Thursday, January 27, 2011

Southern Lions, featuring the cutest model ever

These fine specimens are courtesy of Corrie, (the original member of USoSL) and her adorable daughter, Both of whom spent some quality time in the Atlanta Zoo earlier this month.

quirky 1-11

quirky 1-11
I know this isn't a stone lion.  I think it's adorable all the same. 

(Said daughter just might have attended my 38th birthday party, where we made construction crowns and everything.)

Yeah, I only celebrate with the coolest people.  


Bamamoma said...

Awesome! That was the Bomb of the birthday parties, what with you having morning sickness and all. So, was that really 38th? Hmmm.

Charlotte said...

I've never had a birthday party planned by Heidi Kesler that was a Bomb. Never.

The morning sickness wasn't the greatest though, I'll admit.

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