Saturday, January 01, 2011

a German Lion in Boston, and Lions on the Home Front

To start out the new year, I've got a Lion Extravaganza for you all.

Actually, I can't take any credit for it.  The credit is all to good friends and family.  Regardless of who should get the credit though, I think it's a fun way to start the year.

Here's Jeff's offering, taken at the Goethe-Institute in Boston in November:

If you go to his blog, you can read a crack-up of a story about cats, coffee, and a book that I can really hardly believe was ever written, let along published (and it gets even better than that!).

These are from my mom.  The first two (which are actually two pictures of one lion) were taken in Banff, (Canada), in August or September:



And the second two are from my hometown of Cedar City, Utah taken in October:



So, now we have two new members to our fine Society.  Will you be next?


Harmony said...

I was in Cedar over Christmas and saw two lions in Thunderbird Stadium...but forgot to take pictures. Shall we make it a race to see who gets to them first? I don't care if you win. :-)

Charlotte said...

It's a race! I'm not planning to be in Cedar again for several months though.

Come to think of it, if Melissa (my sister-in-law) reads this, she may figure out a way to get pictures of them all the way from Indiana, just so she can win.

But, maybe she's only ultra-competitive when it comes to musicals.


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