Friday, February 18, 2011

I've Got a Little List, I've Got a Little List

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In another case of splendiferous serendipity, Eric and I are once again going to be able to spend a few days in San Francisco soon(ish), mooching off my mom's hotel while she attends meetings befitting an officer of the Utah State School Boards Association.  For the past few days, different thoughts have kept running through my head along the lines of "Oh! I've got to remember to do that while we're in SF!"

It was starting to get confusing, so I'm going to make a little list here where I know where I can find it.

So, without further ado:

Things I absolutely want to do while in San Fransisco this time around:

Eat Dim Sum in Chinatown--I've never had dim sum before.  It looks like fun, and Eric says it's great.  We were going to do it last time, but didn't get around to it.  This time, I think it's my #1 priority.

Go back  to the best sandwich shop the world has ever known--My mouth waters just thinking about it.

See the Sea Lions at Pier 39--(I had to have one "must do" that wasn't food related)  The Sea Lions were there in droves the last time we visited, and then in December of 2009 they just took off for no apparent reason.  Now some of them are returning, so just in case they leave again, I want to have another visit.  Before we go though, I might just use this handy dandy webcam to see if they're out and about. 

Things I think would be great to do, if we have time:

Visit the Oakland Temple--This one is a little dicey, because of time, and the issues of public transportation vs. the cost of cabs.  I don't know that I want or need to actually go inside the temple, but I'd like to spend some time on the grounds again.  When I was a missionary in the Santa Rosa mission, we would come to the temple every three months, and I have some good memories of time spent there.

Take the Ferry like Kate Beckinsdale does in Serendipity--See here.  You know I'll be bringing a jaunty cap this time around.

See this in person:  ------------------------------>
It's a sculpture that symbolizes Cupid's arrow, and is supposed to be where Tony Bennet left his heart.  It was installed in 2003, so I don't know how I missed it on my other two trips.  Probably because we didn't do a lot of exploring over by the Embarcadero last time. 

That's all I can think of for now.  Maybe I'll continue to add to this list as I ponder, percolate, and dream my way back to Splendid San Francisco.

You may think you know the name of this song (like I did), but you probably don't.  

5 points for the name of the show from which it comes
2 points for the name of the character who sings it
10 points if you can correctly identify the title
other points awarded by whim

images courtesy of Bradley Hague and  Keoki Seu


Jeri said...

here I was... the first comment... and I don't know the song. I had a really good guess, until you said the whole "you may think you know the name but you probably don't" thing, so I didn't guess. I googled it instead and "for crying out loud" - - I WOULD HAVE GUESSED RIGHT!

Oh well - I know I can get at least one whim point on this one: I went with you and Mercy to good old San Fran to see Phantom! It was our first annual fall trip. Such great memories (and pictures!)

Lindsey said...

I have no idea.
But... I am going to San Francisco!... tonight!! Yep. We're about to go down to Salt Lake to catch a train that will take us to my favorite city! And I simply can't wait! Thank you for sharing the link to the webcam! That's awesome! I hope the sea lions are back when we're there! It's Steve's first time and he has to see them! We actually have a list too, and some things are similar to yours. But I'm curious... where are the best sandwiches??

Jeri said...

ok - maybe I was wrong. I started to doubt myself and I think I may have just found the "real name"

Charlotte said...

3 points to Jeri--two for being the first commenter, and one for seeing a musical in San Francisco with me, and all the fun fall trips that followed.

2 points to Lindsey--one for going to San Francisco TONIGHT, and an additional point because you're going by train! How cool is that?

The best sandwich shop the world has ever known is actually not a sandwich shop at all, but a cheese shop. Here's their website:

In the back of the shop, they have a counter where they make sandwiches, and they are sooooo delectable, probably because the cheese is so good, and different from what you can get normally. It's located in on the corner of Polk and Pacific (actual address is 2001 Polk), and if you end up going to church at the chapel on Pacific Ave (actual address is 1900 Pacific), you'll be like 4 blocks away. That's how we found it actually. We had just gotten out of church, and we were walking back to our cable car stop, and Eric needed to raise his blood sugar. So we stopped there, planning to get some juice and a package of crackers or something and discovered the sandwich counter in the back. Once we tried the sandwiches we liked them so much we went back there two more times before we left.

I can't recommend it enough! (But if you're not in the area, you might not want to make a special trip out there--or at least call first and make sure they still have the sandwich counter in the back.)


Fun!! Preston and I are going there on the 28th for a few days. (To visit family who lives about 30 minutes out of S.F.) We'll spend a day in S.F. I'm super excited!

Charlotte said...

Andrea--sounds super fun!

You wanna play Midwinter Musical Madness with us? I'll give you a newcomer point and a "we're both going to San Francisco soon" whim point, so you wouldn't even be in last place.

Robert said...

Here are my attempt for Whim points. I don't know if you can get points for the same thing in subsequent years but I'll try anyway. ShaLiece and I went to San Fransisco on our Honeymoon and saw Phantom of the Opera there, one of only 5 "Broadway shows" I've seen as some place other than a high school auditorium.

The thing that makes this particular play memorable to me was not the performance but rather my discomfort. I couldn't cross my legs all night because that would have expose my very white socks a little too much to our neighbors in the seats beside us (I forgot dress socks.)

Charlotte said...

Robert--I'll give you a point for the SF honeymoon trip, but if we have a Phantom of the Opera post, you'd better not trot it out again! I'll give you another point or two if you'll name the other 4 Broadway shows that you've seen and where you saw them.

I'll give you a point for the sock story as well, partially because I think it's funny and partially because I need all the evidence I can get for a certain quest regarding Mr. E. Cantwell.

Barbara Corry said...

Oliver? Do I get points for providing your hotel room and opportunity to go to SF? And, are you interested in seeing a baseball game while you are there?

Robert said...

We saw Aida in Denver (we sat on the second row no less)
Les Miserables in Salt Lake 1st Anniversary
Wicked in Denver, with Becca and Ryan
And finally, Singing in the Rain in Denver. However, this was just a small production not a big theater.

ShaLiece was helping me remember the locations and she also remembered one more. We saw Starlight Express down in Las Vegas together before we were married. (she would like to request a point or two for her incredible recollection skills)

Carol said...

Hoping for a whim point on SF. One time I went to SF with a boy friend. We were a little lost and asked for directions from the BART info. desk. The gentleman was really nice and told us which train to get on to for our destination. I guess when the train arrived we weren't looking all that anxious to hop on, because before we knew it a voice came over the loud speaker telling us this was our train! It was a little embarrassing to have all the people look at us (he made it obvious he was talking to us) like we were okies!

Now, hopefully to some real points. Is this from the Mikado? Isn't the real title "As Some Day It May Happen?" I can't think of the character's name - but isn't this a Gilbert and Sullivan collaboration?

Charlotte said...

3 points for Barbara, two for the hotel room and one for the opportunity. Nothing for Oliver, sorry.

2 additional points for Robert for tidbits that are interesting to me. Shaliece gets one newcomer point and one point for Starlight Express

18 points total--2 points for the hilarious story about the BART, 5 points for knowing the Mikado (you'll all notice I said you had to name the "show" from which it comes, rather than the "musical". The Mikado is considered an operetta in many circles, so I covered my bases that way), 10 points for correctly identifying the title, and an additional point for knowing the composer/librettist. Nice work!

Incidentally, all of you can feel free to check my math at any time. I'm not proud.

Jake said...

I want Birthday Points!

Charlotte said...

Your wish is my command. (2, plus one for joining us on a very busy birthday.)

Alison Moore Smith said...

Just letting you know that you were nominated for Best LDS Female Solo Blogger of 2010 at :)

Good luck! :)

Scott and Amy said...

Charlotte - congrats on the Best LDS Female Solo Blogger nomination! That is awesome stuff.

Did you see this article:


Camille said...

Wow, I apparantly really need to dedicate more time to watching musicals. They were always a big part of my life, but not as much lately... sigh. In other news: I LOVE San Francisco! (not at night--very scary times there...) Louis' family lives close and so I love to drag everyone there each time we visit. My favorite memory is when I visited with my friend when I was in High School, though. We went to Ghiradelli (i'm certain i misspelled that...) Square and got frozen cheesecake on a stick dipped in chocolate. Heaven.

Charlotte said...

Thanks Amy!
I did read that salon article. Interesting, huh?

(If you are wanting to play MMM with us, you'll definitely get whim points for this. Just let me know.)

1 point for a delicious memory
1 more point for having in-laws in such a convenient area.

2 points

Scott and Amy said...

Sure, I'll play. I've been entertaining myself with all the comments. Good stuff! I don't know many musicals, so I'll have to compete on whims. I'm in!

Charlotte said...


So, 1 newcomer point
1 point for finding my nomination ('cuz that's just nice)
and 1 point for the salon article.

Total: 3 points.
Welcome to the game!

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