Monday, February 28, 2011

Broaden Your Horizon, Open Different Doors

Sometimes the talents of my relatives (and those who are willing to marry my relatives) just amaze me.

For example, remember my cousin, George?


He's the guy who can take wood shavings and turn them into gasoline. 
He's also the guy who has his own wikipedia page

But, this post is not about George.  Rather, it is about the best choice George ever made (in my opinion).  Yes friends, I'm talking about George's wife Leslie.

quirky 2-11

Leslie, in addition to being a delightful mother of four, is also a professional genealogist, freelance writer, and speaker.  Additionally, as of last August, Leslie is a published author of a delightful book that is a true story of Leslie's ancestors and their immigration experiences.  The cool thing about her book though is that although it's a true story, it reads like a novel.  Nice.

Anyway, Leslie has left her home in Massachusetts for a few days and is touring around Utah, giving lectures, signing books, and sharing tips and stories. Just for fun, I thought I'd post her schedule here so that if you're free and want to meet her, you can.  Feel free to share this info with any others who have interest in this sort of thing, it's sure to be worthwhile.

So, with no further explanation, I give you:

(Title of tour by yours truly, so don't blame Leslie, okay?)

  • Tuesday, March 1, 2011 Seagull Bookstore, Tues 4-6 p.m., Provo, UT, 2250 North University Pkwy #C56, book signing. 
  • Tuesday, March 1, 2011 Book Presentation, Provo City Library at Academy Square, in the Bullock Room on the 3rd floor of the Academy Building, Tues, 7 p.m., 550 North University Parkway, Provo, UT, The lecture is free and open to the public: The Journey Takers: An Inside Look at the LDS Immigration Experience
  • Wednesday, March 2, 2011 Monthly Meeting, Cache County Historical Society, Wed, 7 p.m., Historic County Courthouse, 199 North Main Street, Logan, UT, The lecture is free and open to the public. The Journey Takers: An Inside Look at the LDS Immigration Experience
  • Thursday, March 3, 2011 Seagull Bookstore, Thurs, 11 a.m.-1  p.m., 1114 North Main Street, Logan, UT, book signing: The Journey Takers
  • Thursday, March 3, 2011 Seagull Bookstore, Thurs, 4-6 p.m., 514 N 325 East, Harrisville, UT, book signing: The Journey Takers
  • Thursday, March 3 2011 Ogden Family History Center, Thurs 7 p.m., 539 24th Street, Ogden, UT The lecture is free and open to the public. The Journey Takers: An Inside Look at the LDS Immigration Experience
  • Friday, March 4, 2011 Seagull Bookstore, Fri, 2-4 p.m., 1625 West 9000 South, West Jordan, UT, book signing.   
  • Friday, March 4, 2011 Utah Genealogical Association, Fri, 7 p.m., location to be determined, Salt Lake City, Utah. The lecture is free and open to the public. The Journey Takers: An Inside Look at the Immigration Experience
  • Saturday, March 5, 2011 South Davis Regional Family History Fair, Sat, Bountiful High School, Bountiful, UT, The conference and lectures are free and open to public (onsite registration required). Lectures and book signing:9:20: The Journey Takers 
    10:40: Eight Ways to Cross the Ocean 
    12:00: Writing a Page-Turning (But True) Family History 
    Book signing: 1:10 p.m. at the Family Roots Publishing booth
  • Saturday, March 5, 2011 Seagull Bookstore, Sat, 5-7 p.m., 316 North Marketplace Dr. Suite C-100, Centerville, UT, book signing.

See y'all there!
(unless we miss each other, I guess.)

5 points for the name of the song
2 points for the musical
other points awarded by whim


Jeri said...

first here again with NO IDEA! after googling it, it is apparent to me that watching MOVIES of musicals isn't going to cut it for this game. cause I know ALL The songs from this particular musical movies... I won't start whim-ing my way through them cause I don't want to give it away... but rest assured that I'LL BE BACK!!!!

Barbara C said...

You've got to be kidding! And I already answered this earlier but I didn't recognise these particular lyrics so I checked it out. Great!?! However, to comment on your post, I was trying to figure a way to connect Leslie to the Fiddler section because her grandparents also took a journey just like Tevye and Leslie stayed with us Saturday night, but I let it go. And voila, there you go. Leslie presented at the St George Historical conference.
Her parents moved to Logan 2 years ago. Did you know that, Charlotte? I didn't. I thought they were still back in Texas, where Doug and Maegan are moving this summer and we are excited to visit in the winter which is when we do most of our visiting and it won't be so cold and snowy like Cleveland and speaking of snow, Dad shoveled a path around the HS track sunday morning at 4 AM, all by hand because the 4 wheeler is a no no on the track now that it's been redone. We had at least a foot which, to finish this circle is the same snow that Leslie had to drive through from the Black Ridge to Cedar. Jacob, could you shorten this for me please.

Barbara C said...

I don't mean I answered the question but I referred to it earlier.

Harmony said...

I have added Leslie's book to my Goodreads list. I love a good family history story! Do we get points if we attend one of her events?

Harmony said...

I've made myself a list of 114 musicals that I have heard of. I'm somewhat familiar with the music from 45 of those. I'm sure this is one of those 45, but I'm clueless.

Melissa @ Happy Quilting said...

Okay, I have no idea!!! But Jeri has given me a hint to pick a musical that is also a movie. I am going to guess Mary Poppins . . . It's a movie and I have never heard the musical (and there are few that fit into this catagory) so it would make sense that I have no idea about this. A friend went to see it in Chicago a few months ago and said it was fabulous! I have meant to get the soundtrack, has anyone else heard it? Is it fabulous??

Barbara C said...

Good guess and it is fabulous.

Charlotte said...


One point for being the first.

If you can't get this one, I have very little hope for anyone else except for Becca.

1 point for tying Leslie Huber to Fiddler on the Roof
1 point for tying snow to texas and back to snow again. You're not nearly as skillful as Jacob, but you'll do.

Total points: 2

Heck ya! If you attend one of Leslie's events you'll get at least 3 points.

1 point now for adding her book to your goodreads

Total points: 1

2 points for the correct name of the musical. Nice deducing skills.

I have the soundtrack, courtesy of Becca & Ryan, who gave it to me for Christmas. They've both seen the show and say that it's amazing. I have to admit, I LOVE the new songs that are on the soundtrack.

Total points: 2

There are still points on the table for the name of the song.

Jake said...

Bert was a chimney sweep who worked on roofs and i know a thing or two about roofs. Shall I go into some of them?

Robert said...

I have our signed copy of Journey Takers beside me as I'm typing this. However, if that's worth any points they should go to ShaLiece since she is the one who visited Leslie up at Mom and Dad's late last Saturday night and got the book.

As I am currently in between books I'm going to start reading it tonight.

Janet S. said...

Hey, can I get credit for attending Leslie's presentation at the St. George Family History Expo last Saturday, Feb. 26th?? Her schedule didn't begin on March 1, but on Feb. 26th. Sorry Barbara, it wasn't a historical conference, or at least I see family history or genealogy as being different. I learned about her unbelievable summer in Germany as an archivist where she was in Mecklenburg while a BYU student. I didn't get a chance to visit with her in person. I would have if I'd known she was a Corry cousin!

Janet S. said...

Would you believe . . . that when I googled "Broaden Your Horizon" song that your Blog came up as No. 4 or 5 in the list generated by Google. You must be doing something right, Charlotte. I heard a long discussion on PBS about the algorithm of Google in what comes to the top of the list and you've found it Charlotte. WOW.

Ryan Esplin said...

So only because of the hints will I guess that this is "Anything can happen if you let it." Sung by Mary Poppins and at times the company as the closing song in the play. The musical was produced as a joint venture by Disney and someone else that starts with a Mc or Mac I can picture it on my CD. If I remember correctly from the playbill the author of the books (which of course I don't remember her name) did not want it made into a play at it took much coaxing this now old woman to agree. I LOVED the play. It is fun and wholesome the only uncomfortable part for me is when the marble statues come to life and they are only wearing marbled colored full body suits. When it came to Denver Bert was played by the Bert that is on the CD and he stole the show, I hope to see the play again I liked it better than WICKED. My youngest daughter is named Jane sort of after Jane in Mary Poppins because it was the day after watching the movie with my kids that I asked Ryan what he thought about the name Jane he quite liked it probably especially because one of the other names I had thought of was Nellie and all he said to that name was "Whoa Nellie"

Steven said...


Where does Leslie live in MA? My sister is also a professional genealogist in MA!

Melissa @ Happy Quilting said...

My children's favorite bedtime song is from this show. I sung Stay Awake to them almost every night for years. Now that they are getting older they don't do bedtime songs anymore but every once and a while they will request the "don't sleep" song. It makes me smile each time and I am happy to sing it once again.

Barbara C said...

Sorry, Janet, I wasn't sure about the name and I seem to remember that we don't call it genealogy any more so I didn't know if there were still genealogical societies.
PL Traver wrote 5 Mary Poppins books. I read them in Junior High and loved them and was excited when I heard there was going to be a movie. Unfortunately, the Travers Mary Poppins and the movie Mary Poppins are not the same. In the books, Mary Poppins is much more like Nanny McFee, than the spoonful of sugar movie version. Also the Banks have 5 children . They are still a good read.
Mr Banks works at a bank. Doug is married to Maegan who is the daughter of a banker.
My father's name was Bertram, nickname Bert. Uncle Tim's other nickname is Bert.
Mrs Bank was a suffragette, she campaigned for votes for women. I was an elected official, who could vote and run for office because of such campaigns.(But not in the book)
One of my favorite stories from the book deals with stars from gingerbread cookie wrappers which Mary, Bert and several other strange characters took from Michael and Jane and, propping ladders against the sky, pasted them unto the night sky. I couldn't wait for that in the movie. Alas, it's still only in my imagination.
We've had several chimney sweeps sweep our chimneys. One even wore the top hat.
I have been to St Paul's. And other London sights,
I break into Lets go Fly a Kite often in March. We made kites in Cub Scouts out of paper bags.
I saw Julie Andrews at an National School Board convention, where she was one of the main speakers. She talked about the importance of reading, she and her daughter are writing children's books. Then she shared some stories about The Sound of Music. In the first scene when she is on the mountain, they used a helicopter, duh! to film it and it kept gusting too much and blowing her around. It was actually a really cold, rainy miserable day and they were lucky to get those shots. The gusts from the helicopter and the wind actually knocked Julie Andrews over several times.
I have been to Salzburg.
I am reading the Journey Takers.
I have all 5 Mary Poppins books.
Jane sings just stay larval in the song Anything can Happen. I don't know the words just before that but I just love that line. Stay larval-how many chances do we let pass us by because we refuse to grow and change. I think it is such a creative way to express all that. Just stay larval, it conjures all sorts of mind pictures.

Carol said...

Okay - so trying to get some whim points here. Like Barbara, I have been to Salzburg - the site of another of Julie Andrew's musicals. While there, I visited the Church where they filmed as well as the cemetery. The cemetery doesn't look quite like it does in the movie. However, central Salzburg is just like in the film. My visit was so charming (despite a very grumpy bus driver on one part of my trip) that I personally voted Salzburg to be my second favorite place to live. First place is any where my family is.

Logan often reminded me of Salzburg. Early in the morning when it is a little crispy and clear, the temple with the mountains looks like something you would see in Salzburg.

I've recently been compiling family stories. I keep thinking that many of these stories should be shared and would make compelling reading (in my mind). So, she is immediately my hero for doing only what I dream of doing. I love books like Leslie's and will definitely be adding this to my list. I just checked her website hoping for a visit by her to Colorado. No such luck!

Back to Mary Poppins. If you can't tell, I love the trivia behind the movie. So, here's what I know.

1. This was the first big movie I went to see with my family. It was in an old theater in Denver. You know the kind that had a grand hall, gilded fret work all over and made movie going a true experience. It was AWESOME! Yes, I am old enough to have seen the original movie (but I was quite young).

2. The author P.L. Travers took a while to sell her book to Disney. He tried as early as 1938. It took him 20 years to be convincing. Personally, I am glad it took that long as I think an earlier version would not have been as great because the technology just wasn't as good.

3. The Sherman Brothers are the composers of the music and song score.

4. The movie isn't completely true to the book in the time setting.

5. Julie Andrews got a little bit of satisfaction in that she won the Oscar beating out Audrey Hepburn (another favorite actress of mine) who starred as Eliza Doolittle in My Fair Lady. It was Julie who made the character Eliza famous on Broadway but was passed over for the movie role by Warner. Good thing, I think. She was an amazing Mary Poppins and wouldn't have been available for the role if she had done My Fair Lady!

6. Most people know Dick Van Dyke performed not only as Bert but also as the Senior Mr. Dawes. Yet, did you know that Julie also performed as the Robin in a Spoonful of Sugar and as one of the singers during Supercalifragillisticexpialidocious (do I get points for attempting to spell this?)? I think that the guy who played Mr. Banks also did some voice overs - but I am not as sure.

7. There were only 2 Banks children in the movie versus the 4 in the books (twins - no less)!. This was done to keep the movie within the appropriate time.

8. I think that Travers objected to several parts of the movie (maybe the animation and general up tone) as well. Fortunately, Disney kept his head and followed what he knew to be good movie making.

9. Did you know that Disney's favorite food was chili? I believe they still serve his favorite recipe on a regular basis at the kitchens that serve the movie making staff. (I learned this when my nephew did a presentation on Disney.)

10. Don't you love the name of the naval character who also lives on Cherry Tree Lane - Admiral Boom? That still cracks me up!!

Okay - I'm done with the novel length post. Thanks for the memories! I'll be singing Mary Poppins song all day - wahoo.

Charlotte said...

I love you.
1 point for NOT going into your roofing experiences AGAIN.

1 point for owning and starting the Journey Takers Book

2 points for obtaining said book.

3 points for attending Leslie's presentation
1 more point for attending it before anything was posted here. (I knew about the St. George presentation, but I didn't include it on this post because by the time I got it up on the blog, it had already happened.)
1 more point for that good news about google and my blog! How fun is that?

Total points: 5

5 points for getting the song right. Perhaps I should dock points because you got several hints, but I'm not going to.

2 more points for varied and interesting trivia about the production

1 point for naming your daughter after Jane Banks (kind of)

1 more point because I love the "Whoa Nellie" story.

Total points: 9

Steven--But this is really Lindsey, right? Leslie lives in western Massachusetts, in a town whose name I can't remember right now. George works at the University of Massachusetts Amherst though, so it's close to Amherst.

1 point for having a Mary Poppins song as a bedtime favorite.

I'm going to end this comment, because I can tell that mom's is going to be a big one, and I'm paranoid that the computer will crash and all lose all these gems.

Charlotte said...

1 point for knowing the author of the Mary Poppins books
1 point for the whole bank analogy
1 point for the Bertram connection
1 point for the votes for women connection
1 point for the gingerbread cookie wrapper stories. Now I want to read those books.
1 point for having been to St. Pauls
No sound of music/salzburg points this time. The whims have dictated.
1 point for being an experienced Cub Scout kite maker
1 point for reading the Journey Takers
1 point for owning all the Mary Poppins books. When I come down later this month, can I take 2 or 3 of them back to Logan with me until I see you again?
1 more point for pointing out the fun "just stay larval" phrase.

Total points: 10
(Shameless mom, you are absolutely shameless.)
(I love it.)

Obviously we need to have a Sound of Music post soon. No points for Salzburg stuff this time around. (If we do have a Sound of Music post, you can write, "see my comment on the Mary Poppins post", and I'll give you points then.

1 point for adding Leslie's book to your list.
1 point for seeing Mary Poppins in the theatre (and a cool theatre, at that.)
1 point for knowing that it took PL Travers so long to sell.
1 point for composer knowledge
1 point for bringing to light the whole Andrews/Hepburn thing. I knew that story, and I'm glad it all worked out the way it did.
1 point for the whole Julie Andrews playing other parts. I had no idea.
1 point for Admiral Boom. So funny.
1 point for various other trivia.

Total points: 8

Barbara C said...

Shameless? but this year I actually know these songs. Belchertown is where Leslie and George live. I'm just remembering Melissa and the lighting round. All to do with spring and she knows the lines of every song ever written. The dust is still settling.

Harmony said...

Let's see...
I know a Mr. Banks, but he wasn't a banker. He was a Spanish teacher and my high school basketball coach. I heard he's on a mission now in the Dominican Republic, I think.

I have given at least one of my children medicine with a spoonful of sugar to help it go down. (That was before he learned to swallow a pill.)

I was always fascinated by the way the characters in the movie floated into the air when they sang the "I Love to Laugh" song. I also love to laugh, which is why I read this blog! :-)

When I added all the Mary Poppins books to my Goodreads list just now, I noticed there are six of them, not five.

I too have made kites with Cub Scout out of paper bags. Anyone who has been a Cub Scout den leader deserves points, even if I have to give them to them myself!

I am the daughter of an avid genealogist and family historian. I would follow in her footsteps, and Leslie's, except that I can't afford another addiction in my life right now. "To every thing there is a season..." (Eccl. 3:1)

Barbara C said...

I forgot a glaring link. Charlotte and Jeri were both Nannys! in New York, which is like London. Only they weren't in New York, just the outskirts.Of course, Jeri should get a point because she, after all, was the nanny. And Charlotte tended a little boy and a little girl. And she took them to the BEACH, not park, beach.

Harmony said...

Oh, I've also been feeding the birds lately. They really like the freezer-burned pancakes and waffles in our compost pile

Carol said...

I love coming back to read everyone's comments. You all crack me up! Seriously, can you believe what we'll do for points? It is so funny (of course, I am hoping for a humor whim point here)!

Can you imagine if we were all in the same room? It would be loud, competitive and the kind of fun that someone would have to be there to understand. The best!

Tasha said...

Oh boy, behind again. Julie Andrews had a nose job because people didn't think she would be pretty enough to last on TV with the nose she had. It worked okay on broadway because no one was close, but TV/movie shots get much closer.

Personal opinion - I've always thought Julie Andrews was much prettier as a brunette than a blonde.

Also from the movies, Mr. Banks is played by a man who also appears in my all-time favorite movie, Bedknobs and Broomsticks, which features Angela Lansburry who then shows up a Mrs. Potts who has previously been mentioned. (six degrees and such...)

My mom recorded Mary Poppins off the TV when I was little so it had weird snippets of commercials in it. I always thought that was just part of the movie.

When I first saw Harry Potter, I thought the goblin bankers looked just like the mean bankers in Mary Poppins. Just with pointy ears and weird noses.

It took me years to realize all the names that Bert was rattling off in the scene with tea and penguins made him a player. Totally rocked my world. And I felt a great connection to the daughters at the first of the movie because I passed my mom when I was 12. I was just glad they didn't say the daughters grew like weeds - HUGE pet peeve - congratulations, you grow like an abrasive ugly plant that's hated.

That's all I've got for now...

Charlotte said...

1 point for knowing/reminding us all of a Mr. Banks.
1 point for using a spoonful of sugar to help the medicine go down
1 point for loving to laugh. :)
1 point for discovering that there are 6 Mary Poppins books.
1 point for being a Cub Scout Kite Maker
1 point because I full-on laughed when I read that you can't afford another addiction in your life right now.

Total: 7

Harmony said...

I'll take the seven points. I need every single one. But I only counted six in that last comment.

Charlotte said...

1 point for remembering the whole nanny gig.

1 point for being a nanny
1 point for getting me my nanny job.

1 point for feeding the birds.

1 point for flattery

1 point for that interesting tidbit about Julie Andrews' nose. I had no idea.

1 point because Bedknobs and Broomsticks is one of Eric's favorites as well--also 'cause you tied it to Mrs. Potts.

1 point for funny-ness with tv commercials.

1 point for banker comparisons,
1 point for being a tall daughter
1 point for figuring out that nice Bert is a total player. :)

Total points:6

Harmony--one point for honesty:
total: 0 (you got it last time)

b said...

Julie Andrews also lost out to Vanessa Redgraves for the Geneviere role in Camelot. Julie was spectacular on stage, Robert Goulet was Lancelot and Richard Burton was King Arthur. Have you seen the movie? Vanessa can't sing! All those gorgeous songs and none of the principals can sing! While I loved Audrey Hepburn in My Fair Lady I really wanted Julie Andrews to be able to sing on the big screen. I have records of her in both Camelot and My Fair Lady and I have the record of Mary Martin singing in the stage production of Sound of Music. So Julie caused a stir when she took that movie role from Mary Martin.
I think Travers started the current trend for some mystery writers to include recipes in their books. Her last book is mostly a cookbook with a short story at the first. I'll have to read it again. I found it several years ago at DI and I was so excited to see another Mary Poppins book. Woe is me, there wasn't a lot of vintage Mary Poppins there.
Looking at the illustrations, Mary Poppins also reminds me of Amelia Bedelia. Or maybe it's actually visa versa.

Barbara C said...

b's actually me. What happened there?

Shaliece said...

Darn, I was so proud of myself that I knew Leslie's town as "Belchertown" and Barbara beat me to it! That happens when you don't respond till 7:00 at night:) (I've always thought that was quite the name, and just remembered it I suppose.)

So, these may be repeats, and I understand if no points are awarded.
I remember several occasions that my Dad was our chimney sweep. It was a very black job. We had to help cover everything downstairs, and he was quite the sight afterward! What a man!

Also, I used to take pills for a bladder infection/condition as a young girl. A Spoonful of Strawberry jam, sugar or vanilla ice cream were the wonders that "helped my medicine go down." I couldn't eat vanilla ice cream and enjoy it until I was at least in high school.

I love to draw chalk pictures on the sidewalk with my children. We can not jump into them...I've tried.

I'd like to compare my husband to Mary Poppins. The way he managed to cram stuff in our little red Geo Prizm after our trips back to Denver is very much like Mary's amazing bag! It just kept on comin'!
(Well, that may have been a bit of a stretch for a point. but that is seriously the first thing I thought of when I pictured her bag.)
Charlotte, i am excited to celebrate with you and eat chocolate cake! Also, we need to plan a balloon ride sometime!:)

Ryan Esplin said...

Can I please have a point for actually seeing The MUSICAL! Because if you all remember this song is not even on the movie. I have listened to the the first Marry Poppins book on CD and the musical seems to follow it a little better than the movie.

Robert said...

I'd like to request a point for being (at least according to ShaLiece) the "Mary Poppins" of our family.

Jake said...

I agree with ShaLiece, though probably not for the same reasons

Jeri said...

OK - I'm finally back... can I just say, before starting to grovel or Whim points, that I laughed for several hours over Jacob's first comment (the roofing one) I think you should give him a bonus point just for making me laugh so much!

Oh, and thanks in advance for the nanny point.

I think the makes of this movie TOTALLY led me astray with the whole spoonful of sugar scene. I eat TONS of sugar, yet no matter how much I eat, how loud I sing, or how well I snap my fingers - those blasted bedrooms just WILL NOT clean themselves! I know - I spent all day yesterday doing the work by hand...
I guess it's not too far off when it's MEDICINE related; right now my sweet Caleb has an bad news ear infection and is on antibiotics. He is the only one of my kids who doesn't seem to LOVE the "pink medicine." he thinks it's YUCKY - but will take it fairly happily if he gets mint patties to eat afterward...

I heard a story about Julie Andrews vs Audrey Hepburn related to this movie, but now I'm wondering its it's even true - wondering if it got jumbled up with the trivia that Carol shared. The story I heard was that they offered the Mary Poppins role to Hepburn but she thought it was "beneath" her or something along those line, and that Andrews got it instead....

I'm glad Becca didn't go with Nellie - it just immediately brings up Nellie fro Little house on the the Prairie...

Admiral Boom lived on "Cherry Tree lane" - my grandparents lived on "cherry lane" here in Provo my whole life - and my grandpa A was truly Magical! (how I miss him!)...
I feed the birds - I love my bird feeders - but I tell you, it's no wonder the bird lady was homeless - these feathered friends will seriously eat you out of house and home if you let them. They will totally EMPTY the feeder in 2 days!

I love the name BELCHERTOWN. Who in the world came up with that one!!!!

I voted in all of the recent elections - even primaries - any points for being a WOMAN and VOTING?

mom corry - I think they call it "family history" now instead of "genealogy. (that's what they changed it to in the primary song) - hey Charlotte-can I get a whim point since you and I are both primary chorister???

I'm sure I'm missing lots of whimable points, but I have to get to work - you know, since the snapping thing doesn't work!

Charlotte said...

1 point for more random Julie Andrews trivia.
1 point for tying Mary Poppins to one of my favorite childhood book characters.

2 points total

1 point for living with a chimney sweep.
1 point for actually taking pills with sugar and other sweets
1 point for making chalk pictures AND
1 more point for trying to jump into them. This is why I love you so.
1 point for being married to a male Mary Poppins.
1 point for the fact that we'll be eating chocolate cake together.

and yes, we DO need to plan that balloon ride!

Total points: 6

Charlotte said...

2 points for having actually seen the musical.
1 more point for having "read" the 1st Mary Poppins book

Total points: 3

1 point for being Mary Poppins Corry

1 point for making Jeri laugh for hours about the roofing stuff. (you can thank Jeri for that one)

2 points for that nice little sugar/medicine romp that you took us on. Pretty inventive.
1 point for andrews/hepburn trivia, which may or may not be true.
1 point for Cherry Lane grandparents.
1 point because I TOTALLY agree with you about those bird feeders. I've decided that I only refill ours once a month. I didn't get around to it until February 7, and those birds have been foodless since Valentines day. Now that it's March, I'll refill it again.
1 point for being a woman voter. (Amazing. I can't believe I'm giving points for this.)
1 point for holding the best calling in the church.
1 point for actually doing your work, since the snapping method doesn't seem to be all that effective.

Total: 8

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