Wednesday, December 08, 2010

He Just Had to be a Part of the Fun

quirky 12-10
Salt Lake City

quirky 12-10

quirky 12-10

So,  when Heidi and I were roommates (for several years), it seemed like every few weeks we were organizing or hosting some project or party or just general silliness.  We had theme parties (like the year Heidi put together a Seven Brides for Seven Brothers party, where everyone (guys included) made and wore aprons) and did service (like the year we got about four other people and put together a Sub for Santa, including the making of a quilt), and just random outings, (like the time I dragged everyone out to Preston, Idaho for the Napoleon Dynamite Celebration), and did about thirty other occasions that I don't really have the energy to post about just now. 

Looking back on that, I realize now that our most frequent (if not always most enthusiastic) participant in all this random fun was a certain guy named Phillip Kesler.  

So, it's only fitting that Phil should be part of this new crop of silliness, even posthumously.  

Recently Heidi was looking through some old pictures on the computer, and found these in Phil's files.  I'm not sure when the Salt Lake City lion was captured, but the Switzerland lions were photographed long before I started blogging, which probably makes Phil the first USoSL Member. 

Once again, we can count on Phil to join in on the fun.  Isn't it comforting to find that some things never (as in really never) change?


Bamamoma said...

July 23, 2006 for the SLC one. It was our minimoon to SLC for his b'day the year we got married. :)

My favorite memory of Phil in all of these silly parties was when I gave each of the men a plastic axe and told them they needed to do an interpretive dance like the brothers in 7Brides and the guys were all blindly obeying and then Phil's eyes cleared and yelled, "the Emperor had no clothes!" Well, he actually said, "you guys all realize that Heidi never participates in any of these things she just is the puppet master making all of us look stupid.

I never could pull the wool over that guy's eyes. I guess that is why I had to marry him. :)

Harmony said...

Have you ever noticed that there is a stone lion in the painting of "Peter's Denial," by Carl Bloch (Gospel Art Kit 229). It just struck me as funny that I would notice that while I was preparing for Sharing Time. :-)

Harmony said...

It appears we aren't the only ones:

Charlotte said...

Oh Harmony! How fun is this?

(and I'd never thought about that Peter picture. Nice.)

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