite musical songs is from this show. It is "The Sabbath Prayer". I love how at the end parents from all over are praying that their children may come to be in Israel a shining name, be like Ruth and Esther, be deserving of praise, and strengthened while kept away from strangers' ways. This song summed many of my sentiments when I served as a Primary President (organization for children 18 months - 12 years old in the LDS Church) and really hit a cord as a Relief Society President (women 18 and older). Many a day, I would just stop and sing this song when I didn't know what else to say.

6. Last but not least, I was obsessed with this musical in junior high school. There was a local theater that ran it for many weeks and on Wednesday nights you could go to the movies for 50 cents!! Right within my budget. I probably saw this 5 or 6 times that year. One boy who tried to get my attention even learned a song from here (If I Were a Rich Man) as a way to impress me. It didn't work so well - oh Jr. High love!

Sorry for the long post - just had to work hard to try to catch up to everyone!

Robert said...

Just looking out for my wife here. You gave her 3 points for being a fiddler but I don't think those 3 points got added to her total.

Jeri said...

Hey - I totally forgot! I PLAYED the violin for 2 whole years. (5th and 6th grade) At Christmas time we were hanging at my moms and Mike had out his violin and was letting the little kids each take a turn trying to play. When the kids were done, I took a turn and though slightly out of tune and a bit screechy - I was able to play twinkle twinkle little star. Impressive, I know. Now if I had only climbed up to the roof to do it - I'd surely RAKE in the points!

PS - I want you to know I stayed up past 11 last night, kept checking to see if the next installment was up. Tim thinks I'm a little weird. He didn't seem to understand why "bragging rights" was such a great prize. Silly man - little does he know how much fun we are having!!!

Charlotte said...

1 point for being related to fiddlers
1 point for being a roofer
1 point for Kami's perfect pushups
1 point for using the word "myriad". This point is really for the whole country song tie-in, but I can't bring myself to reward you for country music, so I'm rewarding you for myriad. Whim, whim, whim.

Total: 4 points


Wow! What dedication!
1 point for Russian grandparents
1 point for explaining a bit more about your family history, which relates to this musical
1 point for extended thoughts and feelings about "Sabbath Prayer"
1 point for seeing the movie so frequently
1 point for the (very funny)story about the boy who learned the song as a way to woo you. Classic!

Total points:5


You're right. I remember adding it, but it didn't show up, so I must not have hit the all-important "save" button. I'll give you both a point to make up for it.


Two points for having played the violin, but one gets taken away because YOU DIDN'T REMEMBER THAT YOU PLAYED THE VIOLIN! What is up with that???

1 point for the fact that you're sleep deprived today, and got nothing from your pains since I didn't post a single thing.

2 points total

Harmony said...

I have never played the violin, but my mom did--and she didn't mention that herself! Not only that, but we are also related to a fiddle MAKER! Her dad (my grandpa), an accomplished carpenter (like your brother and mine), taught himself to make violins in his later years. My mom owns one or two that he made. I will probably never inherit one of them though, because when it came time to make that all-important Jr. High school decision--which instrument to play--my youngest sister chose violin, but I chose one of Dick Van Dyke's 110 cornets instead. (Do I get actual Musical points for that?!)

Harmony said...

I haven't deprived myself of too much sleep by staying up late for MMM, since I tend to stay up too late anyway. But I have been completely neglecting the other blogs I follow and going straight to charlottelaughs every time I (try to) walk past the computer. It's like a drug, and I can't stop!

Camille said...

I'm totally looking for points for:
1) having eaten a Costco cake
2) making cakes as delicious as Costco (or better than...)
3) Also being unable to do a proper push-up.

Harmony said...

Oh, I almost forgot. Claudine and my dad are first cousins. Claudine's dad and my other grandpa (not the carpenter) are brothers. I don't ever remember Brandon and me making a big deal out of being second cousins when we were in high school, which is probably why you never knew. Same with Grant and Traci Slack. The things you learn during MMM!

Charlotte said...

1 point for being related to a violin maker.
1 point for playing the cornet, which sounds like clarinet, (I used to get them mixed up when I was younger) which is what I played
Janet gets 1 point for playing the violin, as well as one point for being related to a violin maker.

Now, just because I'm handing Janet's points to her on a silver platter, don't think that the rest of you don't have to request them. The fact is, I made exceptions for the ahem, older generation.

Except for you mom. You've proven quite handily that you can make it just fine without any special treatment.

Back to Harmony--here I thought that you guys were the newbies when you moved to Cedar City mid-high school, and you had roots as deep or deeper than any of us. Who knew? (well, you did. But who else?)

1 point for random relations.

3 points, one for pushups, and 2 for cakes.


Harmony said...

Back to Fiddler on the Roof...

My 12-year-old recently learned to play "If I Were a Rich Man" on the piano. In fact, he's playing it right now. Which could not happen if I weren't paying for his lessons!

Charlotte said...

Harmony--you are a master!

One more point.

Scott and Amy said...

Okay so the push up photo reminded me of an experience I had when Emma was 18 months old. I decided to try a workout dvd and it involved stretching exercises. I was laying on my stomach and was about to arch my back, when Emma climbed on top of me. Now the image I have in my mind of what took place in my home is not so glamorous as the photo you posted.

Charlotte said...

1 commiseration point. Heather still tries to jump on my back anytime I try to go from plank pose to down dog. Sometimes I think I should get Eric to take a picture of it, but then I imagine how I must look with my ratty clothes, hair, and unkept face and think, "Do I really want documentation of ME looking like this?"

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