Thursday, January 06, 2011

The World I Live In

I thought some of you might be interested in these two poems.

Eric wrote them for a post on the Robot Japan message board.  The title of the forum thread was "Post Your Stupid Robot Poetry Here."

(Yes, there is a website devoted entirely to Japanese Robot Collecting.)

He wants me to tell you all that he wrote them in less than 10 minutes each. 

So swell are you my gokin life found
How pleased am I your joints and paint applied
I exult your hefty weight and timbre
How magnificent your cosmic spanning power
I defend thee in forums oh divine
Your image and form I clamor with voice
That none may sour my robot of choice

* * *

All must wait for thee I seek
On Ebay none, my wait too long?
What hidden dealer per chance may find
My wallet fat and ready to dine
Through listings searched, intently delved
Savings thrown, the wait for mail
Unopened box tis a magic spell
In yon sweaty hands and fevered mind

On one level, I think this is absolutely ridiculous.  (But really, can I talk?  Especially here, where there is page after page of proof of my own ridiculousness?)  

On a deeper level though, I'm just thrilled to my toes to be living with this wacky man.  

(I am "charlottelaughs", after all.  Who better to marry than a man who cracks me up nearly every day?) 

Image courtesy of GogDog


Robert said...

This just goes to show you what 6 bottles of carrot juice over a short period of time can do to a guy's mind. Tell Eric thanks for making me smile.

On a completely unrelated note. . . Congratulations Charlotte! Your Etsy Shop must be doing great as evidenced by you being able to hire three professional male models for your hats.

That model in the blue sweat shirt must have been expeeeeeensive!

Melissa @ Happy Quilting said...

These are hilarious and I have to say, the model in the blue sweat shirt is cracking me up!!

Charlotte said...

Yeah, that blue sweatshirt model was amazing to work with. Such character! Such a depth of expression! I'm hoping to be able to get him again in the future, but we'll see if I can find it in the budget.

Camille said...

We really need to get Eric and my brother in law, Jake together. Really. After I read your post one day about Eric's comment on the perfect age of understanding how cool toys were and still being young enough to play with them... totally Jake. We all love him to pieces. So much fun and so funny! They really should meet. Shall we plan a game night sometime?

Charlotte said...

Camille--Yes Yes! We've got stake conference on the 22nd, but all our other weekend evenings are totally free! Let's put this together!

Camille said...

Good thing I don't know how to check the "email follow-up comments box"... oops. Sorry. I still want this to become a reality. I have a super difficult time getting them up to visit, but I will begin my preparations in full force! More to come! :)

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