Wednesday, December 01, 2010

how we roll (or don't roll, as the case may be)

Just for kicks, I thought I'd post some pictures here of some of the scenes you might see at our home on a typical run-of-the-mill day.  Hold on to your hats, it's sure to be a thrilling ride.

* * *

"Puppy" (a/k/a "Dog") and "Bear" take naps on the couch and floor respectively.  
Puppy is covered by Heather's beloved "pink blankie."
(Of all Heather's toys, only Bert has his own name.  Baby, Doll, Gorilla, Hippo, Puppy, Bear, White Bear, Mommy Bear, and Bert.  That's Heather's collection, all named by her little highness.)


Our fridge. 
That $10 magnet has been there over a year now. 
I don't even remember what we'll get $10 off anymore.  
It's probably time to get rid of it.
Heather likes to rearrange the letters on the fridge.  Her current favorites are "D" (for doggie and daddy), "M" (for mommy), and "X" (who knows why). 
As evidenced by the two halves on the fridge, "Z" is not a favored letter.

Laundry day.  
Notice the towel.  
Eric was finding serial numbers for the customer support rep on the telephone when an errant bleach bottle jumped off the shelf and poured itself all over the floor. 
Thinking quickly, Eric grabbed one of our navy blue towels and averted sheer disaster.  
(Fortunately, we received about 25 navy blue towels (no lying there) for our wedding, so the loss of this one is not a family tragedy.)

Everyone in this family carries his or her weight musically.  Heather sees to that.  
(Alternatively, they have found a high perch from which to stand guard.  I'm not sure which is actually the case.)
The whole gang.

Eric gave me this picture for Christmas four years ago.  
We had just gotten engaged.  
I love it.  
I mean, who wouldn't want a Kung Pao Rooster?  
I can't think of a single person.
(Can you?)

Kitty and Puppy take their turns on guard duty. 
Candle garden courtesy of Heather.

The candle garden morphs into a candle sculpture.

Whiteboard in the kitchen.
Notice the bottom left corner.  That is the list I keep of people who have said, "If you ever want someone to tend Heather, let me know."  (not in any particular order, so those of you who are fourth or fifth (or eighth) down can rest in absolute assurance that you aren't our fourth or fifth (or eighth) pick.)

The 4 and 5 are leftover from the last time I made French Bread.  You have to let it rise for an hour, punching it down every 10 minutes.  I find that I lose track, so I mark what "punch" I'm on with the whiteboard.  
This particular countdown has been up for at least four weeks old though. 
Our menu.  
(This is also a few weeks old.  Now I'm back into the old "dinner on the fly" mode.  Hopefully I'll get back to actual menu planning soon.)

You know how kids in Primary sometimes make little doo-dads to tell someone "thanks" for serving?  I got this little bundle of cheer earlier in the week.  It made my day.  
Heck, it made my week!

My favorite thing about our kitchen.  
The tops of our cabinets are lined with pictures of our nieces and nephews (and Heather) in various random shots.  Our goal is to get the wacky-est shots we can.  
(The selection here isn't as wacky as some of the other pics we have up, but I really like it all the same.)

And finally . . . 

The breakfast dishes that I left sitting on the table while I took the vast majority of these pictures.  
Mother/Wife of the year right here!

(Feeling better about your own home right about now?)



Donna said...

I think "D" is for Donna and that's why it is her favorite.

Clara said...

My now 22 yr old used to put her little animal toys on the piano keyboard as well! Love your post!

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