Tuesday, February 22, 2011

but I could show my prowess, be a lion not a mou-ess

Another Hawaiian Lion:

quirky 2-11

quirky 2-11
an adorably cute couple,

quirky 2-11
And, just for good measure, a sweet elephant.  You might not know this, but I just adore a good elephant statue. 

(Pictures courtesy of Barbara, Robert, and ShaLiece Corry)
(Barbara knows of my fondness for pachyderms.)
(Thanks, mom.)

5 points for the name of the song
2 points for the name of the Musical
2 points for the name of the actor who played the part of the character that sings this song in the movie
other points awarded by whim


Melissa @ Happy Quilting said...

This is the cowardly lion that sings this. Isn't it If I only had the nerve (like unto If I only had a brain and if I only had a heart :) It is from The Wizard of Oz. I don't know the name of the guy that sang it in the movie. But I do know that the guy that played the tin man had to step down from the part right before production because he had an allergic reaction to the silver paint :)

Melissa @ Happy Quilting said...

And this is probally stretching it for whim points but 2 Broadways have been done as Spin-Off's from this story. They include The Wiz and Wicked.

Jeri said...

oh shoot! I shoulda gotten up earlier! another one I knew!!! and my brain is still in the 1/2 asleep phase, so no great ideas for whim points as of yet. I'm sure I'll be back for that though...

Tasha said...

In this musical there is a little known song called The Jitterbug that doesn't typically show in the musical reproductions of this because it wasn't in the movie, however, this year CHS did include The Jitterbug - it's in the forest scene that is often associated with the monkeys attack.

Also, being the wonderful mom that I am, I have taken my children to two productions of this in little ole Cedar City - one by SUU a few years ago and one by CHS this year. (whim, whim, whim)

Barbara C said...

I think the actor's name is Bert Lahr. This is getting to be a common theme but UFO put on a masterful production of Wizard of Oz a few years ago. They also put on Mikado, (last post)with great comedic timing. I love Gilbert and Sullivan because they make you listen. They throw so many one liners at you, it is hard to keep up.
All I can say about the jitterbug song is I'll glad they left it out of the movie. Other than historical accuracy, I can't imagine why it is included in the stage plays. It's just weird.
I wondered where those lion pictures ended up. Sometimes I have to send my stuff several times before it actually gets to the intended recipient. I'm glad you liked the elephant, I thought he was really cute too.

Jeri said...

hey! I thought of a whim point. I'm pretty sure that everyone in the USoSL for SURE gets a point on this one,... right????

Robert said...

First, Like Tasha, ShaLiece and I as well as all our kids saw the CHS production of the Wizard of OZ this year. Hopefully, thats good for a point or two for ShaLiece and me.

Second, I suppose being "an adorably cute couple" should be it's own reward but ShaLiece and I were hoping for a point for being in an actual post. This would help ease the pain of no longer being included among the Etsy shop hat models on your blog.

(That must be because I did such a great job of modeling that those particular hats flew off the shelves, Right?)

And finally if members of the USoSL get a bonus point do ShaLiece and I qualify as members, now that we have been included in photo with a stone lion?

Carol said...

I seem to be limited to whim points these days. This is one of my favorite films. So, here we go!

1. Did you know that the original director was fired? Good thing - the intermediate director (don't remember his name) instructed Judy to not wear the BLONDE wig and heavy make up. Can you imagine a blonde Dorothy? Ugh!

2. My sister Carla was born in August - the zodiac sign for her birthday was Leo the Lion. The Lion in the Wizard of Oz always reminds me of her. Tough - but worried and very kind.

3. The transition from sepia to color in the film was started by hand coloring the frames. When it was determined this was too tedious, they painted the barn sepia and had a double stand in for Judy Garland until the real Judy came into the scene in her blue gingham checked dress.

4. The lion costume weighed a lot - somewhere between 75 - 100 pounds. I don't remember the exact weight - just that I know it was the equivalent of an elementary school child.

5. I think I heard once or twice that the Lion, Tinman and Scarecrow had to eat their lunches in their costumes. Because their costumes were so 'weird' they couldn't eat in the commissary - they ate together on the set. The other people working on the MGM lot were a little freaked out by these weird characters! Oh, how times have changed!

Well, that's all for now. Thanks for the fun memory!

Charlotte said...

Wow. You guys have been busy this morning!

5 points for the name of the song, 2 points to the name of the musical. 1 point for random trivia about the tin man. 1 point for remembering/mentioning the "the Wiz" and "Wicked" as spin-offs from Wizard of Oz. (not stretching at all!)

Total: 9 points.

I'll be back in a bit with other points. I'm going in order of when the comments came in, and I've got to go back to the last post to award some Mrs. Potts parts.

Charlotte said...


1 point for the Jitterbug reference (this despite Barbara's vehement condemnation of such song.)
1 point for being a great mother.
Incidentally, with Wizard of Oz played in Logan this year as well, at one of the high schools. I didn't take Heather, but maybe when it cycles back around in 3-4 years.

2 points total.

Barbara (Mom):

1 point for finding the blog in spite of being on a different computer without all your beloved bookmarks. (The rest of you don't know this, but my parents just replaced their desktop computer for the first time in about 10 years yesterday. It's caused a little inconvenience, as these things often do.)
2 points for knowing the character who sings the song.
1 point for more shameless plugging of the Utah Festival Opera.
1 point for providing the pictures that created the post.

5 points total.

1 point for being a member of USoSL, and one point for putting that whim point on the table.

If any of the rest of you USoSL members want to chime in, I'll gladly give you a point on this post, but I'm too lazy to go back and count you up.

2 points total.

1 point for being a great father, and supporting High School theatre.

1 point for modeling for the post.

Incidentally, the reason you two are models for the etsy shop anymore is because you were such good models that I SOLD OUT of the items you were modeling. As soon as I'm able to make some more hats/scarves like the ones you were modeling you'll be back up there, never fear. (Although, looking at it, it occurs to me that if it's your face that is selling the stuff for me, why am I sticking with that non-producer Doug? Looks like I need to make a few changes in the old etsy shop. One more point for that.)

1 point for being a USoSL member.

4 points total

Shaliece gets 1/2 point each for all of these things, and if she logs on and comments saying she wants the other half, she can have them.

2 points total.

2 point for all the Wizard of Oz trivia. I had no idea about the blonde wig. Thank heaven THAT didn't happen!

1 point for the zodiac reference. Again, I had no idea.

3 points total.

AS ALWAYS--all of you feel free to check my math, and if you find an error, don't be shy about asking about it.

Melissa @ Happy Quilting said...

Jacob and I both are members of the USoSL and have contributed twice :) (a Nauvoo Lion and some Jamaican Lions)

Can we get our whim points :) I am asking for him because he is out shoveling the driveway and is down hearted at how far Robert is pulling ahead of him :)

Harmony said...

I want my USoSL point. :-)

Charlotte said...

One USoSL point each to Jacob, Melissa, Harmony, and Carol.

(You might have noticed that Carol didn't write here to claim her point, nor is she yet officially a member of USoSL. However, earlier today she e-mailed me a picture of some stone lions, and I'll be posting them up in a separate post sometime in the near-ish future. So, I'm giving her a point now, because at this point, the ball is in my court.)

Jeri said...

oh man - Robert passed me up! I know these fall in to the desperation category... but I must keep semi close to the top when all I have to rely on is WHIM points...
any of these things whim worthy???

I've been to Hawaii?

It was while in Hawaii that I finally took pictures of Stone Lions that got me into the club???

It took great COURAGE to leave my kids for a whole week. (it was the first time I'd ever left them for more than just overnight.)

I have a cousin, Leigh, (who I sent a message too and I'm hoping she joins in the game) who wore her "Dorothy" costume every day for months when she was little - and she recently posted on her blog some really cute (and very subtle) ideas on how she could implement "OZ" into her wedding reception - when she finally meets the right guy.

Jake said...

So let me get this straight, the winner of this here challenge gets his/her picture put on your blog as a reward for winning. Robert gets his picture on this particular post and not only does it not cost him points but he actually gets points added to his total. I'm starting to think there might not be a scientific system behind these points.

Seriously don't diss!

Barbara C said...

I want to claim my USoSL point too. May I point out that I was with you in Thailand when you learned about Buddha, and rode the elephant, in Rome when you found the Fellini elephant statue and who knows what lion wonders await in SF?!(point out, get it..) Also, knoowing what a non dedicated picture taker I am, if the models get a point for appearing in a picture, shouldn't the photographer get a point also?

Barbara C said...

I just remembered what I wanted to say about the Wizard of Oz. Do I get a point for reading every book about Oz that Frank Baum wrote? And talk about being a good mother,how many did I read aloud to you children at bedtime? you shoulf give yourself points for replacing, at great effort, the Oz series when they inexplicably got lost. I will say that the further you get into the series, the weirder the characters and story lines get. So Wicked fits right in.

Charlotte said...


1/2 a whim point each for 1)having gone to Hawaii, 2)joining USoSL after said trip, same as two of the people in this post, 3)having the courage to leave your kids, and 4)the fact that you also left your kids to attend my wedding reception, which, since you'd hardly done it before, is a big deal to me.

Total=2 more points

If your cousin's blog isn't private and you'll e-mail me the link to her blog, I'll give you another point. If you'll post the reference here, you can skip e-mailing it to me, and I'll give you 2 points.

The winner gets his/her picture on the SIDEBAR, which is a much bigger deal than just being in some random post, (or before you say it, a revolving etsy widget).

And, in case you haven't noticed, (but we both know that you have) each post clearly states that there is no scientific system behind these points. That is, unless you define "whim" differently than I do.

The whims will award you one more point though, just because this kind of banter is part of what I love most about this game.

1 point total.

1 USoSL point.
1 more point for Thailand & Elephant connection. No points for SF, since you already played that card in the post last week.
I ALREADY GAVE you a point for taking the picture! See my comment above where it reads, "1 point for providing the pictures that created the post." (you're a slippery one!)
1 point for reading (and owning) every Oz book that Frank Baum wrote, and another point for reading them to all of us at bedtime.

Total points:4

Harmony said...

I want the same wonderful mom point that Tasha got for taking her kids to "The Wizard of Oz" at SUU a few years ago, since I took my kids and went with Tasha and her kids! (Truth be told, if my mom were competing, she should probably get a point or two for providing the tickets for that fun "cousin outing.")

Harmony said...

Hmm...I think lions are popping out of the wood-, er, stonework. :-)

Harmony said...

By the way, thanks for choosing my inaugural stone lion for your blog banner. I'm honored!

Barbara C said...

Sorry, forgot about that point, it was given sooooo long ago. We just picked up the computer.

Melissa @ Happy Quilting said...

Alright, once last chance for a whim point. When I was in 7th grade I won a choral singing class contest singing the song Somewhere Over the Rainbow.

Carol said...

Thanks for the USoSL point - Wahoo!

Douglas said...

Alright thats enough. The wizard of Oz also known as the great Ozzie Smith who played shortstop for the St. Louis Cardinals. He also played for the San Diego Padres but is more well know for his time with the Cardinals. I believe he retired in the 90s and has since been elected into the hall of fame in Cooperstown. Your cousin Delynn Corry also played minor league baseball for the farm team of the St. Louis Cardinals.

Charlotte said...


1 point for being a great Wizard-of-Oz attending mom.

(And one honorary point for Janet S, to be awarded along with a newcomer point if she decides to join the fun.)

1 point for more lion photos that were e-mailed to me today (watch this space! They'll be posted soon!)

1 point for a FABULOUS modeling photo that was also e-mailed to me today. (Watch the etsy shop, it will be up there soon)(but not too soon, because I'll need to make some hats up to match the shoot hat, since I'm pretty sure it will sell sell sell and I'll want to be stocked up for that.)

Oh--and as for the banner, it is I who should be thanking YOU for providing such a great shot for me to use in the banner! (not to mention letting me use it without me even asking you--actually, that's worth another point, come to think of it.)

Total: 4 points

one point for WINNING a competition singing a song from TWoOz.

One newcomer point
One point for tying The Wizard of Oz to Sports, thus opening this blog up to a WHOLE different demographic
One point for the cousin tie in.
If you can tie this into the Dodgers in some believable fashion, I'll give you another point or two.

Total: 3 points, with 1-2 on the table

Jeri said...

I'm back for my points... :) (thanks for the generosity of the whim queen) I waited until I had permission to send you to my sweet cousin's blog... here is the link to aforementioned post.


I'd love to link some of her facebook photos that are OZ related too, but I don't know if they'll work...

I'll try anyway :) Hope they work...




Jake said...

As Doug stated Oz played for the Cards, the same team that Alex Pujols plays for. Pujols is a free agent this next winter and widely suspected to sign with one of the "money teams", namely; the Yankees, Red Sox, Cubs, Angels, or wait for it, The Dodgers.

Try typing that on an iPod

Jake said...

Albert Pujols, stupid iPod miscorrecting me.

The Wizard of Oz has special meaning for the city of Cleveland. The scarecrow showed he had no brain when he turned Cleveland into the tin man by ripping out it's heart during the "Decision". If you don't believe me have Doug post the link to Cleveland's reaction.

Charlotte said...

Whew! Crazy day!

2 more points for Jeri for hoop-jumping. I couldn't get to the facebook pics, but the blog was just delightful.

2 points for the Dodger tie-in, and one point for going through all of that on an i-pod. Your dedication knows no bounds.
1 point for once again managing to tie sports into musicals and specifically the wizard of oz.

Nice work.

total points: 4

Don't get any wild ideas boys. Just because the whims are allowing and even rewarding this now does NOT mean that you can permanently turn this place into Corry's World of Sports.

But, I'll probably indulge it for a little longer, at the very least.

Robert said...

I must protest Jacob's Dodger tie in it was week at the very best. I think the points shouldn't apply until Albert Pujols actually signs with the Dodgers. Which according to him won't happen until after the 2011 season.

The whole sports thing started with Ozzie Smith, nickname "The Wizard" or "The Wizard of Oz"

Well Ozzie Smith grew up in Los Angeles California and therefore grew up rooting for the LOS ANGELES DODGERS.

Furthermore, in 1985 one of the three years Ozzie Smiths team went to the the World Series, the team the Cardinals beat to make it to the World Series was the LOS ANGELES DODGERS.

With that I think I'm done with the sports information. I know better than to challenge Doug or Jacob on sports trivia.

Harmony said...

I'm a little suspicious of the sports trivia that these guys seem to know off the top of their heads. Especially from as far back as 1985. Just sayin'...

On the other hand, I believe I own a Wizard of Ozzie Smith baseball card, probably from pre-1985. If I can find it, I'll scan it and e-mail to you as proof!

Charlotte said...

2 points for more Dodgers trivia. (Yes, I've read ahead and we realize that you've researched this on the internet, but I've decided that the internet and other sources of information are legal methods when dealing with random whim points. Musically related whim points? Not so much.)

FIVE points for having, finding and e-mailing a copy of the Ozzie Smith baseball card. Amazing. Is it okay for me to post a pic of it here on the blog?

Harmony said...

I'm fine with it. Thanks for the generous points!

Charlotte said...

Awesome. Thanks Harmony.

Harmony said...

I knew if I hung on to that baseball card long enough it would be worth something! :-)

Also, I believe you need to credit my mom the point you promised for providing Wizard of Oz tickets for her grandchildren. I didn't think she'd get involved in this competition, but now that she is, I'd better help her get the points she's earned, especially since she helped me get one by reminding me that my sister played fiddle too.

Camille said...

Ok, so I really should get some clarification on this game.... since I am usually a few days behind in the blogging world (not to mention posts behind...) can I still answer? I'm going to. Ok:
I think the song is called "If I Were King." Maybe it's longer in which case it would be "If I Were King of the Forest." It's from The Wizard of Oz. Come to think of it, maybe the musical has a more fanciful name like "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz." Hmm.... well, I may not be an expert on the musical exactly, but man, do I know that movie! I don't know the actor's name, but I used to do a dang good impression. Also, it is a little known fact that I can perform the entire scene in Munchkin land by myself. Oh, yes. Glinda, Dorothy, Wicked Witch and ALL the munchkins. It's classic.

Charlotte said...

I KNEW I owed Janet a point for something! Thanks Harmony.

You can play at any time for whim points, but you can only get the points that are spelled out in the post (i.e. for naming the musical, song, whatever) if you are the first one to do so correctly. So, I can't give you any points for naming the song or the Musical, but I can DEFINITELY give you points for being able to perform the entire song by yourself. Wow. That is something I'd love to see.

2 points to you.

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