Tuesday, January 25, 2011

we generally avoid major housework on Sunday afternoons, but . . .

I had the fright of my life less than 48 hours ago. 

Sunday afternoon around 4:00, I was looking in the back of one of our kitchen drawers and I saw something very suspicious (and scary) looking.  I called Eric in to get a second opinion.  Within minutes, we were cleaning out drawers, scrubbing drawers, vacuming out drawers, pulling out the stove and checking and cleaning under there (something that hadn't been done since the previous owners lived here), and discussing different mousetraps and even the possibility of getting a cat.  When I say "we", I really mean "Eric", because I was too freaked out to help all that much.  I hate mice.  They scare me to death, and the thought that I might actually see a live one (or worse, a dead one) churns my stomach even now. In my defense, once the drawers were pulled out, I did take over the scrubbing detail. 

And then, just as we had drawers and contents and vacuum cleaners and bleach and dustbins spread throughout the kitchen, I noticed a small packet of something on the floor.  I leaned down, and found the small, opened package of basil seeds that I'd been missing for six months.  I used to store it in the top "junk" drawer, and it had apparently slipped down to the bottom, spilling seeds along the way.

basil seeds

(I guess that explains why we didn't find anything suspicious underneath the stove.)

(Eric's a little bummed that the cat negotiations have once again stalled.)


Clara said...

I'm going to help Eric out here.....(if you let him read this)if you get a cat now then you will not have to worry about mice ever! They also go after creepy crawlies so if you get ants let's say in the summertime, you'll know firsthand because the cat will be after them. It's a lot easier spotting the cat after something than seeing the actual culprit. Glad it was just the basil seeds though.

Charlotte said...

You have a good point Clara. Eric's a sporadic blog checker here, and even more sporadic on reading the comments. He'll read this if I tell him about it though. Now, will I tell him or not? Hmmm, I'll have to think about that.


Melissa @ Happy Quilting said...

Classic :)

Jake said...

This story makes me laugh. I think I may have had a torn bag of Basil seeds in my shed last year.

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