Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Random Sampler

We spent Christmas in Cedar City with my parents and many of my siblings.  It was glorious, and I loved it.  Interestingly, I got sick twice (once with a stomach flu kind of thing and once with strep throat), and Heather got sick once (the stomach flu thing).  Eric, who generally has the weakest immune system of all of us, didn't get sick at all.  He received five bottles of his favorite dessert on Christmas morning though, and spent the next seven days guzzling it from morning to night.  It's enough to make a believer out of me.  I wonder how often I'd use a juicer if we bought one.

(If you're too lazy to click on the link for the whole story, Eric's favorite dessert is carrot juice.)

Heather and I are both feeling fine now, incidentally.

* * *

I've got another singing gig lined up.  You may remember (and if you don't, you can always click here) that about three years ago, I sang a little ditty for a bunch of school board members who were attending the state school board association convention as part of my mother's campaign to be vice-president (which is actually more like president elect).  She won.  Well, she's just completed her year as president, and this weekend she is essentially hosting the state school board association convention.  As part of that hosting, on Saturday morning, she's going to be giving a speech on her year in office, what she learned, what she did, etc., etc.  as part of that speech, she's asked me to sing a duet of "For Good" from the musical Wicked.  I've never performed that song before, and it's pretty (as in exceptionally, absolutely, unbelievably,) low for my range, but she's assured me that there will be a microphone there so that it won't matter if I can't sing it all that loudly.  So, I've been practicing.  To be honest, I'm not all that nervous.  I attribute this not to the fact that I sing the song gorgeously and perfectly (I don't), but to the fact that the last time I sang to this group, I was quickly and easily forgotten, so I don't feel that I have much to lose.  Of course, the fact that it's still four days away might have something to do with my lack of nerves as well.

* * *

And finally . . .

While I was in Cedar City, I watched my parents' copy of the movie Julie and Julia, which I loved even more than the first time I watched it (It features two actresses that I adore, Amy Adams and Meryl Streep).  I loved it so much that earlier this week, when I was on a post-Christmas spending spree with some Christmas cash that came my way, I bought my own copy.  (I also bought a year's supply of Bath and Body Works Bubble Bath, but that's another story).  Then last night, while Eric was upstairs de-cluttering the man/robot room (he has a showing tonight)(that's a fancy way of saying that a guy he works with is coming over with his son to see all the cool toys in there), I sat on the computer and watched old youtube videos of Julia Child.

Loved it.

Possibly the highlight of my day. 

Here's one of my favorites:

This one is fun too, and if you've got an extra 30 minutes you can watch the whole thing AND part two and three, and learn how to make a really fancy dish (that sounds like something I would never want to eat in a million years, but we all have our tastes afterall):

And now we're 15 minutes away from pajama time and I haven't even started dinner.

(Luckily, avocados were on sale today, so it's a guacamole and toast night.  Ole!)


Harmony said...

I liked Julie and Julia too, mostly because of Meryl Streep. I liked her in Mamma Mia too. What an amazingly talented actress.

T said...

LOVE Julie and Julia and I used to watch Julia on PBS all the time on Saturday mornings.

My sis-in-law is a big believer in juicing. She was really sick a few years back and juicing is one of the tools that she used to help herself get better. She still does it every day and has been encouraging me to do the same. I haven't bought the juicer yet but I've been pricing them. If you break down and get one before me you'll have to let me know what you think. She seems to like beets in everything.

Kami Willis said...
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Kami Willis said...

Let me know if you decide you want a juicer. I'll make you a killer deal on one that has never been opened. We received 2 for our wedding. Plus my sister also has one she is looking to sale. My theory is that you would have to love juice of something that isn't easy to buy in order to use a juicer alot otherwise it isn't worth my time.

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