Monday, January 24, 2011

further proof that necessity is the mother of invention

So, since we started the new year, I've had a hard time getting some of my Primary kids to sing.  I'd tried some of my best tricks, (letting the "better" singers hold pictures, and be my helpers in other ways, praising those that do sing with overwhelming flattery, even abject groveling) and hadn't gotten anywhere.  It was time to enlist help, preferably (since the biggest non-singing culprits were little boys) male help.

I secured Eric, asking him to bring his "coolness" and his art skills into Primary, and figure out a way to motivate those kids to be all that they could be, singing-wise.

This is what we decided to do:  I would teach the kids songs, as I usually do, but every 5-7 minutes, a child would be chosen to go hang out with Eric in one corner of the room.  There, Eric would draw their portrait, using our (kitchen) whiteboard and a marker.  The teachers could nominate their students to be chosen, based on singing effort.

I won't say that it was the most successful trick I've ever tried, but it was definitely one of the most fun.  Some of the kids really got into it, and (unsurprisingly) some had a hard time focusing on me and songs, instead of continually checking out what was going on in the corner.  All the same, I enjoyed it, the kids enjoyed it, the teachers enjoyed it, and I found that the next week, everyone was a little bit more focused, perhaps because we'd had a little break the week before.

The point of this post though, is to tell one little story from that day.

Our last kid chosen was a boy named Jake.  Around six years old, he's the youngest of three sons, adorable, precocious, with sparkly mischievous eyes and a good-natured grin.  He and Eric sat in the corner, while Eric worked on his portrait.  When it was time to show the finished product, we all admired Eric's work, but no one was more pleased with it than Jake.  Looking it over, he proudly advised,

"That is so good, you should hang it on a wall in your house."

quirky 1-11

So, we did.  


Melissa @ Happy Quilting said...

Sounds like a fun idea. I did my last week of singing time yesterday. They released me so the new person would have time to learn the songs before it was dropped on them after I moved with 2 months until the program. I am pretty sad about it but understand. I am sure going to miss that calling :)

Clara said...

Don't you just love kids?

Heather Albee-Scott said...

That is good!

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